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Segway Ninebot ZING E8 Electric Scooter Review

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Segway Ninebot ZING E8 electric scooter for kids
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Top Speed
8.7 MPH
6.2 miles
150 W
55.08 Wh
7" & 6"
17.4 lbs

When buying an electric scooter for your kids, there are a few factors you want to consider. How fast does the scooter go? Is it well-built and safe for my child to ride? Is it portable enough that they can easily handle it on their own?

Well, today, we’re going to be answering those questions and a whole lot more as we explore the Segway Ninebot ZING E8 KickScooter. This entry-level model is designed specifically for children, making it a great option for first-time riders. 

To ensure that you choose the best electric scooter for your child, let’s take a closer look at the Ninebot ZING E8 and see what it has to offer. 

Speed and Acceleration

One of my favorite features of the Ninebot ZING E8 is its multiple riding modes. This one addition makes the scooter a solid option for beginner riders. On the standard Safe Mode, the ZING E8 eKickScooter is able to reach a top speed of 6.2 MPH. It’s certainly nothing too exciting, but it’s ideal for young children who have never used an electric scooter and need to safely learn the ropes.

Once they feel comfortable riding the electric scooter and are ready for more action, Turbo Mode kicks the Segway Ninebot ZING E8 into overdrive and increases its top speed to 8.7 MPH. This is activated by the throttle and delivers faster speeds as long as they like.

review of the zegway ninebot zing e8 kids e-scooter

Similarly, there’s a Cruise Mode that also reaches 8.7 MPH. Your little one simply needs to kick to increase the scooter’s top speed. With a maximum climb angle of up to 7%, these modes can come in handy when your child needs some assistance with hilly areas.

I will say that I’m a bit disappointed in the Segway Ninebot ZING E8’s ability to climb hills. It struggles on steeper inclines, so you’re better off sticking with flat surfaces as much as possible. With that being said, going downhill is a different story. 

The scooter can easily surpass its top speed when going downhill. But thankfully, it is equipped with some pretty stout brakes (more on that later). 

All of this is handled by a 200W electric scooter motor. It’s a bit underpowered, sure, but I found it to be powerful enough for young/beginner riders. So, how does the Segway ZING E8 Kickscooter stack up with other children’s electric scooters? Let’s compare.

ModelTop SpeedRangeWeight
Segway Ninebot ZING E88.7 MPH6.2 miles17.4 pounds
Segway Ninebot ZING E1010 MPH6.2 miles18.5 pounds
Gotrax Xr Ultra15.5 MPH16 miles26.4 pounds
Segway Ninebot MAX18.6 MPH40.4 miles42 pounds
Swagtron Swagger V115 MPH4 - 15 miles17 pounds

As you can see, there are definitely better (but more pricey) options available if your child is ready for more power. But if you want to ensure the safety of your beginner rider and follow a comfortable progression, the ZING E8 is likely going to be the best route to go.

Battery and Range

Powered by a 21.6V 2550 mAh (55.08Wh) li-ion battery with Smart Battery System Management, the Ninebot ZING E8 is capable of providing fun for your child for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. That equates to just a little over 6 miles of ride time.

As I mentioned a moment ago, inclines are troublesome for the ZING E8. If all you have are hilly areas to ride on, you can expect the battery to drain faster than usual. Again, stay off of hills and your child should be able to enjoy the scooter for a maximum of 40 minutes.

You’ll need to allow about 4 hours of recharge time to fully top off the battery. That’s quite the trade-off between charge time and ride time. The total recharge time is fast compared to other scooters but is slow considering the smaller battery size. 

But as this scooter is geared toward novice riders, 40 minutes is likely to be plenty of time to enjoy the ZING E8 between rides.

Suspension and Ride Quality

Thanks to a 40mm front shock absorption system, the E8 is able to handle deviations in the road fairly well. This scooter is surprisingly comfortable in action and provides a smooth ride on surfaces that aren’t necessarily the most level.

The ZING E8 is also equipped with high-elastic rubber tires. This is a nice addition to see, as it means the tires are resistant to wear. As such, you don’t have to worry about inflating them with air.

I like the treads on these tires, too. They are quite grippy on a variety of surfaces, ensuring that your little one has an enjoyable experience. And as I will touch on in a moment, the new, redesigned tread goes a long way in preventing skidding when the brakes are applied.


At just 17.4 pounds, the Segway Ninebot ZING E8 is incredibly lightweight in design. Its construction is such that your little tyke shouldn’t have any trouble controlling and handling the e-scooter. 

When combined with its folding feature, the E8 is a breeze to transport. If you’re going to the park, for example, the scooter fits easily into any trunk and doesn’t take up much room. This is certainly one of the most portable units I’ve seen. Of course, the smaller size helps quite a bit.

unboxing of the segway ninebot zing e8 ekickscooter

The lightweight construction also means that if you’re out of luck and the battery runs dry, you can easily kick it around like you would with a regular scooter. (Hence the eKickScooter name).

Build Quality and Safety

For a children’s electric scooter, the Ninebot ZING E8 is really sound. The solid construction gives you the peace of mind that your child will be safe during use. As long as your child doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit (110 pounds), you shouldn’t have any issues.

My biggest concern is that this electric scooter doesn’t come with any LED lights. By my estimation, that’s a potential safety issue. As a scooter targeted toward children, you would expect the safety protocols to be off the charts. But alas, this is not the case.

As always, you want to exercise the best safety practices at all times. That means equipping your child with a helmet and any other necessary gear.

The good news is that the triple braking system is tight and responsive. And when you factor in the non-skid tires, you can rest easy knowing that your child will be able to safely stop when they need to.

Support and Warranty

The Ninebot ZING E8 comes with a warranty that varies depending on what needs servicing. The vehicle’s body, for example, is covered for a whole year. This includes the deck, front and rear assemblies, stem, handlebar, charge port, and bottom cover.

Other components, like the battery pack and charger, throttle, and brake are covered by a 180-day warranty. And lastly, any components that are subject to wear, like handlebar grips and ends, rear-wheel, decorative strips, stickers, and the like are covered for 90 days. 

This is definitely better than a lot of other scooters out there. I’ve seen many that only provide a strict 90-day warranty, so it’s nice to know that you’re covered in the event that something malfunctions. 

Who Should Buy the Segway Ninebot ZING E8?

segway ninebot zing e8 power button closeup

Given its slow speeds (even on Turbo Mode) and limited weight restrictions, the Segway Ninebot ZING E8 is best suited for young children who are not yet familiar with electric scooters. I believe it is better to be used as a learning device or stepping stone before they move on to bigger and better models (or decide that e-scooting isn’t for them).

With that being said, I still rate the ZING E8 a 5.6 out of 10. It is highly affordable, and if you understand its limitations and why they are in place to begin with, you should be pleased with this unit. However, if you go in expecting a speed demon, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Ninebot’s E8 is intended ONLY for children between the ages of 6 and 12. As long as you know its target audience, this scooter will likely serve you well. If your youngster is slightly older (8-14 years) and needs something with a bit more power, I recommend checking out the ZING E10. 

It’s the next logical progression and comes with many of the same features found in the E8. Both units are budget-friendly and make a great electric scooter for beginners.

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Full Specifications

Top speed8.7 mph
Motor power150W
Range6.2 miles
Product weight17.4 lbs
Weight limit100 lbs / 50 kgs
Rider's height3'9''-4'9''
Battery21.6V 2550 mAh li-ion
Warranty180 days limited warranty

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