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Splach Twin Electric Scooter Review

The Twin is a surprisingly capable dual-motor scooter for its price. It is low on weight and maintenance, which does impact the ride quality negatively.

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Splach Twin electric scooter
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Top Speed
28.6 MPH*
25.7 miles*
1200 W
748 Wh
52 lbs
$1,099.00 USD
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We found the Splach Twin to be the best lightweight dual-motor scooter around the $1,000 mark. It is lightweight and has impressive performance, but the ride quality suffers under its compact, solid-tire design.
What we like
  • checkmarkIncredibly good value
  • checkmarkFairly lightweight
  • checkmarkHighly portable
  • checkmarkImpressive acceleration
  • checkmarkAdjustable handlebar height
  • checkmarkLow maintenance
What we don't like
  • crossFeels a bit unstable at full speed
  • crossRide quality is a bit rough
  • crossHandlebars loosen after some riding

After a comprehensive 2-month journey spanning 300 miles, we delved deep into the performance and capabilities of the Splach Twin electric scooter to bring you an in-depth review.

On paper, the Splach Twin looks like a steal. Dual motors and ample battery capacity at an extremely competitive price. Its full foldability ensures it seamlessly integrates into urban living, while the low-maintenance drum brakes and solid tires offer peace of mind to those wary of frequent upkeep.

But the question lingers: Can such a spec-packed scooter truly deliver a comfortable ride experience at such a low price? Read on to find out!

Splach Twin At A Glance

Before we dive into its performance, let's get the main specifications down.

Motor Power2x 600W
Battery48V, 15.6Ah = 748Wh
Weight52 lbs (23.6 kg)
Max Load220 lbs (99.8 kg)
Tires8" solid
SuspensionAdjustable dual springs
Brakes2x drum brakes, electronic regen
Weather ResistanceIP54

Speed & Motor Performance

Motors on Splach Twin

The Splach Twin has two 600W motors running at 48V. They peak at 1000W each. Splach advertises a 28 MPH (45.1 KMH) top speed.

The Twin offers a total of 12 different speed modes to cater to your specific needs. Three gear modes can be toggled via the "Mode" button, but you can unlock the performance of varying levels using the Turbo/Eco and Single/Dual buttons at the right handlebar.

This allows you to ride as you intend. If you want to maximize range at the expense of speed, the Eco mode will help you. If you're approaching a hill, switch into Turbo Dual mode to climb fast.

The speed can also be limited from 5% - 100% using P settings (See settings and how to use them).

Top Speed Test

Using highly accurate testing gear, we reached a top speed of 28.6 MPH (46 KMH). That is slightly above what was advertised, which is always a pleasant surprise.

ModelTop Speed$/Speed
Splach Twin
$1099 USD
28.6 MPH
(46 KMH)
Varla Pegasus
$899 USD
27.75 MPH
(44.7 KMH)
Apollo City Pro
$1599 USD
32.3 MPH
(52 KMH)
Apollo Ghost
$1949 USD
36.3 MPH
(58.4 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S
$1199 USD
31.3 MPH
(50.4 KMH)

Holding it up against other mid-tier scooters we tested, the Splach Twin beats the vast majority on speed versus price. The Varla Pegasus also offers decent speed value but can't quite match the impressive Twin.

If you really need a speed boost above 28.6 MPH, you'll have to spend significantly more money on scooters like the City Pro 2022 and Ghost.

Acceleration Test

As if the speed value wasn't impressive enough, we also tested the acceleration, considering the average of 10+ runs. These were the results.

0-15 MPH (24 KMH)2.33 s2.14 s
0-20 MPH (32.2 KMH)4.4 s3.95 s
0-25 MPH (40.2 KMH)6.46 s6.21 s
0-28.6 MPH (46 KMH)12.1 s11.9 s

Standing alone, these numbers may not mean much, but when we match them up against our test results from comparable models, we get to see just how impressive the acceleration is.

Model0-15 MPH0-20 MPH0-25 MPH0-30 MPH
Splach Twin2.33 s4.4 s6.46 s-
Varla Pegasus4.57 s7.45 s11.1 s-
Apollo City Pro2.33 s4.6 s7.41 s12.4 s
Apollo Ghost2.82 s4.3 s6.23 s9.22 s
Emove Cruiser S4.12 s7.2 s9.32 s15.3 s

The results speak for themselves. This scooter hits 15 MPH faster than almost any other mid-tier scooter - even beating the Ghost.

