Apollo City Pro 2022 Review: A+ Design Scooter With Stellar Ride Quality

September 19, 2023
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Apollo City Pro 2022 electric scooter
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Key Specs

Values marked with '*' are based on our independent testing and may differ from those specified by the manufacturer.

Top Speed
32.3 MPH*
26.8 miles*
1000 W
864 Wh
65 lbs
$1,649.00 USD
$1,799.00 USD
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We've put the Apollo City Pro 2022 electric scooter through rigorous performance and quality tests. Discover our exclusive findings and data in this deep-dive review.

Since their beginning, Apollo has sought to elevate the electric scooter experience through innovation. The City Pro 2022 has been developed based on feedback and ride data from thousands of riders over the years.

With a plethora of high-tech features, does this futuristic scooter reign as the intermediate dual-motor champion? Find out below.

Apollo City Pro 2022 At A Glance

Let's take a quick look at the most important hardware specs of the City Pro 2022.

Motor & Power500W x 2
Battery Type48V, 18Ah Li-ion
Battery Capacity864 Wh
Weight65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Max Load265 lbs (120.2 kg)
Tires10" self-healing tubeless tires
SuspensionTriple spring suspension
BrakesDual drum brakes, electronic regen brake
Weather ResistanceIP66


  • Unmatched build quality
  • Incredible ride comfort
  • Very high weather resistance rating
  • Solid lighting setup
  • Turn signals
  • App integration with customization and statistics
  • Self-healing tubeless tires
  • Great acceleration and hill performance
  • Highly effective folding mechanism
  • Fast charging


  • High price tag
  • The folding hook doesn't stay latched
  • The turn signals aren't visible from the front

Speed & Motor Performance

Hub motors on Apollo City Pro 2022

The Apollo City Pro 2022 has two motors, yielding 1000W of nominal power. Apollo promises a top speed of 32 MPH (51.5 KMH). We put that to the test.

Top Speed Test

At 175 lbs (77 kg), our test rider was able to reach a GPS-verified top speed of 32.3 MPH (52 KMH).

It is safe to say that the Apollo City Pro 2022 delivers on speed when both motors are enabled and you are riding in performance mode.

Despite the high speed, the City Pro 2022 feels stable at speed, showing effectively no speed wobbles but without sacrificing handling.

ModelTop Speed
Apollo City Pro 202232.3 MPH (52 KMH)
Apollo Ghost36.3 MPH (58.4 KMH)
Varla Pegasus27.75 MPH (44.7 KMH)
Splach Twin28.6 MPH (46 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S31.3 MPH (50.4 KMH)
Inokim Ox27.8 MPH (44.7 KMH)
VSETT 9+31.6 MPH (50.9 KMH)

The Apollo City Pro 2022 holds its own in a competitive field, trailing just slightly behind the heavier Apollo Ghost. It outperforms several well-known rivals, including the Emove Cruiser S, Splach Twin, and VSETT 9+.

The Pro unlocks a new world of opportunity with its improved motor power over the regular City 2022. While you may not need 32 MPH in the city, the added headroom allows it to perform swiftly in more demanding situations.

The impressive speed of this scooter transcends its primary role as a commuter vehicle, positioning it as an exciting option for leisurely rides full of thrill and enjoyment.

Acceleration Test

Acceleration on the Apollo City Pro 2022

We tested the acceleration from a standstill with zero-start enabled.

0-15 MPH (24 KMH)2.33 s2.14 s
0-20 MPH (32.2 KMH)4.6 s4.21 s
0-25 MPH (40.2 KMH)7.41 s6.64 s
0-30 MPH (48.2 KMH)12.4 s11.6 s
0-32.3 MPH (52 KMH)15.1 s14.9 s

Acceleration on the City Pro 2022 is exceptionally quick. It particularly shines on initial acceleration to 15 MPH, beating several high-performance scooters by a large margin.

