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Electric skateboards are cool. Really cool. If you’ve seen someone zipping around town on one and decided that you need your own, we understand the impulse. For many people, it is love at first sight, but buying the right one is no easy task.

Not only are there lots of different options out there, but there are also many expensive options. If you want a high-quality board at a price you can afford, you need to do some research.

That is why we’ve assembled everything you need to know about the world of electric skateboards in the guide that you see here today. We want to help you get the best electric skateboard for your needs.

In this guide, we will take a look at a multitude of options for different buyers, and even go over a detailed buying guide that will help you spot important features as you make your decision. Read on for a look at nine awesome electric skateboards! Whether you’re looking for a cheap electric skateboard or a powerful premium model, you’ll find a match below.

Top 12 Best Electric Skateboards

1. Skatebolt Tornado II

Best Overall
skatebolt tornado ii
Max Speed: 25 MPH
Range: 25 miles
Weight: 19 lbs
Motor: 700W
Dimensions: 38 x 11 in
Warranty: 6 months

Topping our list is the highly impressive Skatebolt Tornado II. It's one of the latest offerings from a rapidly growing brand in the industry and the sheer amount of value offered makes it the best electric skateboard overall in our opinion.

The Skatebolt Tornado II is synonymous with sturdy build quality, snappy acceleration and solid range. In the $550 price range, it's unmatched by any and all competitors and the hundreds of 5-star reviews across their Amazon listings is a testament to the reliability and service of the company behind it.

The 8-layer Northeast Maple deck provides enough flex for comfortable riding while reducing shaking and road vibrations to a minimum. The ultra-wide 11-inch deck is great for beginners and advanced skaters alike and gives a solid riding experience for people with large feet.

The unique aluminum alloy-covered steel truck design is immensely strong and dampens shaking while giving you full control when turning - safely and responsively.

The board features two 350-watt hub motors and four riding modes that peak at 25 MPH. The acceleration feels incredible and the electric skateboard is able to climb hills of up to 25 degrees effortlessly even at low battery levels.

The Skatebolt Tornado II uses 90mm PU wheels. 90mm is often labeled as the ideal wheel size for electric skateboards as it provides a balance between riding comfort and controllability.

The wireless remote control feels good in the hand (intended for right-handers) provides all the information you need at your fingertips. You can change direction, speed settings, keep up with your speed and battery levels and even turn on the bright red taillights for added safety.

The Skatebolt Tornado II has it all. It's amazing value for your money and it's enough to satisfy well-seasoned riders and newcomers for years to come.

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2. Halo Board Beast

Best premium
Halo Board Beast Thumbnail
Max Speed: 26 MPH
Range: 25 miles
Weight: 23 lbs
Motor: 3200W
Dimensions: 37 x 9.75 in
Warranty: 6 months

If you want the best of the best, we recommend taking a look at the Halo Board Beast. This beast of an electric skateboard combines top-of-the-line construction with unmatchable power.

Geared with dual direct-drive hub motors totaling 3200 watts of power, you'll be able to reach speeds of 26 miles an hour or more. Its 10.4Ah FireSafe certified lithium-ion battery is of the highest quality and allows you easily travel 25 miles per charge.

As the Halo Board Beast only weighs 23 lbs, it isn't all that heavy when considering the power it houses. The pro-grade Canadian ply maple wood deck is responsive yet sturdy and you really feel in control even in sharp high-speed turns.

This new electric skateboard is equipped with unyielding 12-inch aluminum double-Kingpin trucks and 97mm wheels. As an add-on you can purchase 120 mm all-terrain wheels should you want an off-road capable electric board solution. The ergonomic Halo Bluetooth remote control is intuitive, functional, and feels good in your hands.

The Halo Board Beast is hands down the best board if you remove the price from the equation. The price is steep but you get what you pay for - an incredible riding experience like nothing you've ever tried before.

3. Maxfind Max2 Pro

Best Value
Maxfind Max2 Pro electric skateboard review
Max Speed: 24 MPH
Range: 15 miles
Weight: 14 lbs
Motor: 1200W
Dimensions: 31 x 10.6 in
Warranty: 9 months

Although the two first picks are both great, they are also quite expensive. To stir things up, we want to share the Maxfind Max2 Pro - arguably the top-rated value electric skateboard under $500 that you can get on today's market.

There are many pros we could highlight about the Max2 Pro but the key selling points is its sheer value for the money and the impressive amount of power Maxfind has been able to push into an extremely lightweight board.