Up until 25 MPH it outpaces the City Pro 2022 and absolutely shambles both the Cruiser S and Varla Pegasus.

The Splach Twin is the true acceleration king at such a low price point.

Hill Climb Test

We tested the Splach Twin on a 250 ft (76 m) incline that averages 8% and compared it to the other models.

With an average speed of 22.4 MPH, the Splach completes the climb in just 7.6 seconds.

Splach Twin7.6 s22.4 MPH (36.1 KMH)
Varla Pegasus8.19 s20.8 MPH (33.5 KMH)
Apollo City Pro7.1 s24 MPH (38.6 KMH)
Apollo Ghost6.9 s24.7 MPH (39.8 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S8 s21.3 MPH (34.3 KMH)

Once again, the Splach Twin is a peak performer. The only real reason the difference isn't as clear as with acceleration is that some of the competitors have a higher top speed that can carry over to their hill performance.

Once again, these are incredibly impressive numbers.

Splach Twin
Splach Twin
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The motor performance of the Splach Twin goes unmatched at its price. You'll have to spend hundreds of dollars more to see a significant improvement.

Range & Battery Performance

Splach Twin battery

The Splach Twin electric scooter has a 48V 15.6Ah battery with a capacity of 748 Wh. Splach advertises a maximum range of 35 miles (56.3 km). It has a fairly long charge time of 7.5 hours.

Battery Capacity Comparison

How does the battery value of the Twin compare to other models?

ModelBattery Capacity$/Wh
Splach Twin
($1,099.00 USD)
748 Wh
(48V, 15.6Ah)
Varla Pegasus
($899.00 USD)
748 Wh
(48V, 15.6Ah)
Apollo City Pro
($1,599.00 USD)
960 Wh
(48V, 20Ah)
Apollo Ghost
($1,949.00 USD)
946.4 Wh
(52V, 18.2Ah)
Emove Cruiser S
($1,199.00 USD)
1560 Wh
(52V, 30Ah)
Based on current best prices (updated every 24 hours)

As we can see, the Splach Twin has an almost identical battery setup to the Pegasus. It does not match the City Pro 2022 or Ghost on Wh, but it does offer better value for your money.

The range king - Emove Cruiser S - obviously surpasses it but at the end of the day, it is also a much lighter scooter and more compact scooter.

The Splach Twin undoubtedly has excellent battery value at just $1.47/Wh (the lower, the better).

Range Test

Battery capacity is one thing, but factors such as scooter weight and efficiency play into the real-world range performance.

We tested the Splach Twin's range at three different speeds. As a 175 lbs (77 kg) rider, these were the results.

Test (#)RangeAvg. Speed
#1: Speed Priority22.4 miles
36 km
23.4 MPH
37.7 KMH
#2: Regular25.7 miles
41.4 km
20.4 MPH
32.8 KMH
#3: Range Priority29.8 miles
48 km
15.3 MPH
24.6 KMH

In the first test, we emphasize speed and go as fast as possible. At an avg. speed of 23.4 MPH (37.7 KMH), we got 22.4 miles (36 km) of range.

In the second test, we don't force speed but also don't try to save on juice. This is the most accurate comparison to the real-world range. With an avg. speed of 20.4 MPH (32.8 KMH), we got 25.7 miles (41.4 km) of range.

The last test is all about maximizing range. At an avg. speed of 15.3 MPH (24.6 KMH) we got 29.8 miles (48 km) of range.

Range Comparison

We completed the same range tests on the previously mentioned competitor models.

#1: Speed Priority

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Splach Twin22.4 miles
(36 km)
23.4 MPH
(37.7 KMH)
Varla Pegasus15.6 miles
(25.1 km)
24.2 MPH
(38.9 KMH)
Apollo City Pro24.7 miles
(39.8 km)
24.4 MPH
(39.3 KMH)
Apollo Ghost20.3 miles
(32.7 km)
27.6 MPH
(44.4 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S40.2 miles
(64.7 km)
24.3 MPH
(39.1 KMH)
Test #1 (Speed Priority)

#2: Regular

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Splach Twin25.7 miles
(41.4 km)
20.4 MPH
(32.8 KMH)
Varla Pegasus18.3 miles
(29.5 km)
19.8 MPH
(31.9 KMH)
Apollo City Pro29.8 miles
(48 km)
20.5 MPH
(33 KMH)
Apollo Ghost27.3 miles
(43.9 km)
21.1 MPH
(34 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S46.7 miles
(75.2 km)
20.1 MPH
(32.3 KMH)
Test #2 (Regular Speed)

