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Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review

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Halo Board Beast
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Top Speed
26 MPH
25 miles
3200 W
Drive Type
Direct Drive
97 mm
23.3 lbs
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We loved the Halo Board 2, so we had high expectations for the Halo Board Beast. Does it meet those expectations or does it disappoint? We’re happy to say this electric skateboard took what we loved about the Halo 2 and improved on it.

The motor and battery are better, the range is longer, the deck is longer, and the wheels are bigger. All this translates into a better, smoother ride that young people and adults will love. The Halo Board Beast also became the premium winner of our Best Electric Skateboards in 2024 Guide.

Range + Speed

Both the Halo Board 2 and Beast are built for speed, but it’s the range that’s improved on the Beast. The Beast still has a top speed of 26mph, which is blazing. The range, however, is up to 25 miles per charge. That’s thanks to the upgraded Dual Direct-Drive brushless motor system. It boasts 3200 watts. It’s got great power and torque, so hills with grades up to 25% are a breeze.

The battery is 10.4Ah, which is up from Halo 2's 7Ah. The Beast's battery has a long lifespan and it’s Certified FireSafe. Charging takes about 4-5 hours, which is longer than the Halo 2. Considering that the Beast has more power, that makes sense. To avoid needing to charge for that whole time, it’s a good idea to top off the battery after each ride. The Regenerative Brake system also helps stretch your battery charge as long as possible.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard


What’s the build like on the Halo Board Beast? It’s got a maple deck and a carbon fiber blend battery case. Maple is a great material for a skateboard; it’s durable and capable of handling rougher rides. The Beast’s deck is longer than Halo 2's.

It’s 37 inches as opposed to 36 inches. A longer deck gives you more stability and a smoother ride. Thanks to the case, the battery is protected and doesn’t bring down the appearance of the board, which is rugged, lean, and mean. It can hold riders up to 286 pounds.

At 97mm, the wheels are bigger than on the Halo Board 2. Bigger wheels facilitate a smoother ride over more rugged terrain. The board is still only 4.5-inches tall, though. A board that’s low to the ground is great for handling and carving.

The Double Kingpin 12-inch trucks, made from aluminum, are also designed for sharp turns. If you want to transform your board into an all-terrain e-skateboard, Halo offers 120mm all-terrain wheels. These are sold separately.

Bluetooth Remote

It’s already clear that the Beast is a worthy upgrade to the Halo 2 skateboard. Halo isn’t done with the new features, though. The electric skateboard comes with a redesigned Multi-Mode remote. It lets you switch between three different speed modes. If you’re new to riding, start with the easiest mode to get comfortable. The fastest mode will unlock the blazing-hot top speed!

Halo Board Beast


Safety is very important when it comes to electric skateboards, especially ones as powerful as the Beast. As we mentioned, the battery is Certified Firesafe. The charger is also UL certified.

Be sure to keep track of this charger and never use one that wasn’t designed specifically for your skateboard. All the safety features in the world won’t matter if you aren’t riding carefully, so always wear safety gear like a good helmet. Be cautious with your speed as you get used to the board.

Customer Service

When you buy a product like the Beast from Halo Board, you get the Halo Care Warranty. During the 6-month warranty period, any malfunctions to the motor, electrical components, and other parts are covered. Best of all, there’s no limit to how many times Halo will repair your board.

If you decide the Beast isn’t the right fit for you, you can return it within 14 days from the delivery date. Hang on to the original padding and packaging. Once Halo receives the return, they’ll put a credit on the card you used when buying the skateboard.

Halo Board Beast


halo board beast

There aren’t any glaring problems with this e-skateboard. It has everything we loved about Halo 2 and then some. If you were hoping the Beast would be faster than its predecessor, though, you’ll be disappointed.

While the Beast gives more range, it offers the same speed as the Halo 2 board. The charge time is also longer, so you’ll need to remember to keep the board charged after each ride or wait 4-5 hours to charge from empty.

The last potential downside is that the Beast weighs more than Halo 2. It’s up from 14 pounds to 23 pounds. With electric skateboards, however, you can ride them like normal ones when the battery is empty.

You don’t necessarily have to carry it around for a long time if you don’t want to. Still, it’s worth knowing the weight difference.

Who should buy the Halo Board Beast?

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to the Halo 2 or are new to electric skateboards, the Halo Board Beast is a great pick. Because of its great range, it’s an excellent choice for students and commuters who want to cut down on their car usage.

If you’re just looking for a fun, fast ride, the board holds up, as well. It can handle even the sharpest curves. When you swap out the wheels for all-terrain, you can head to rougher ground for your adventures. Halo does recommend the board for riders at least 10-years old.

Final Thoughts

The Halo Board Beast embodies what we loved about the Halo 2 and kicks it up a notch. The motor and battery have more power, the range is longer, the deck is longer, and the wheels are bigger. The remote has been redesigned as well.

The only major feature that isn’t changed is the speed, but at 26mph, the skateboard is plenty fast. If you want to tackle rougher terrain, Halo sells all-terrain wheels you can put on your board. Both kids (10 and older) and adults will love this e-skateboard!

Top Speed26 MPH
Range25 miles
Motor Power3200W
Hill GradeUp to 25%
Weight23 pounds
Warranty6 months
Deck Length37 inches (94 cm)
Wheels97 mm Halo Street Wheels
Wheelbase29 inches (73.5 cm)
Trucks12-inch Aluminum Double Kingpins
RemoteHalo Bluetooth remote
Max Load286 pounds
Charging Time4-5 hours
BatteryCertified FireSafe Li-ion
Battery Capacity10.4Ah

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