The Maxfind Max2 Pro has a top range of 15 miles on a single charge and thanks to a quick charger, it only takes around 2 hours to fully recharge the unit. The maximum speed depends on whether you get the single or dual-motor version. Single tops at 20 miles per hour while the dual hub motors version edges it at 24 mph. Apart from more speed, acceleration is also better on the 1200W dual edition.

If you want something budget-friendly and lightweight but don't want to compromise too much in terms of safety, great performance and build quality, the Maxfind Max2 Pro is probably the best pick for you.

4. Backfire G2T

Backfire Galaxy G2T 2
Max Speed: 23.5 MPH
Range: 14.9 miles
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Motor: 700W
Dimensions: 37 x 8.85 in
Warranty: 6 months

The G2T from Backfire makes the #4 spot on our list for many reasons. Not only is it backed by a reputable brand, but it also boasts immense value for your money.

The Backfire G2T is powered by two 350W hub motors, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 23.5 MPH. As far as range goes, you can expect to get 14.9 miles per charge which is quite good at this price point.

Weighing only 14.5 lbs, the G2T is extremely lightweight, making it easy to bring on the go. With a curved flexible deck and a newly added Turbo riding mode, blazing speeds and a comfortable ride is guaranteed.

The Backfire G2T utilizes highly comfortable Calibe II50-DEGREE front trucks and 7-inch MDs at the back but it comes with 83mm extra wheels as well.

If you wanna spend a little more money than an entry-level e-skateboard cost but don't wanna go overboard, the Backfire G2T provides the best value on the market.

5. Backfire Ranger X2

Backfire Ranger X2 review thumbnail
Max Speed: 22 MPH
Range: 21 miles
Weight: 28 lbs
Motor: 2400W
Dimensions: 40 x 9.5 in
Warranty: 6 months

We continue things by looking at a sweet all-terrain electric skateboard. It’s the Backfire Ranger X2. All-terrain e-skateboards are made to be much tougher than the alternative options, suitable for riding on, you guessed it, any terrain. The stability starts with the wheels.

The fortified huge 165mm rubber wheels have been made to safely travel on concrete, mud, grass, etc. Basically, if you can think of it, these wheels can handle it.

You also get an interesting curved deck design. The idea here is to absorb as much shock as possible, which is important when it comes to off-roading.

The concave design is able to evenly disperse vibration across the flexible deck so as to make rough terrain as smooth as possible and your feet are always planted solid on the board thanks to the high-quality grip tape. It also features a maximum range of 21 miles and a speed of 22 MPH thanks to its 2400W motor power.

There really isn’t much to say against this board. At 28 pounds it’s fairly hefty, which means you probably won’t want to haul it around for very long.

It’s also a fairly expensive board relative to most of the options on the list. It’s certainly not the priciest electric skateboard on the market, but the price tag does mean that only really serious buyers will want to give it a look.

6. Hiboy S11

Hiboy S11 electric skateboard
Top Speed: 12.4 MPH
Range: 6.2 miles
Weight: 7.94 lbs
Motor: 250W
Dimensions: 29 x 7.8 in
Warranty: 12 months

If you're on a slim budget and would love to stay under $300, our top recommendation is the Hiboy S11 electric skateboard. Hiboy is a brand known for creating budget-friendly products perfect for beginners and kids.

The Hiboy S11 is notably shorter than the above two, being only 29 inches long, but a wide deck waist and a vibration-dampening construction ensure a steady ride where you're always in control.

In terms of specs, the Hiboy S11 is powered by a 250-watt hub motor enabling it to reach a top speed of 12.4 mph. A full charge will get you 6.2 miles of range. The range is mostly where cheaper e-skateboards fall short of the top ones.

The Hiboy S11 electric skateboard has four different riding modes that allow you to get comfortable with the board before maxing it out. This is more than the two above ones.

A wireless remote control lets you control your riding mode, speed, braking and allows you to see how much battery you've got left in the tank.

The Hiboy S11 is arguably one of the best boards if you're on a budget. It's made with the beginner in mind, so it's extremely user-friendly.

acton blink qu4tro
Top Speed: 23 MPH
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 24 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Dimensions: 39 x 9 in
Warranty: 6 months

The ACTON Blink QU4TRO is suitable for buyers with lots of money to spend. This electric skateboard is several times more expensive than the last one that we shared, which means it will really only work for people who are serious about the purchase.

