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Speedway Leger Electric Scooter Review

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Speedway Leger electric scooter
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Top Speed
28 MPH
30 miles
500 W
748.8 Wh
45 lbs
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The MiniMotors brand makes entry-level electric scooters that don’t disappoint. The Speedway Leger balances in the middle in terms of price and features. It offers impressive speed and range, a comfortable weight, and an instrument panel that gives you total control. If you’re a commuter who doesn’t want to spend a fortune, this is a scooter for you.

Motor and battery

Minimotors Speedway Leger

The Leger is equipped with a 1,360-watt brushless hub motor. Brushless DC motors are good for electric scooters because they offer high torque without adding a ton of weight to the product. The lithium-ion battery is 48 volts and 15.6Ah, which is a good size. That gives the scooter around 34 miles of range per charge, depending on road conditions and rider weight.

As for the speed, the system gives you up to 28 mph, which is very fast. In the United States, the scooter has a speed limiting wire for legal reasons, so you can only get up to 15 mph. That will still feel exciting and get you where you want to go in good time. As for the climbing grade, the Leger can handle 27%.

With a standard charger, the scooter takes about 6 hours. That’s a significantly shorter time than the Speedway 5 Dual because of the differences in battery size.

As with all lithium-ion battery e-scooters, you want to keep the Leger away from extreme temperatures and moisture. Only use the charger from MiniMotors and charge after each ride.


MiniMotors e-scooters are built to last. The frame and handle are made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The shaft is steel, while the covers are plastic. Considering how well-built the electric scooter is, it’s surprisingly transportable at 45 pounds. It can hold up to 265 pounds and folds to a more compact size. It’s easy to take on public transport like a train.

When you’re traveling through a city with bumps in the road, a comfortable ride is essential. The Leger has a front and rear suspension, as well as large 8.5-inch tires. They are air-filled and tubed, which is different than the Speedway 5, which has tubeless tires.

With tubed tires, only the inner tube needs to be patched or replaced if there’s a puncture. This is important because tubed tires are more vulnerable to punctures and leaks than tubeless ones.

Braking, instrument panel, and lighting

Minimotors Speed Leger EY3 display

Even if you’re only going up to 15mph, you need to know that your braking system is reliable. The Leger uses a drum brake and electric brake with ABS. Drum brakes have a few advantages over disc brakes: they are low maintenance and they are consistent in wet conditions. They aren’t quite as high-performing as disc brakes, however. The electric brake, which is regenerative and helps give you the longest range possible, is fitted with an anti-lock brake system. This helps you stay stable while you’re braking and gives traction on gravel and wet pavement. It also decreases your stopping distance.

The instrument panel on the Leger gives you total control over all your electric scooter’s settings, including cruise mode, your speed, ride time, brake power, and more. It’s also where you can find the power button and throttle. You can turn the ABS brake on or off from the panel since some people find they aren’t a big fan of ABS. If you’re worried about maintaining your balance during braking, however, the ABS is designed to help with that. Before riding, make sure you understand the instrumental panel.

MiniMotors does not recommend you ride at night, but there will be times when you’re concerned about visibility. The Leger has a new light system designed for safety. The front of the electric scooter has a large LED light, while the back has brake and tail lights. On the side, you can find the side Logo light. With all these lights, you can feel confident and safe.

Customer service

MiniMotors prioritizes customer support and is known as a reliable brand in the world of entry-level e-scooters. They stock all parts and accessories, so they’re your one-stop shop for Speedway e-scooters. All products have a 6-month warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about the Leger, you can find an email and phone number on their website.


The Leger has the same issue we found with the Speedway 5 Dual and Mini 4 Pro: the speed limiting wire. If you’re in the United States, you can only go up to 15 mph. MiniMotors does not recommend you mess with the wire. The other potential downside is that the Leger uses tubed tireless instead of tubeless. Tubed tires are more vulnerable to punctures. This e-scooter also has significantly less range than the Speedway 5.

Who is the Speedway Leger for?

The Speedway Leger is a great scooter for riders who don’t want to pay the higher price of the Speedway 5 but do want more power than what the Mini 4 Pro offers.

There are some differences between the Speedway 5 and Leger - the Leger is less powerful, has less range, different tires, and a drum brake - but overall, the Leger is still a solid entry-level electric scooter that’s designed with commuters in mind. If you’re looking for something that offers around 30 miles of range and doesn’t weigh a ton, the Leger is a good choice.

Final thoughts

Commuting is more fun on an electric scooter. The Speedway Leger offers a good range and solid construction designed with city streets in mind. While it offers a decent amount of power, it’s still light enough to take on trains and other public transport.

It also has features like cruise control, an anti-lock braking system, and bright lighting. If you’re looking for a reliable electric scooter with all the features you need in a medium price range, definitely consider the Speedway Leger.


Top Speed28 mph
Range30 miles
Battery48-V Panasonic Li-ion
Battery Capacity15.6 Ah - 748 Wh
Charging Time6 hours
Hill Grade27%
Tires8.5 inches pneumatic
Weight45 pounds
Max Load265 pounds
BrakingRegenerative rear drum brake

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