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Rasmus Barslund from ERideHero
Rasmus Barslund
Founder, Tester & Editor
Rasmus is the founder of ERideHero. Over half a decade, he has tested more than 100 electric rides, gaining deep insight into the field. Besides serving as a product tester and editor-in-chief, he also manages videography on our social media platforms. Rasmus has a background as a tech enthusiast, freelance writer and web developer.
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Ryan Smith electric skateboarder
Ryan Smith
Pro E-Skater & Writer
Going by the nickname "Ruxx", California-based Ryan is a professional e-skater and downhill racer. With over a decade of experience and podium placements in both disciplines, Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable competitive riders in the field. He has a degree in business management and has worked at board shops, one of which he has served as a service technician on electric skateboards.
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Abuga Aroni
Abuga Aroni
Pro Longboarder & Writer
Abuga is a professional longboarder from Kenya. He has been skating since age 12 and has 7+ years of experience with downhill riding. He competes in downhill racing tournaments and has authoured for an array of popular longboard sites. He is also the owner of Downhill254 on the web and YouTube. He has a degree in aviation technology.
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