That said, your money does buy you quality here. In fact, this unit is one of the best boards you are ever likely to find.

For one thing, this board comes with a unique four-wheel-drive component that makes it extremely powerful (especially on hills) and also easy to handle in a variety of different settings.

But you won’t be uncomfortable as you power through the hills. The board also includes a feature the manufacturer calls “tension suspension”. It’s an element of the suspension framework that makes it resistant to vibration at high speeds.

This is good news because high speeds is another thing this board does right. With a maximum threshold of 23MPH, this unit is also one of the fastest powered e-skateboards on our list today. You also get a maximum range of 22, an incline rate of 30% and a regenerative braking feature that will help you maintain the charge of this board, and three different modes of use.

Last but not least, you get LED lights on the bottom of the board which can be activated and deactivated through the Blink smartphone app.

This is a solid option if you want great performance and a high weight capacity.

8. SWAGSkate NG2

swagskate ng2
Top Speed: 18 MPH
Range: 11 miles
Weight: 20 lbs
Motor: 900W
Dimensions: 38.6 x 11 in
Warranty: 3 months

Next up we have the SWAGSkate NG2 from Swagtron. The NG2 is a colorful and vibrant 900-watt electric skateboard with a top speed of 18 MPH - and it's budget-friendly!

In terms of motor power, this one is probably the best bang for your buck. The NG2 weighs only 20 lbs and charges in just around 2 hours, which is blazing fast compared to some of the others on this list.

A full charge gives you around 11 miles of range and its 90x52mm polyurethane (PU) hard rubber wheels seem to give a strong grip on any flat surface.

You've got two riding modes at hand - a low-speed setting maxing out a 9.9 mph and a high-speed mode unlocking the full 18 mph maximum speed.

The deck itself is a combination of 6 layers of premium maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo which makes it sturdy yet flexible. This is a top-class e-skateboard for those looking for a little more power without spending too much.

9. Teamgee H5

teamgee h5 electric skateboard review
Top Speed: 22 MPH
Range: 11 miles
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Motor: 760W
Dimensions: 37 x 8.7 in
Warranty: 3 months

Next up is the 37" Teamgee H5 electric skateboard. With an ultra-thin deck and lightweight parts, this e-skateboard only weighs 14.5 pounds while maintaining a weight limit of 200 pounds.

Dual hub motors at 380W power this electric skateboard, giving it a top speed of 22 MPH. The Lithium-ion battery takes you up to 11 miles on a full charge and using the Seahorse remote control, you can switch between two riding speed modes.

The deck is only 3.1 inches above the ground, giving you a low center of gravity. This will result in a very comfortable ride and you'll feel in complete control even at high speeds.

The deck is only 0.47 inches thick but 10 ultra-thin layers of Canadian ply maple along with 1 layer of ply fiberglass ensure that strength is maintained throughout the deck.

If you truly care about weight and want to maintain solid power, this is probably the best option for you.

10. Blitzart Huracane

blitzart huracane electric skateboard
Top Speed: 16 MPH
Range: 8 miles
Weight: 13 lbs
Motor: 350W
Dimensions: 38 x 9 in
Warranty: 3 months

Coming in 8th place we have the Blitzart Huracane motorized skateboard. Once again, we're dealing with a lightweight product - it only weighs 13 lbs.

It has a 350-watt hub motor with regenerative braking with reliably lets you reach speeds of up to 16 MPH. The 4.0Ah 36V Lithium-ion battery pack enables you to travel 8 miles on a full charge which isn't overwhelming but decent considering the price point.

7 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo make up the flexible 38 x 9-inch deck. It feels great to ride and it is responsive enough for you to really feel the road. On top of the deck, you have a high-quality grip tape that ensures stability and safety, making it easy to ride.

Several reviews contest that there has been a quality drop in terms of the wheels, so you may have to have a backup pair ready if you do go for the Huracane.

11. Skatebolt Tornado Pro

skatebolt tornado pro
Top Speed: 22 MPH
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Motor: 700W
Dimensions: 39 x 9.5 in
Warranty: 6 months

A worthy mention is the Skatebolt Tornado Pro motorized skateboard. It brings interesting features to the table including cruise control and four different riding modes for added flexibility.

This motorized skateboard isn't too pricy at all - in fact, you're getting solid value for your money all the way around with this one!

A total of 700 watts of motor power gives the Tornado Pro a top speed of 22 miles per hour. The Lithium-ion battery on the Pro version has a 7.5Ah capacity which allows you to get a 22-mile range per charge - excellent!

