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ZERO 8 Electric Scooter Review

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Zero 8 electric scooter in the city
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Top Speed
22.5 MPH*
19.9 miles*
500 W
624 Wh
8.5" & 8"
42 lbs
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Electric scooters have been gaining popularity in the last few years and the market has grown large enough to provide dozens of purchasing options to riders. Electric scooters are a cheaper alternative for people who live in cities and don’t have space for a car. In this article, we are going to be reviewing the ZERO 8 electric scooter, a brand that sells different electronic recreational vehicles.

In making this review, we considered everything from the ZERO 8’s speed and power to the build quality and safety, ensuring that no stone was left unturned. Continue reading to find out more information on the ZERO 8 to determine if it is one of the best-rated electric scooters for you.

Speed and Acceleration

This scooter comes from the same factory as the Apollo Light and the FluidFreeRide HORIZON so it has pretty similar specs. The ZERO 8 has a 500W motor as well as a 20A controller so it makes for a zippy ride. With a max speed of 22 MPH, the ZERO 8 has a decent pace for scooters in this price range.

Zero 8 Electric Scooter near a fountain in the street

A lot of riders note that the ZERO 8 can keep chugging along even as the battery reaches 20% or lower. Many other electric scooters will simply lose power and only be able to reach a speed of a few miles per hour when the battery reaches levels that low.

The acceleration on this scooter is decent if you start moving on flat ground but it’s not the greatest in the world. This is pretty typical of scooters in this price range so it’s not so much a drawback as it’s to be expected.  The ZERO 8 can handle inclines of up to 10% without losing power for riders around 150 lbs, but heavier riders may notice some lag if they start accelerating while on a hill.

For more power, check out the Zero 8X.

Battery and Range

The ZERO 8 has a standard battery for scooters in this tier. It has a 48V 13Ah battery that can provide a range of 20-25 miles. This is a perfect distance for those with short or medium length commutes, or for riders who just want to take leisurely journeys. The battery does take eight hours to charge, so you’ll have to charge it overnight while you sleep.

This battery holds up to competing scooters in the same price range. Comparing it to the Segway Ninebot ES4, the battery capacity is almost twice as big and the ZERO 8 can also reach higher speeds and has slightly more torque so it may be a slightly better value depending on what features you want.

Suspension and Build Quality

close-up of front wheel on the ZERO 8 scooter

The ZERO 8 has two suspension systems in both the front and the rear. The front suspension system is a spring shock absorber that lays in the steering column – a standard feature for most scooters at this price. The rear system is a twin hydraulic suspension system that promises to take the oomph out of most bumps you encounter.

Both tires in the ZERO 8 are 8 inches in diameter. The front tire is pneumatic so it should enhance the suspension capabilities of the scooter to a degree.

The rear tire, however, is solid rubber and is more susceptible to the shock that comes from riding over bumps and crevices. The rear hydraulic suspension system should be able to displace the shock somewhat, but many riders still feel as though it can make for a bumpy ride. It may not be perfect, but for its price, it’s still got a pretty decent suspension system all around.

If you want a scooter with more range, you may want to check out the Segway Ninebot MAX. This scooter is similarly priced and offers more range - however, the suspension is worse and the overall speed is slower.

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Compared to other scooters with a similar price and specs, the ZERO 8 is of standard weight. At 40 pounds, the ZERO 8 isn’t the lightest scooter, but it’s definitely more portable than a lot of other competitors. If you want something lighter than 40 pounds you will likely have to sacrifice speed, range, and power to gain more portability.

The ZERO 8 folds at the deck so it’s not very tall when it’s completely folded up. Additionally, the handlebar folds inwards so the scooter can fit in more narrow spaces. It can easily fit on a bus or the trunk of a car without being cumbersome.

Build Quality and Safety

The build quality of the ZERO 8 is all-around decent. One drawback to the ZERO 8 is that it lacks sufficient waterproofing, so you may want to leave it at home on rainy days. Their website even recommends avoiding puddles whenever possible, so the weather will impact your ability to ride.

Another drawback to the ZERO 8 is that it only has one rear drum brake. Combined with the solid rubber tire, this makes for relatively poor braking if you’re moving at quicker speeds so you’ll want to ride with caution. Since it’s not waterproof anyways, you hopefully won’t have to experience this when it’s wet outside.

Three ZERO 8 electric scooters on a row

This scooter does come with a digital display that shows the mileage, speed, and battery level which is a nice feature. The ZERO 8 does come with built-in headlights and a rear light, but you may want to purchase additional lighting and attach it to the scooter if you want to ride at night. Many scooters in this price range that provide lighting aren’t bright enough anyway so it’s not that big of a deal.

Support and Warranty

RevRides offers a 12-month warranty for any manufacturing errors.  This does not cover water damage or wear and tear so you may want to be careful in choosing which conditions to ride in. They do offer free shipping on all orders over $25 so at least that’s an extra cost you can avoid when purchasing from this supplier.

Their website says that if you are not 100% satisfied with your order then their support team will work with you to find a solution. They don’t specify what all this entails, so your options may be limited. Any warranty claims made within five days of receiving the order will be paid for completely by the manufacturer. Any claims made after five days will result in the customer having to pay for shipping, but the manufacturer will still pay for the replacement part.

Who Should Buy the ZERO 8?

The ZERO 8 is a solid electric scooter for its price range. We give it a rank of 7.8 out of 10 points because it has decent speed and range, has a relatively effective suspension system and has reasonable portability. Its only drawbacks are the lack of a second brake and lack of waterproofing, but these shouldn’t be enough to deter a potential buyer.

This electric scooter is a great choice for commuters and leisure riders, new or experienced. It comes at a competitive price and can handle most journeys with ease which makes it fun and effective to ride. The ZERO 8 is an all-around well-built scooter, we’d recommend for all riders looking to get an electric scooter with these features.

It falls just shy of almost identical Apollo Light. The Light does have a longer warranty and an IP54 water resistance rating along with Dynavolt battery cells of higher quality - all at $50 less. On the flip side, the battery capacity is a little larger on the Zero 8 and the motor has a slightly higher output though spec-wise it both results in very similar top speeds and range.

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If the Zero 8 isn't enough for your needs, check out our review of the Zero 9 or Zero 10 models. Alternatively, explore all our reviews or start with our guide on finding the perfect electric scooter.

Full Specifications

Top speed22 mph
Motor power500W
Battery48V 13Ah
Range20-25 Miles
Product weight40 lbs
Weight limit220 lbs / 100 kgs
Tire size8'' Rear solid rubber, Front air filled
BrakesSingle rear drum
SuspensionFront + rear spring
LightsFront and rear LED

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