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Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020 Electric Scooter Review

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Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 electric scooter
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A worthy successor to the 2019 model, the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 incorporates features like a longer range, more power, and a new display. That means you can get up to 26 mph and up to 22 miles for range.

An improved brake and construction add to this electric scooter’s appeal, which has a reasonable price based on how powerful it is. If you liked the other WideWheel but had some complaints, the 2020 WideWheel could be the perfect upgrade.

Motor and battery

Mercane installed a new battery for this WideWeel. At 48V 15AH, this lithium-ion battery is built for power. It’s 1 mph faster and it has a 10-15% longer range compared to the older model. There are two 500W motors with great torque and acceleration, which gives you a great ride on hills. The WideWheel can handle 30% inclines easily.

At top speed on a flat surface, you can get around 26 mph. For range, a 160-pound rider at full speed (on flat pavement) will get around 18-22 miles. If the range is very important, you can always switch to Eco mode and get at least 30 miles on one charge. Speaking of charging, it takes about 7 hours to fill up the scooter from empty. 


mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter 8

Speed isn’t the only upgrade on this e-scooter. The re-designed aluminum-alloy frame has better stability and durability. Some parts, like the neck and stem, have also been thickened. This strength is very important when you’re riding along at top speeds. In the 2019 WideWheel, the handlebar/stem would become loose with use, so Mercane was sure to resolve that issue in the 2020 model.

The scooter’s deck is 5 inches wide, so it’s on the thinner side, but there’s still enough room for riders. The scooter can hold up to 220 pounds, which is slightly on the light side. The scooter itself weighs 54 pounds, so it’s not super portable. It does fold up, though, and it’s not so heavy it can’t be carried around for a little while. These more powerful, durable e-scooters always weigh a lot.

What about the tires? As the name of the e-scooter implies, they’re wide. They measure 8’’x3.9’’. The airless tires are fairly soft and thanks to the front and rear suspension, the ride is smooth. The electric scooter can handle rougher ground in a city and it won’t feel like your bones are smashing together.

The biggest benefit of airless tires is they don’t go flat. The downside is that the traction isn’t great and they don’t do well on wet surfaces. The Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 was meant for flat, dry roads with the occasional hill.

Braking, lighting, and safety

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter 4

On a powerful scooter like the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020, the braking system is very important. It’s a slight change from the older model with a front and rear disc brake. This dual brake system provides a reduced braking distance as well as better overall stopping power. Each brake has its own handle.

Lighting is also something to remember when shopping for e-scooters. The dual front LED lights on the WideWheel Pro 2020 are very bright, so you can see a decent distance in front of you if you’re riding at night. Those lights also make you more visible, which keeps you safe.

The other noteworthy safety upgrade has to do with the construction. We mentioned that the stem and neck are thicker, and the fork is reinforced, as well. This translates into more security when you’re riding on a rougher road. The scooter won’t feel as wobbly.

Smart display

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter 6

The new smart display is arguably the biggest upgrade on the 2020 WideWheel besides the motor and battery. The display gives your speed, mileage, and battery charge. You can also change gears while you ride.

The Eco mode unlocks the scooter’s maximum range and the most efficient use of power. The Power mode gives you top speeds and maximum torque. With cruise control, you can let go of the throttle (which has been upgraded from the original) and maintain your speed.

Customer service

When you buy from FluidFreeRide, you get a 180-day limited warranty for manufacturer defects. This includes problems with the battery. After the warranty is up, you can still get parts and labor at cost, which means no high markups.

You can shop for replacement parts on the website. If you’re in Miami, Fluid Free Ride has a showroom with refurbished and discounted open-box scooters.


The downsides on the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 are minor. The maximum rider weight is a little low for a scooter like this and there are downsides to airless tires. The traction isn’t perfect, especially on wet surfaces, so you’ll need to be careful when braking. Beyond that, there aren’t any major red flags. 

Who should buy the Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020?

If you’re looking for an upgrade to the previous WideWheel Pro or just a very powerful scooter with great range and speed, the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020 is an excellent option.

Just about everything got a makeover, including the motor, battery, and display. Considering all its features and quality, it comes at a pretty good price, as well. Because of its power, this is a good scooter for adults looking for a fun way to commute.

Final verdict

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter 3

Mercane committed to improving its already-impressive electric scooter with the WideWheel Pro 2020. It’s more powerful, better built, and even more fun. The motor and battery give better range and speed, the brakes are smoother, and the new smart display gives you more control. Want to go farther?

Switch to Eco mode. Itching for a ride at full speed? Power mode will get you there. It’s always great when manufacturers learn from a product’s shortcomings and offer an improved version. That’s what the WideWheel Pro 2020 does, so if you liked the older model but had some concerns, you’ll love this new one.


Top Speed26 mph
Range18-30 miles
Weight54 pounds
Max Load220 lbs
Battery48V 15Ah Li-ion
Motor Power2x500W base / 800W peak
Tires8 x 3.9-inch never-flat foam filled
SuspensionSprings front and back
BrakesDouble disc brake system
Dimensions Folded43.1 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches
Dimensions Upright43.1 x 21.6 x 43.3 inches
Warranty180 days

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