The wireless remote control is a little more feature-packed than most. There's an LCD screen display showing your current speed and how much battery you have left. You also have a cruise control/LED button and a speed mode toggle.

The deck is made from 8 layers of premium maple and though it is 39 inches long, it only weighs a mere 19.5 pounds.

This is definitely amongst the top boards price considered.

Acton blink S-R
Top Speed: 16 MPH
Range: 7 miles
Weight: 11 lbs
Motor: 500W
Dimensions: 27.5 x 8 in
Warranty: 6 months

The ACTON Blink S-R is an affordable option for buyers that really need to be careful with how much they are spending. Of course, this e-skateboard didn’t find its way on our list just because it’s cheap. It’s also just a good product.

First, it’s worth mentioning that this is an extremely compact unit with dimensions of 27.5in x 8in.

Because of the size and the light weight (it weighs only 11 pounds), it will be really easy to transport. This element of the board makes it great for college campuses, or just very light commuting.

However, the small build does have negative impacts as well. For one thing, you don’t get much of a range with the Blink S-R. This motorized skateboard is capable of a 7-mile range charge, which, as you’ve seen from our other options on the list, isn’t a ton.

You also get just a 15% incline rate, an unimpressive speed threshold of 16 MPH and a low maximum weight capacity of 220 LBS. These things aren’t exactly cons. Most points are just consequences of going with an electric penny board. You also get plenty of positive features as well. It includes LED lights, three modes of use and a high-quality wireless remote control.

It also features the composite wood aircraft-grade aluminum build that we valued in the last Blink board.

It all boils down to a net positive. This small e-skateboard isn’t revolutionizing the industry, but it is treating you to a nice ride at an affordable price. You can’t ask too much more than that, right?

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

How We Chose

The market is vast and there are numerous pitfalls you want to steer way clear of. Luckily, we selected 12 solid picks for you above which all are solid purchases.

Some of the criteria we used to determine whether a skateboard was a fit for this guide were:

  • Brand - All the above products come from reputable brands in the industry that know what they're doing and offer proper customer support.
  • Speed and range - This is pretty much alfa omega when purchasing a motorized skateboard. It's what we look at to determine how much we can do with a given board.
  • Build Quality - Some brands will opt for cheap solutions to increase their margins though it may hurt the final product or even be outright dangerous. We've steered clear of these products and only included the very best.
  • Value for money - No purchase is made without considering the price. Some boards are way overpriced so we've only included boards that we feel bring enough value to justify making the list.
  • Warranty Period - If brands know their product is of good quality, they'll back it my offering a higher warranty. We make it transparent how long the warranty period is and steer clear of everything with a warranty below 3 months.

Features To Look For

Weather Resistance

With a regular skateboard, you never need to worry too much about the rain. If an unexpected downpour creeps up on you, you pack it up and go home.

The stakes are a little bit higher when you are on a $1000 piece of equipment that is full of sensitive electric components. Rain can be unpredictable so you want to make sure you invest in a board that is water-resistant.

Most reputable products include a weather-resistant seal near their motor and other vulnerable components to prevent the possibility of calamity. Weather resistance is usually described for every product through its IP-rating. If a board does not have a listed IP rating, it does not mean it is not protected against water. Rather, it means it hasn't been scientifically tested for it. We always like when brands go the extra mile to get an Ingress Protection test done for the sake of their customers and their own integrity.

Weight & Weight Limit

Another important aspect of an electric skateboard is its weight. What happens when you run out of battery? Well, you most likely have to carry it. Usually, the lighter the better, but going light also means you'll sacrifice power and range. It's about finding the perfect balance for you. Most boards weigh between 14 and 22 pounds.

Weight limits are equally as important as they determine how much stress the skateboard can comfortably handle. If you're on the heavy end (200 lbs or more) you definitely have to pick notice to this stat.

Motor Type

Motor power and speed is the name of the game. But between the lines, there are important aspects to know about.

Generally, there are two types of motors you'll come across. Hub motors and belt-driven motors.

Hub motors are more affordable, more silent, and require less maintenance. They're usually also lighter and more energy-efficient. For that reason, you see this type most often.

Belt-driven motors provide superior acceleration and braking. They're more heavy and noisy but they are also more durable and better at dissipating heat. This type is almost exclusively seen on high-end models.

A hub motor setup is mostly the way to go unless you're a very advanced rider who can handle speeds of over 30 mph with confidence. In that case, belt-driven motors may give you the best riding experience.