#3: Range Priority

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Splach Twin29.8 miles
(48 km)
15.3 MPH
(24.6 KMH)
Varla Pegasus21.8 miles
(35.1 km)
15.2 MPH
(24.5 KMH)
Apollo City Pro34.6 miles
(55.7 km)
15.1 MPH
(24.3 KMH)
Apollo Ghost32.2 miles
(51.8 km)
14.6 MPH
(23.5 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S52.1 miles
(83.8 km)
15.6 MPH
(25.1 KMH)
Test #3 (Range Priority)

Despite having the same capacity as the Pegasus, the Splach Twin outperforms it greatly in terms of range. This is likely due to its lighter build and better efficiency.

Despite its 14.4% larger battery, it almost keeps up with the City Pro 2022 throughout the range spectrum.

The Cruiser S holds its own in terms of range as is expected.

All in all, I was very impressed with the range performance of the Twin. It had about 20% more mileage than I had imagined before testing.

Splach Twin
Splach Twin
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Splach Twin folded

At 52 lbs (23.6 kg), the Splach Twin is one of the most lightweight scooters in its class.

Weight & Dimensions

The Twin is a true lightweight of nature.

ModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
Splach Twin52 lbs23.6 kg
Varla Pegasus66 lbs29.9 kg
Apollo City Pro65 lbs29.5 kg
Apollo Ghost66.1 lbs30 kg
Emove Cruiser S56 lbs25.4 kg
Based on our own high-precision weight measurements.

It is 7.4% lighter than the Emove Cruiser S and a whopping 23.7% lighter than the Pegasus. If low weight is an important feature for you, the Twin should catch your attention.

Unfolded, the Twin measures 24.4 x 49.2 x 45.7 in (74.4 x 150 x 139.3 cm). Folded, it measures a shy 8.7 x 17.3 x 44.9 in (26.5 x 52.7 x 136.9 cm).

Foldability & Carrying

Folding down the Splach Twin

The Splach Twin has foldable handlebars, greatly enhancing its compactness when the scooter is folded.

Like many scooters, the Twin folds at the stem. However, its unique design has the stem folding point positioned before the front wheel, further reducing its length when folded and ensuring a more compact form.

The folding system is a little more difficult to use than the likes of the Apollo City Pro 2022, but it feels safe and reliable.

These two features position it as an outstanding commuter scooter, perfectly complementing various modes of public transportation. Its compact design ensures you can easily carry it with you on the move.

Ride Quality

Testing the suspension on the Splach Twin

The Splach Twin's portability and low-maintenance design mean some trade-offs regarding ride quality.

Tires & Suspension

8 inch solid tires on Splach Twin

The Splach Twin's 8-inch solid tires are maintenance-free but offer a substandard ride quality.

First off, solid tires have less traction on the road and slide out in wet conditions more easily. With pneumatic tires, you run the risk of flats and must maintain proper tire pressure, but they provide a more comfortable and confidence-inducing riding experience.

Additionally, 8 inches is quite small for any electric scooter tire - particularly for a model with this much power.

The pairing of these two elements gives a sense of instability when moving at high speeds. Although I didn't encounter any noticeable speed wobbles, I felt the need to be extra cautious and ensure precise steering when at maximum speed.

Splach Twin electric scooter spring suspension

For enhanced ride comfort, the Splach Twin features a dual spring system. It effectively reduces road vibrations significantly. As a nice bonus, the springs can be adjusted to your liking and weight.

While it might not match the comfort of spring suspension paired with pneumatic tires, it certainly improves ride comfort satisfactorily. For those residing in areas with fairly smooth roads and not intending to ride frequently in wet conditions, the Splach Twin is a viable option.


The Splach Twin has a bigger brother: Splach Twin Plus. You get 8.5-inch pneumatic tires and an NFC device in the scooter at a slightly higher price.


Splach Twin Review: Superior Lightweight Performance under $1,000 2

The Splach Twin has two drum brakes and adjustable E-ABS regen braking.

More manufacturers are moving towards drum brakes instead of disc brakes for electric scooters. They require much less maintenance and still perform quite well.

Although not as smooth or effective as mechanical or hydraulic discs, drum brakes can confidently handle >35 MPH scooters.

