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INOKIM Quick 3 Electric Scooter Review

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Inokim Quick 3 electric scooter
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Top Speed
19 MPH
25 miles
350 W
624 Wh
36 lbs
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The INOKIM Quick 3 electric scooter falls around the middle in terms of power, range, and speed. It’s designed for commuters and offers great features like big wheels, a wide deck, and decent portability.

The INOKIM Quick 3 comes from a line that began in 2011 under the brand MYWAY, which was the first “truly portable electric scooter worldwide.” There have been lots of improvements along the way, which this e-scooter embodies.

Range and speed

The motor and battery on this scooter are more powerful than the Mini 2 and Light 2. With 450 watts, the geared rear motor offers up to 19 mph in speed. That makes it about as fast as the Light 2. Where it does better than that scooter is the battery. It’s a 36 volt, 13Ah lithium-ion battery. The bigger size gives it more range, which is better for commuters. You can expect around 20-25 miles, depending on factors like speed and terrain. We did get a hill incline for this scooter - INOKIM says the Quick 3 can handle inclines up to 10%. The bigger battery size means it takes 6-7 hours to charge.


The INOKIM Quick 3 is constructed of high-quality materials, like its aluminum board, which is ultra-wide for a more comfortable stance. You can adjust the handlebars to match your height and quickly fold the scooter into a more portable size. The scooter weighs 36 pounds and includes a carry handle, kickstand, and anti-skid grips. It’s best for riders up to 265 pounds, which is a higher weight limit than the Mini 2 and Light 2.

There’s also a mudguard, which keeps mud and water off your tire and the back of your legs. Speaking of tires, they’re a good 10-inches. Because they’re pneumatic (air-filled), your ride is more comfortable. The bigger size also makes it better equipped to tackle rougher roads. Also worth noting: the tires use aluminum-alloy Myway wheels, a proprietary wheel only used in INOKIM scooters.

Rear tire and disc brake on INOKIM Quick 3


Bigger wheels also mean better stability, so we do want to mention that in this section. We also want to talk about brakes and lighting. The INOKIM Quick 3 has two brakes: a front V-brake with a braking pad system and a rear disc brake with a mechanical disk system. These are controlled by left and right levers found on the handlebars, so they’re easy to access. You can also adjust them to your liking.

Lighting is found at the front and the back. The front is a reflective LED headlight. The back is a red light, which is basically your brake light. Both are bright, so if you ride at night, you can feel confident in your ability to see and be seen by others.

Thumb throttle display

All INOKIM scooters (except the Mini 2) include an LCD on the handlebar. Functions include cruise control, distance traveled, travel speed, battery status, speed mode, and more. On the throttle, you’ll also find the ACCELERATE thumb button. The user manual contains detailed instructions on what all the functions do and how to use the throttle and display.

Customer service

When ordering from FluidFreeRide, INOKIM’s official USA retailer, you get free shipping if you’re within the continental US. You can return it unused within 15 days, though you are responsible for return shipping. If the scooter isn’t as described, you’ll get a full refund. The limited 12-month warranty covers manufacturer defects, like problems with the battery. If you have any problems with the scooter, you can call the US-based customer service for help and advice. If the problem isn’t covered by the warranty, they'll still do their best to help out. The user manual also contains a guide on repairing a flat tire.

Handlebars on INOKIM Quick 3


There really aren’t a lot of downsides with the INOKIM Quick 3. Like the INOKIM Light 2, there isn’t a suspension, which is probably because both tires are pneumatic. The other thing we didn’t love was the long charging time. 6-7 hours is a while, even for a battery of this size. To keep your scooter in great shape, don’t store it longer than 2 months with a fully-charged battery and don’t operate the motor while it’s charging. It’s also good to occasionally discharge and fully charge the battery.

Who should buy the INOKIM Quick 3?

If you’re a commuter in a city, this is a great electric scooter. It can travel 20-25 miles on one charge, so you can travel to and from your destination easily. If speed is your priority, this isn’t much of an upgrade compared to the Light 2. It is pricier than the Light 2 (it’s around $1400), but like all INOKIM scooters, it’s built to last. If you’re willing to invest the money and you need the range, the INOKIM Quick 3 is a great choice.

For more ideas on what e-scooter works best for you, read our guide to the best electric scooters or independent e-scooter reviews.

Final verdict

INOKIM classifies the Quick 3 as a mid/long-range scooter with a classic, portable design. While it lacks the ultra-portability of the Mini 2 and falls a little short of the Light 2’s speed, it makes up for that in range. It comes with all the other features you would need, like lighting, good braking, and a thumb-throttle display. We also liked the big wheels, which are the same size as the more powerful INOKIM Ox and Oxo. The INOKIM Quick 3 is a great blend of many common features found on INOKIM electric scooters. It’s perfect for urban commuters who don’t want to get the most expensive option but need great range and good speed.

If your pockets are limited, check out our review of the INOKIM Mini 2.

Full Specifications

Top speed19 mph
Range20-25 miles
Hill incline10%
Charging time 4- 5 hours
BatteryLG Li-ion 36V 13Ah
Tire size10" x 2.5" air tires
Weight limit265 lbs / 120 kg
Folded Dimensions44  x 14.5 x 9.5 inches
Warranty12 months

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