Model0-15 MPH0-20 MPH0-25 MPH0-30 MPH
Apollo City Pro 20222.33 s4.6 s7.41 s12.4 s
Apollo Ghost2.82 s4.3 s6.23 s9.22 s
Apollo Phantom V22.62 s3.91 s5.8 s8.7 s
Varla Pegasus4.57 s7.45 s11.1 s-
Splach Twin2.33 s4.4 s6.46 s-
Emove Cruiser S4.12 s7.2 s9.32 s15.3 s
Inokim Ox5.32 s7.7 s11.3 s-

The Splach Twin does beat it on acceleration after 15 MPH due to its slightly higher motor power, but its top speed falls short of the City Pro.

The customizable acceleration is a standout feature of the Apollo City Pro 2022. The Apollo app allows you to adjust the acceleration level to your preference.

Adjustable acceleration allows for a more versatile ride that caters to all rider styles and experience levels.

Hill Climb Test

A dual-motor setup makes a huge difference on hills. Once again, the strong torque lets the Apollo City Pro 2022 shine on hills.

Apollo City Pro 20227.1 s24 MPH (38.6 KMH)
Apollo Ghost6.9 s24.7 MPH (39.8 KMH)
Varla Pegasus8.19 s20.8 MPH (33.5 KMH)
Splach Twin7.6 s22.4 MPH (36.1 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S8 s21.3 MPH (34.3 KMH)
Inokim Ox8.4 s20.3 MPH (32.7 KMH)
VSETT 9+7.9 s21.6 MPH (34.7 KMH)

We ascended a 250 ft incline @8% in just 7.1 seconds. Once again, it has many intermediate dual-motor scooters beat by a large margin.

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is a veritable mountain goat, effortlessly matching the rhythm of city traffic even when tackling steep hills.

Range & Battery Performance

Battery on the Apollo City Pro 2022

The City Pro 2022 has a 48V 18Ah Samsung-cell li-ion battery with a 864 Wh capacity. It has a specified max range of 38 miles (61 km).

The battery pack is fitted with high discharge 21700 cells. According to Tesla, they have a ≈20% higher energy density, which means more juice in a smaller footprint.

The 21700 cells can discharge faster than 18650 cells which is likely why the City Pro 2022 outperforms other 48V dual-motor systems.

The battery pack is rated for 600+ charging cycles, which is highly impressive. At an average of 20 miles per cycle, you'd get at least 12,000 miles worth of travel - a testament to its enduring performance.

The City Pro 2022 can be fully charged in just 6 hours, which is faster than most competitors with smaller or same-sized batteries (i.e., Varla Pegasus).

Battery Capacity Comparison

How does the battery capacity of the Apollo City Pro 2022 compare to other intermediate dual-motor scooters in relation to price?

ModelBattery Capacity$/Wh
Apollo City Pro 2022
($1,649.00 USD)
864 Wh
(48V, 18Ah)
Apollo Ghost
($1,649.00 USD)
946.4 Wh
(52V, 18.2Ah)
Varla Pegasus
($1,049.00 USD)
748 Wh
(48V, 15.6Ah)
Splach Twin
($999.00 USD)
748 Wh
(48V, 15.6Ah)
Inokim Ox
($1,399.00 USD)
780 Wh
(60V, 13Ah)
Emove Cruiser S
($1,399.00 USD)
1560 Wh
(52V, 30Ah)
Based on current best prices (updated every 24 hours)

The City Pro 2022 does not provide the most battery capacity for the money. The obvious winner is the Emove Cruiser S which has almost double the capacity. However, the City Pro 2022 offsets that by providing value in other areas where some of the competitors fall short.

Range Tests

We ran three range tests to understand how the City Pro 2022 performs under different riding conditions.

Test (#)Avg. SpeedRange
#1: Speed Priority24.4 MPH
39.3 KMH
22.3 miles
35.9 km
#2: Regular20.5 MPH
33 KMH
26.8 miles
43.1 km
#3: Range Priority15.1 MPH
24.3 KMH
31.2 miles
50.2 km

In the first test, we prioritized speed. With an avg. speed of 24.4 MPH (39.3 KMH), we got 22.3 miles (35.9 km) of range.

