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Speedway Mini 4
Top Speed
28 MPH
30 miles
500 W
748.8 Wh
36 lbs
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The most lightweight of the three Speedway electric scooters, the Mini 4 Pro still boasts good power, speed, and range. There are some small differences between this scooter and its closest equivalent, the Speedway Leger. Overall, it’s a slightly more affordable and lighter option for city commuters. Let’s break it down.

Motor and battery

Speedway Mini 4 Pro rear wheel

The motor and battery system on the Speedway Mini 4 Pro is the same as the Leger. This means it’s got a BLCD hub motor with a max output of 1,360 watts. The battery is 48 volts and 15.6Ah with Panasonic cells. Those specs give you a max mileage of 30 miles (which is a bit less than the Leger) and a top speed of 28 mph.

As with all the MiniMotor scooters, they've capped the speed to 15mph in the United States via a speed limiting wire but this can easily be removed and you may ask MiniMotors for support on it. BLDC motors are known for their torque, so you get a climbing grade of about 27%, depending on how charged the scooter is and the rider weight.

From empty, the battery takes 6 hours to charge with the standard charger. To keep your battery in good shape, you want to charge it after each ride. Only use the charger you’ve received from MiniMotors. If you’re storing the scooter for two months or longer, the battery should be drained to about 70-80%; you don’t want to store it at 100%. Keep the battery out of extreme temperatures.


Speedway Mini 4 Pro folded

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s construction is solid and reliable. The frame and handlebar are made from aluminum alloy, though it doesn’t appear they’re aircraft-grade like the other Speedway scooters. The deck is also a bit shorter and narrower than the Speedway Leger. To help with bumps in the road, the Mini 4 Pro uses a dual suspension system.

What about the tires? These are pretty different compared to what you’ll find on the Leger or the Speedway 5. They measure 8-inches, so they’re the smallest Speedway wheels. The front tire is air-filled, but the rear is solid. This is a bit odd, but having at least one air-filled tire can help with the smoothness of the ride. That tire is tubed, as well, so while it is more vulnerable to punctures, it’s easy to change.

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro can hold a rider up to 265 pounds. It’s also lightweight at just 35 pounds. You can easily carry it on trains, buses, etc. To make it even more compact, the scooter and handlebars can be quickly folded.

Braking, display, and lighting

Speedway Mini 4 Pro folded 2

The Speedway Mini 4 Pro uses regenerative electric drum brakes. The regenerative feature helps save on battery life when you’re riding downhill, so you can get the more range out of each charge. Drum brakes are not as high-performing as disc brakes, but they have some benefits. They require less maintenance and they are consistent in wet conditions. Unlike the Speedway Leger, the Mini 4 Pro does not have an anti-lock brake system.

As for the display, you have total access to all your scooter’s functions. You can set your preferred start mode, battery eco mode, the brake sensitivity, and more. While you’re riding, quickly see your speed, battery life, ride time, etc. The instrument panel on this scooter has not received an upgrade as the other Speedways did.

Lighting-wise, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro has dual front and rear LED lights. There aren’t any LED lights on the side, but MiniMotors left lots of room for you to mount your own lighting if you want. The brand does not recommend riding at night, but if it does happen, they want you to have the safety features you need.


This scooter’s downsides are fairly small, all things considered, but they might add up for a rider. Compared to the Leger, there’s less deck space, the brakes are different, and the display is older. The biggest downside we can think of is the tires. They’re smaller than the other Speedways, which affects how well the scooter can handle bumpy roads. Also, the rear tire is solid and solid tires tend to not give the smoothest rides.

Do we think the speed cap is a downside on the Speedway Mini 4 Pro? Not especially. This is because it’s so much more affordable than the Speedway 5. With that scooter, it could feel like you were paying for power you couldn’t use if you’re in the US. Considering the Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s lower price, a top speed of 15 mph (combined with other features like good range) seems fine.

Customer service

MiniMotors is a trusted brand that believes in great customer support. The company stocks all parts and accessories, so if you need to replace or add anything to your ride, give them a call.

The Mini 4 Pro, like all MiniMotors products, has a 6-month warranty. You can find the customer service email and phone number on the brand website.

Who should get the Speedway Mini 4 Pro?

Speedway Mini 4 Pro near the sea

In terms of speed and range, the Mini 4 Pro is essentially the same as the Leger. The range is a little shorter, but only by four miles. Based on the scooter specs, you won't lose speed either, with or without the speed limiting wire.

The biggest difference is that the Mini 4 Pro is ten pounds lighter. If you’re a commuter who really wants a lightweight scooter, the Mini 4 Pro is a great choice.

Final thoughts

The lightest electric scooter in the Speedway line, the Mini 4 Pro manages to retain good power, speed, and range. You won’t feel like you’re sacrificing major features for the 35-pound weight, though there are some differences with the tires, brakes, and display.

If you really care about those and don’t care about weight, you’ll most likely prefer the Leger. The prices aren’t dramatically different. However, if you’re a commuter who’s tired of carrying a heavy scooter and you want something leaner, the Mini 4 Pro is the best choice out of the Speedways.

Full Specifications

Top Speed28 mph
Range30 miles
Motor Power (max)1360W
Weight35 pounds
Max load265 pounds
Tires8" pneumatic tires
Charging TimeAround 6 hours
Warranty6 months
Battery48V 15.6Ah Li-ion
Hill GradeUp to 27%
Product MaterialAluminum Alloy Frame
SuspensionDual spring suspension
LED LightsDual front and rear LEDs
BrakesDrum rear & regenerative
Dimensions (Folded)38.8 in x 7.2 in x 13.2 in
Dimensions (Upright)40.8 in x 21.2 in x 47.2 in
Updated October 21, 2021
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