Battery Life

Battery life is crucial - especially if you're using your electric skateboard for commuting. Before making a buying decision, consider how much range you need. Maybe you want to ride to and from work. Measure the distance you have to cover (back and forth) and get something with a top range of 20% above that just to be safe.

The battery is usually the single most expensive component of your ride and it's something the cheaper models usually cut costs on. Battery capacity is measured in Wh (watt-hours) and you can calculate it by knowing the battery voltage and amp-hours. You simply have to multiply the two numbers.

Example: 36V * 10Ah = 360Wh

Deck Size

Deck size is very important as it determines the surface area you have to stand on. The distance between your wheels also affects how it will feel to ride. Most boards are in the long category around 37 inches but electric penny boards can be as compact as 21 inches in length.

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Customer Support

It may also be prudent to consider the customer support element of the skateboard you are looking into.

For a motorized piece of equipment, boards are actually fairly simple most of the time. However, they may require maintenance eventually. New hardware, maybe some tightening of parts, etc.

When these situations do come up, it is helpful to have robust and thorough support from the company. A solid reputation for quality customer support will help ensure that you have access to the information and parts you need to keep your board running for a long time.


Electric skateboards can vary substantially in price from unit to unit. It will probably be in your best interest to consider how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking.

An idea of what your budget is will help eliminate a ton of options, and it will also help eliminate the potential for disappointment when you realize all the boards you’re interested in cost $2000+.

You can find good motorized skateboards for less than $1,000 (we looked at some today in fact). There are also options that can cost several times that much. The key is to go in with a number in mind.


A good warranty is something that you always want to have but never want to need. Much of the time you will see boards featuring a warranty of 3 or 6 months to a year, though some are even longer.

Naturally, the general rule of thumb is that the longer the warranty the better off you will be. There is a practical reason for this—if something goes wrong that isn’t your fault you shouldn’t be financially responsible for it.

But there is also a secondary factor that places a big premium on getting a good warranty.

The longer a company is willing to stand behind a product, the more confident they are in it. In other words, if they think it is going to break right out the box, they aren’t going to volunteer to fix it for free.

Granted, a big warranty is no guarantee that the product is solid, but it is a decent indicator that you’re looking at a product well worth your time and money.

Electric Skateboard FAQ

How do you ride an electric skateboard?

Unlike a regular skateboard, electric skateboards are controlled using a wireless remote you hold in your hand.

Using the remote, you can monitor your speed, battery level, riding mode and braking.

There will be a wheel on your remote that controls speed and braking. Pushing it forward will gradually increase the speed while pushing it backwards will bring the board to a full stop.

For the best balance, you should stand sideways on the board with your feet pointing out to the side. Slightly bent knees and a minimal lean towards the front of the board will give you the best balance possible.

For more info, read our beginners guide on how to ride an electric skateboard.

Can electric skateboards go uphill?

Yes, electric skateboards can go uphill. This is one of the coolest things about them. Nothing beats the feeling of flying past a struggling cyclist with ease.

How steep they can climb depends on motor power and acceleration. Most boards will have a specified hill grade. The average grade an electric skateboard can climb is around 15-20 degrees.

How long does an electric skateboard battery last?

The average skateboard battery will last around 500 charges. It'll gradually fall in capacity so if your range is getting low, it may be time to replace the battery.

How long can an electric skateboard go on a single charge?

On average, an electric skateboard can go around 14 miles on a single charge. Some only go 5 miles while others go up to 25 miles.

It is mainly determined by the battery capacity which is measured in Wh (watt-hours). The higher the better.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our ultimate guide to purchasing an electric skateboard. As you can see, the industry has come a long way since the Boosted Board commonized it.

You should now have some solid options to pick from along with the information required to make the perfect purchase for your particular situation and needs.

In our opinion, the best electric skateboard to buy in 2024 is the Skatebolt Tornado II as it is the perfect balance of value, power, and build quality. Skatebolt is a reputable brand that always provides great support.

Electric skateboards are extremely fun and it doesn't require that you have previous experience with a regular skateboard to get started. Actually, this is much easier to ride as you don't have to continually push the board to gain speed. All you have to worry about is turning which you'll get the hang of in no time.

We highly recommend you consider getting safety gear such as skate gloves, elbow pads, a helmet, and skateboard knee pads to avoid serious injuries when skating as electric skateboards go faster than regular ones.

Happy riding folks! Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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