In the second test, we maintain a steady cruising speed. This is the most accurate representation of the real-world range we have. With an avg. speed of 20.5 MPH (33 KMH), we got 26.8 miles (43.1 km) of range.

The last test is all about maximizing range. At an avg. speed of 15.1 MPH (24.3 KMH) we got 31.2 miles (50.2 km) of range.

Range Comparison

We completed the same range tests for the City Pro 2022's closest competitors.

#1: Speed Priority

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Apollo City Pro 202222.3 miles
(35.9 km)
24.4 MPH
(39.3 KMH)
Apollo Ghost20.3 miles
(32.7 km)
27.6 MPH
(44.4 KMH)
Varla Pegasus15.6 miles
(25.1 km)
24.2 MPH
(38.9 KMH)
Splach Twin22.4 miles
(36 km)
23.4 MPH
(37.7 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S40.2 miles
(64.7 km)
24.3 MPH
(39.1 KMH)
Inokim Ox19.8 miles
(31.9 km)
23.9 MPH
(38.5 KMH)
VSETT 9+24.6 miles
(39.6 km)
24.5 MPH
(39.4 KMH)
Test #1 (Speed Priority)

#2: Regular

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Apollo City Pro 202226.8 miles
(43.1 km)
20.5 MPH
(33 KMH)
Apollo Ghost27.3 miles
(43.9 km)
21.1 MPH
(34 KMH)
Varla Pegasus18.3 miles
(29.5 km)
19.8 MPH
(31.9 KMH)
Splach Twin25.7 miles
(41.4 km)
20.4 MPH
(32.8 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S46.7 miles
(75.2 km)
20.1 MPH
(32.3 KMH)
Inokim Ox24.6 miles
(39.6 km)
20.1 MPH
(32.3 KMH)
VSETT 9+29.3 miles
(47.2 km)
19.9 MPH
(32 KMH)
Test #2 (Regular Speed)

#3: Range Priority

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Apollo City Pro 202231.2 miles
(50.2 km)
15.1 MPH
(24.3 KMH)
Apollo Ghost32.2 miles
(51.8 km)
14.6 MPH
(23.5 KMH)
Varla Pegasus21.8 miles
(35.1 km)
15.2 MPH
(24.5 KMH)
Splach Twin29.8 miles
(48 km)
15.3 MPH
(24.6 KMH)
Emove Cruiser S52.1 miles
(83.8 km)
15.6 MPH
(25.1 KMH)
Inokim Ox28.4 miles
(45.7 km)
15.7 MPH
(25.3 KMH)
VSETT 9+33.4 miles
(53.8 km)
15.2 MPH
(24.5 KMH)
Test #3 (Range Priority)


Carrying the Apollo City Pro 2022 electric scooter

The Apollo City Pro 2022 weighs 65 lbs (29.5 kg) and folds at the stem. Despite being balanced in weight, it has one annoying pitfall regarding portability.

Weight & Dimensions

ModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
Apollo City Pro 202265 lbs29.5 kg
Apollo Ghost66.1 lbs30 kg
Varla Pegasus66 lbs29.9 kg
Splach Twin52 lbs23.6 kg
Emove Cruiser S56 lbs25.4 kg
Inokim Ox62 lbs28.1 kg
VSETT 9+61 lbs27.7 kg
Based on our own high-precision weight measurements.

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is one of the heavier mid-tier electric scooters available. It is lighter than the Pegasus and Ghost by a feather, but many lighter alternatives exist.

The substantial weight of the City Pro 2022 can largely be attributed to the exceptional efforts made by Apollo to create a bulletproof ride that offers unmatched comfort.

If you prioritize a small form factor, you may want to look at the Splach Twin instead, but the City takes the cake for unparalleled ride quality.

Foldability & Carrying

Folding latch on Apollo City Pro 2022 electric scooter

The Apollo City Pro 2022 has one of the most beautifully designed stem folding mechanisms ever.