If you're one of the people who hate messing around with hardware and repairs, the Splach Twin is a solid choice.

The electronic regen braking (E-ABS) can be adjusted to be either off, weak, or strong. It works along with the drum brakes for increased stopping power. As a bonus, it converts some of the kinetic energy created to electrical energy and stores it in the battery.

ModelBraking Distance
Splach Twin11.6 ft (3.5 m)
Varla Pegasus9.73 ft (3 m)
Apollo City Pro11.1 ft (3.4 m)
Apollo Ghost10.5 ft (3.2 m)
Emove Cruiser S10.2 ft (3.1 m)
Braking from 15 MPH (24.2 KMH).

We tested and compared the braking distance of the Twin with other scooters. We found that there are options with slightly more stopping power, but generally, anything below 12 ft is great.


Deck size of Splach Twin

The usable deck space of the Splach Twin measures 19.1" by 7.5" (48.5 cm by 19 cm). It has a smooth texturized rubber surface that ensures stable footing without scratching like typical grip tape would.

It is a tad narrow and not that long, but it has a neat footrest at the back you can place one foot on for balance. People with large feet may find it a bit small, but the footrest will solve most size issues.

Despite its small wheels, this electric scooter has 5.5 inches (14 cm) of ground clearance. This should be sufficient for overcoming most obstacles including curbs and potholes.


Cockpit and display on Splach Twin

The Splach Twin has wide foldable handlebars. They measure 24.4 inches (62 cm) across.

The deck-to-handlebar height can be adjusted to accompany riders of varying heights. The minimum is 28.7 inches (73 cm), and the maximum is 39.8 inches (101 cm).

The large handlebars and adjustable handlebar height make the Splach Twin a solid option for tall and short riders alike.

The grips are highly comfortable. They're shaped to support your hands, and their rugged texture ensures good control.

Foldable handlebars enhance portability but tend to wobble when riding. That is the case here as well. Although it doesn't make the ride feel unsafe, they aren't as reassuring as solid handlebars.

Right handlebar on Splach Twin

On the right handlebar, we have a brake lever, a display with two buttons, and a throttle.

The LCD display largely resembles the popular EY3 which is seen on numerous models including many Dualtron scooters. It lacks brightness in direct sunlight but can be angled to your needs. It displays important ride information including gear, speed, battery level, and trip distance.

The index-finger throttle has a bit of dead space before acceleration picks up, but after that, it feels smooth.

The brake lever angle is adjustable and comfortable in the hand. Evidently, it doesn't feel as smooth as a disc brake, but it is still easy to make small and gradual adjustments in braking intensity.

Left handlebar on Splach Twin

The left handlebar has a brake lever, mechanical bell, and two mode toggle buttons.

The bell does its job and doesn't rely on electricity to function.

The two buttons toggle Eco/Turbo and Single/Dual respectively. Single/Dual refers to whether the scooter should use one or both motors. The Eco/Turbo opens up more performance and speed or limits it for range-focused rides.

It is great to have so much control over your electric scooter and its performance.

With the foldable handlebars and so many individual components, the handlebars feel a bit cramped. I almost contemplated removing the bell entirely because I was struggling to find space for it, but I was able to get things positioned acceptably with some tweaking.

Splach Twin
Splach Twin
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Build Quality & Safety

Splach Twin electric scooter

The Splach Twin has a decent design but there are multiple areas in which the build could be improved.

This electric scooter uses a T6 6061 aluminum alloy for large parts of the frame. It is a go-to material in the electric scooter space for its lightweight strength properties.

The scooter is rated for a max load of 220 lbs (100 kg) so it will serve many riders.


Fenders on Splach Twin

The Splach Twin has large angular-shaped plastic fenders. They do a great job of diverting water getting spun in the air from the wheels, but they could do with an additional connection point with the frame for added strength.

Despite only having one connection point, their shape increases strength as opposed to fully rounded fenders. Still, there is room for improvement.


Splach Twin kickstand

The kickstand on the Splach Twin is a bit flimsy and it would benefit from a few extra centimeters in length. On a flat surface, the scooter leans quite a bit, making it more difficult to position your scooter stabily than with longer kickstands.

We also prefer kickstands that are centered on the deck as opposed to the back or the front so it handles weight distribution better.

Folding Mechanism

Splach Twin folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is not as easy to use as some other scooters but it does the job of securing the scooter in an unfolded/folded position very well.

