About Me

Hi. Thanks for stopping by eRideHero. My name is Paul and I’m the owner and editor of this website. 

In 2013, I got my very first electric skateboard. As a kid, I used to ride skateboards all the time and I’ve always had a passion for gadgets, speed, and technology. Wanting to pick up on my old hobby, I combined both my interests by purchasing an e-skateboard.

From there on, the interest in electric rides grew quickly and suddenly I had a solid collection of them.

I decided to start this website to try and turn my hobby into a livelihood. If you haven’t noticed by now, this website is monetized through affiliate links, so that’s how the site generates revenue.

However, all opinions remain unbiased. If a product is mediocre at best, that’s what I’ll write in my review.

Hopefully, my guides and reviews will help you pick the right hoverboard, e-skateboard or electric scooter for you and your kid.

My years of experience are gathered together in the posts you’ll find on this website. I hope you enjoy my site – and feel free to share the content if you like it and want to pay a favor forward. 🙂

Paul Strobel

Paul Strobel

I'm the owner and editor of eRideHero. Since a young age, I've had a deep interest in speed and gadgets. This site is the result of the culmination of my passion.