It is very easy to use with minimal effort, but it locks firmly into place so you feel safe when riding.

Just below the cockpit, you'll find a hook system that latches to a point at the rear of the deck. While great on paper, it does have a major flaw.

While the hook latches onto the deck just fine, gravity will do its thing as soon as you put down the scooter, and the rear hook will unlatch. This means that every time you lift the City, you must ensure that the hook is aligned properly. This is both tedious and annoying.

Apollo has addressed the issue with their new and improved hook system in the 2023 Upgrade Kit and on the City 2023 model line.

Apollo City 2022
Apollo City Pro 2022
$1,649.00 USD
$1,799.00 USD

Ride Quality

Suspension on Apollo City Pro 2022

Riding the City Pro 2022 is like gliding on a cloud. This scooter offers unmatched ride quality in its class.

Besides its vast feature set and motor performance, ride quality is arguably the Apollo City Pro 2022's biggest asset.

Tires & Suspension

Tires and suspension on Apollo City Pro 2022

Apollo is pioneering the industry with self-healing tubeless tires. They measure 10" x 2.7" and provide excellent grip at speed - also when road conditions are poor.

We tested the "self-healing" claim and found that the tires were extremely resistant indeed. We tested them on glass and nails, and they performed above our expectations.

Pneumatic tires are far superior to solid ones, but the drawback has always been maintenance and dealing with punctures. Apollo truly hit it home with the design, offering worry-free ride comfort.

The City Pro 2022 also has a triple spring suspension system. There are two springs at the rear and one spring in the front.

Rarely have I experienced such a fine-tuned suspension system - and never at this price point. The springs are balanced well across the build, making for a smooth ride, whether weight is placed at the front or back.


Braking systems on Apollo City Pro 2022

Keeping with its low-maintenance nature, the City Pro 2022 has two drum brakes and an electronic regen brake.

The regen brake is incredibly smooth and can be adjusted from 1-10 in strength via the Apollo app according to your preference. It is up there with the best e-brakes we have tested.

Drum brakes offer good performance with minimal maintenance. They aren't as smooth or effective as disc brakes, but it is a worthy compromise that perfectly serves a unit with this motor power level.

ModelBraking Distance
Apollo City Pro 202211.1 ft (3.4 m)
Apollo Ghost10.5 ft (3.2 m)
Varla Pegasus9.73 ft (3 m)
Splach Twin11.6 ft (3.5 m)
Emove Cruiser S10.2 ft (3.1 m)
Inokim Ox11.3 ft (3.4 m)
VSETT 9+11.5 ft (3.5 m)
Braking from 15 MPH (24.2 KMH).

Holding it up against close competitors, the City Pro 2022 offers solid braking performance. Anything below 12 ft is great. It obviously cannot keep up with some of the disc brake models, but the difference is marginal.


Deck on Apollo City Pro 2022

The deck is absolutely beautiful like the rest of the scooter. It is covered in a soft textured silicone surface that provides grip and a tiny bit of cushion.

The usable deck space is large and wide and curves ever so slightly along the edges. Electric skateboards have utilized this smart design choice for years as it provides superior grip and allow you to balance better.

The extrusion at the rear of the deck can be used as a footrest if that is your preferred riding stance or if you need to change it up after a long ride.

Overall, the deck is very accommodating for riders of all sizes.


Apollo City Pro 2022 handlebars

The beautiful cockpit is both intuitive and seamlessly designed. Although it looks mirrored, the left "throttle" actually operates the electronic brake, while the right throttle controls acceleration.

At the right, you have a power button and a right turn signal toggle. You have a left turn signal toggle and a mode button on the left handlebar.

Above both handlebars, you'll find levers to control the drum brakes. There's also a mechanical bell integrated conveniently with the left brake lever. The levers feel sturdy and much stronger than those seen on scooters like the Kugoo M4 Pro.