Some scooters suffer from stem wobbles due to unstable folding mechanisms but that isn't the case for the Splach Twin.

There is an additional layer of safety with a locking pin on the side that ensures the mechanism stays locked when riding.

Weather Resistance

The Splach Twin has an IP54 weather resistance rating. This means it is protected against critical dust ingress and water sprays from any direction.

This still does leave the scooter susceptible to water damage if faced with jets of water or temporary/continuous water immersion.

In the real world, we wouldn't recommend the Splach Twin for riding in the rain.

The main reason is not the IP rating but actually the tires. Solid tires perform notably worse in wet conditions than pneumatic tires. The chance of hydroplaning is greater. That, combined with their small size means it isn't a viable rain scooter.

Lights & Visibility

Lights on the Splach Twin

The Splach Twin has ample lights around the deck but there is still room for improvement.

The red sidelights on the deck are beautiful. They add excellent visibility from the side and they're brighter than what we've seen on the Evolv Tour XL-R which has a similar setup.

At the rear, there are two red lights that blink when you brake or illuminate constantly when the "lights" setting is enabled. They're also fairly bright and are positioned appropriately for their use.

The front of the deck features two LEDs as headlights. While they're reasonably bright and ensure visibility to others on the road, they don't light up the path as effectively as a stronger single headlight would. The scooter would benefit from a more powerful headlight mounted on the handlebar that illuminates the road in front.

There is a single reflector at the front, but we would've loved to see a large red reflector on the rear fender.

We're also seeing a large part of the industry incorporate turn signals. To view electric scooters as dependable commuter vehicles, we believe they should all have turn signals.

Verdict - Who Should Buy the Splach Twin?

Splach Twin is an electric scooter for riders who value low-maintenance cost-effectiveness and portability, but are willing to make compromises in terms of ride comfort and build durability.

The acceleration is some of the best we have tested at its price point and hill climb performance is excellent as well, so if you live in a hilly area, the Twin will serve you well.

With 25.7 miles of real-world range, it is ideal for longer commutes and occasional adventures.

Due to its compact solid tires, the Splach Twin struggles with poor road conditions and wet weather. Thus, for those living in rain-prone areas, this scooter is not be the optimal choice.

If you're seeking the power of a heavyweight combined with the agility of a lightweight, the Splach Twin is worth considering.

Splach Twin
Splach Twin
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P008Wheel size (don't change)
P0141.0Voltage protection (don't change)
P0215Pole pairs (don't change)
P031Speed signal (0 - out, 1 - within)
P040Units (0 - KMH, 1 - MPH)
P050Push start (0 - off, 1 - on)
P060Cruise control (0 - off, 1 - on)
P070Start selection (0 - hard start, 1 - soft start)
P08100Speed limit (min 5%, max 100%)
P092E-ABS (0 - off, 1 - weak, 2 - strong)

Full Specifications

Our Tests

Top speed28.6 MPH (46 KMH)
0-15 MPH
Avg: 2.33 s
Best: 2.14 s
0-20 MPH
Avg: 4.4 s
Best: 3.95 s
0-25 MPH
Avg: 6.46 s
Best: 6.21 s
0-28.6 MPH
Avg: 12.1 s
Best 11.9 s
Hill climb
250ft @8%
7.6 s
Range (speed priority)22.4 miles (36 km)
Range (regular)25.7 miles (41.4 km)
Range (range priority)29.8 miles (48 km)
Handlebar Width24.4" (62 cm)
Deck-to-handlebar (min)28.7" (73 cm)
Deck-to-handlebar (max)39.8" (101 cm)
Unfolded size24.4 x 49.2 x 45.7 in (74.4 x 150 x 139.3 cm)
Folded size8.7 x 17.3 x 44.9 in (26.5 x 52.7 x 136.9 cm)
Ground clearance5.5" (14 cm)
Deck19.1" x 7.5" (48.5 cm x 19.1 cm)

Manufacturer Specifications

Top speed28 MPH (45 KMH)
Motor power (nominal)600W x2
Motor power (max)1,068W x2
Range35 miles (56 km)
Battery48V 15.6Ah
Battery capacity748 Wh
Charging time7.5 hours
IP ratingIP54
Weight52 lbs (23.6 kg)
Max load220 lbs (99.8 kg)
Tire typeSolid
Tire size8" x 2.4"
SuspensionDual springs
BrakesE-ABS, dual drum brakes
Throttle typeIndex finger

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