In the middle is an anti-glare LED display that shows you important riding information at a glance. This includes speed, battery level, riding mode, an odometer, and more.

The display is angled well for most riders, pointing directly up into the sky. It can be a bit hard to see the display in direct sunlight, but it is more than adequate in most cases.

The throttles are incredibly smooth to operate and make gradual adjustments painless. There is little to no dead space, making high-precision acceleration easy.

The handlebars themselves are rugged but could benefit from a more ergonomic shape that better encompasses the hands. Other than that, they are textured and the material is soft, which makes it easy to maintain a strong grip.

Build Quality & Safety

Closeup of apollo city pro 2022

The City Pro 2022 is an expertly engineered electric scooter. Apollo doesn't cut corners to slash prices but seeks out optimum solutions to improve durability and enjoyment.

The pride of a rigorous design process shows as soon as you unbox the City. It doesn't rely on mix-and-match stock components like many competitors.

Apollo has independently designed most of the parts so they seamlessly synergize with one another. The result is a scooter that oozes attention to detail, has a sleek look, and feels refined and carefully tested.

Construction & Materials

The frame is made from 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum. This alloy is preferred in the e-scooter space for its strength, formability, and lightweight properties.


Apollo City pro 2022 fenders

The fenders are thick and sturdy. Both have several points of contact with the rest of the construction. This removes any flimsiness and ensures they sit snug around the tires. It also ensures they perform optimally in keeping you dry from any splashes coming from the wheels.


Kickstand on apollo city pro 2022

The kickstand is fairly large which is a huge pro. This means it can stand in various positions (even at on an angled surface) without tipping over. However, it does feel a bit wobbly and could do with a strength upgrade (which we got in the 2023 Upgrade Kit).

Weather Resistance

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is geared for tough weather. It holds a highly impressive IP66 weather resistance rating. Very few electric scooters hold such a high rating.

ModelIP Rating
Apollo City Pro 2022IP66
Apollo GhostIP54
Splach TwinIP54
Emove Cruiser SIPX6
Inokim OxIPX4

Pretty much only the Emove Cruiser S can keep up with the City in this price class.

An IP66 rating means the scooter is protected from total dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction.

In a real-world scenario, this means you should comfortably be able to ride in the rain without many worries. However, we always recommend steering clear of waterbeds and wiping your scooter off after wet rides.

Also, note that an IP rating is only an indicator. Scooter manufacturers do not cover water damage so ride with care in the rain and maintain your scooter despite its impressive IP score.

Lights, Turn Signals & Visibility

The lighting setup on the City Pro 2022 is good, but it misses out on the chance to be great.

Front light on Apollo City Pro 2022

First and foremost, we have the bright 500-lumen 10 LUX headlight. It is placed just below the handlebars, which we find to be ideal.

However, it is angled straight ahead instead of a downward angle. An angled light will fall better on the road and avoid blinding oncoming traffic. This issue is addressed in the upgrade kit with a new headlight.

Turn signal and rear light on Apollo city pro 2022

At the rear are two substantial turn signals and a tail light. Although all light sources are bright, the turn signals are only visible from the side and rear. This is also addressed in the upgrade kit.

We think Apollo missed out on an opportunity to run the turn signal lights at a decreased intensity when turn signals are inactive and then bump the intensity to 100% when they're active. This would increase visibility (particularly from the side).

If they were running at 50% intensity with turn signals disabled, it'd likely offer enough contrast so that the turn signals functionality was still clear when enabled.

All in all, the lighting setup is really solid. Apollo has taken more steps for the sake of visibility than most competitors, but we think there's still more potential to unleash.

Apollo City 2022
Apollo City Pro 2022
$1,649.00 USD
$1,799.00 USD

Additional Features

The Apollo City Pro 2022 carries impressive features to elevate your riding experience and minimize maintenance.

Smartphone App

The newer generation of Apollo scooters is compatible with the proprietary Apollo app (available for iOS & Android).

Regarding scooter apps, Apollo's is arguably the most advanced and feature-packed out there. Some of the most notable features include:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Ride analytics
  • Acceleration and E-braking strength adjustment
  • Speed limiting
  • Cruise control
  • Remote locking
  • Battery health status

During our testing, we did come across a few bugs here and there, but the general app experience was positive. Most importantly, Apollo is actively working on refining the app and adding features - it isn't being left in the dust after an initial release.

Turn Signals

As mentioned earlier, the City 2022 has turn signals that can be controlled via the handlebars. They disable by themselves after a while so you don't accidentally leave them on.

It has clearly been thoroughly tested and thought out - for instance, only one turn signal can be enabled at a given time. Enabling one will cancel out the other.

Self-Healing Tires

We touched on the self-healing tires earlier, but they're genuinely an awesome innovation. We've seen Segway Ninebot do it, and now Apollo has done it too.

The 10" tubeless tires have an internal lining that quickly fills out any potential flats, meaning you can expect a longer lifespan on your tires and less maintenance overall.

Apollo City 2023 Upgrade Kit

Apollo City 2023 upgrade kit

Apollo addresses most of the common complaints of the Pro 2022 with its 2023 upgrade kit.

Upgrade kit city 2023

The main upgrade in the 2023 upgrade kit is an entirely new handlebar setup. It features:

  • New and improved V8 throttles
  • Bigger, more tactile buttons
  • Upgraded 20 LUX adaptable headlight with reflector
  • Turn signals at the ends of the handlebars
  • An improved folding hook that properly locks into place without releasing
  • New handlebars with deeper thread
Apollo City 2023 reinforced kickstand

The last upgrade is a welcome addition: An improved kickstand. It is now reinforced with metal, improving performance and durability. From our initial testing, it feels notably better and more sturdy overall.

The upgrade kit is available on Apollo's website:

Apollo City 2023 upgrade kit thumbnail
City 2023 Upgrade Kit

Verdict - Who Should Buy The Apollo City Pro 2022?

The Apollo City Pro 2022 is for riders who want a blend of innovation, durability, and top-tier ride quality and don't mind paying a little extra for it.

Apollo doesn't compromise on build quality and safety and features like incredible weather resistance, turn signals, and low-maintenance components make it a reliable choice for daily use.

The ride quality is hands-down some of the best we have tried in this price range. It tackles urban terrain with ease and performance-wise it is up there with the best.

Features such as a smartphone app, self-healing tires, and an upgrade kit for 2023 indicate that Apollo is forward-thinking and aims to provide a long-term solution for its users.

Some alternatives offer you more mileage for your money, but none feel as refined and luxurious as the Apollo City Pro 2022.

Apollo City 2022
Apollo City Pro 2022
$1,649.00 USD
$1,799.00 USD

Full Specifications

Our Tests

Top speed32.3 MPH (52 KMH)
0-15 MPH
Avg: 2.33 s
Best: 2.14 s
0-20 MPH
Avg: 4.6 s
Best: 4.21 s
0-25 MPH
Avg: 7.41 s
Best: 6.64 s
0-30 MPH
Avg: 12.4 s
Best: 11.6 s
0-32.3 MPH
Avg: 15.1 s
Best 14.9 s
Hill climb
250ft @8%
7.1 s
Range (speed priority)22.3 miles (35.9 km)
Range (regular)26.8 miles (43.1 km)
Range (range priority)31.2 miles (50.2 km)

Manufacturer Specifications

Top speed32 MPH (51.5 KMH)
Motor power500W x2
Range38 miles (61 km)
Battery48V 18Ah
Cell OriginSamsung
Cell Type21700
Battery capacity864 Wh
Charging time6 hours
IP ratingIP66
Weight65 lbs (29.5 kg)
Max load265 lbs (120 kg)
Tire typeTubeless, pneumatic, self-healing
Tire size10" x 2.7"
SuspensionTriple spring suspension
BrakesE-ABS, dual drum brakes
Throttle typeThumb
Updated September 19, 2023
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