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INOKIM Oxo Electric Scooter Review

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The Inokim Oxo is an upgrade on the Ox in essentially every way. This electric scooter is the most powerful (and expensive) entry in the INOKIM line. The reasons for its superiority include not one, but two motors, as well as a powerful, long-range battery. If you want one of the best e-scooters money can buy, the INOKIM Oxo won’t disappoint.

Range and speed

While the other INOKIM scooters have one motor (all are rear-wheel drive except the Mini 2), the Oxo has one on each wheel. Each is a 1000-watt gearless hub motor, which gives the scooter a peak power of about 2600 watts. That translates into excellent speed and torque. At its max, you can expect the scooter to reach 40 mph. It also climbs steep hills very easily.

The range is also quite impressive. At optimal conditions with a 15 mph constant speed, the INOKIM Oxo can reach up to 50 miles on a single charge. 36 miles is more realistic, however, so always be aware that your speed, weight, and terrain affect range. That range is thanks to the big 60V 26Ah LG lithium-ion battery. It takes a long time to charge (between 12-14 hours), and it’s a good idea to let the battery fully discharge a few times a year. You have the option to purchase a faster charger if you’d like.

Inokim Oxo LED Display and thumb throttle close-up


As a premium scooter, you can expect the best on the Oxo. It’s made from high-quality materials like aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The tires are pneumatic, which ensures a smooth, comfortable ride on a variety of terrain. At 10 inches, they’re the same size as the Ox and Quick 3. If you plan on going off-road, you can replace the factory tires with off-road ones.

Inokim Oxo foldable handlebars

Like the Inokim Ox, the Oxo also has an adjustable suspension system, which makes the ride even more stable. The adjustable arm suspension is found on both wheels. If you’re going on smooth terrain and want to increase your speed, the suspension should be at the low setting. For more clearance, use the high setting. At 74 pounds, the Oxo is not a lightweight e-scooter. It does fold down, so it’s a bit more portable, but it’s challenging to carry for long distances.

The Oxo is one of our favorite premium e-scooters. If it's out of your budget, check our other electric scooter reviews for picks for any need.


Inokim Oxo rear wheel and disc brake close-up

A good braking system is a must for a scooter that goes this fast. The Inokim Oxo comes with dual Zoom hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheel. You choose their level when you’re putting the scooter together. Always check your brakes before each ride and lean back a little when you brake. You can also adjust the height and rotation of the brake levers on the handlebar.

For riding when it’s dark, you have two front LED lights and integral car LED lights on the back, just above the tire. These lights come on automatically when it gets dark. How dark, exactly? You choose. It’s a great feature that keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind.

Thumb throttle display

The LCD display is fairly simple to understand. The acceleration button is a square throttle thumb lever. The power button is located above the lever, with the screen right by it. With the display, you can see stats like your current speed, screen brightness, cruise control, total distance, battery level, and more.

Customer service

FluidFreeRide is INOKIM’s official USA retailer. When you buy from them, shipping within the continental US is free. If you decide you don’t want the scooter and you haven’t opened it, you can return it within 15 days if you pay for return shipping.

The scooter isn’t what was described? You can return it for a full refund. Manufacturer defects (which includes battery issues) are covered by the 12-month warranty. If you have a question or there’s a problem, contact the US-based customer service.

INOKIM Oxo in a dirt trail


There’s nothing major to complain about. INOKIM has thought about every aspect of the Oxo and delivered great quality. A small downside is that there isn’t an app for this scooter. The Inokim Ox also doesn’t have an app, so it would have been a nice upgrade for the Inokim Oxo.

This scooter is also very heavy, but that’s impossible to avoid considering how much power is packed in. Compared to similar scooters like the Kaabo Mantis Pro, this one is a little more expensive when only considering the specs. On the other hand, it’s more customizable.

Who should buy the Inokim Oxo?

The Oxo is INOKIM’s most expensive scooter. For that price, you get the dual motors and a huge battery. Everything else is essentially the same as the Ox, which is more affordable. They can both be used in urban environments and off-road. If you really want that high-speed, long-range experience, consider getting the Inokim Oxo.

It’s a big investment, but a scooter of this quality is designed to last for many years. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this scooter if you’re new to riding and not sure how much you’ll use it. If you end up not enjoying scooter rides, it’s a big financial loss. This scooter seems designed for people who already know what they want and are ready for a major upgrade.

Final verdict

Big and powerful, this beast of an electric scooter represents the best of what the INOKIM brand can offer. Its superior speed comes from two motors, while the powerful (and heavy) 60 volt, 26Ah battery provides an extraordinary range.

The pneumatic tires and suspension ensure a smooth, comfortable ride on just about any surface, including off-road. You don’t need to choose between a city scooter or an all-terrain scooter with the Inokim  Oxo. This is not a cheap scooter by any means, but we’re happy to say that you get what you pay for. 

If you have a large budget, you may also check out the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 and Dualtron Thunder.

Full specifications

Top speed40 mph
Motor power2 x 1000W base / 2600W peak
Range36 miles
BatteryLG 60V Li-ion 26Ah
Tire size10" x 2.5" air tires
Product weight74 lbs
Weight limit265 lbs / 120 kg
Fold dimensions48 x 23 x 22 inches
Charging time12 - 14 hours
Warranty12 months limited

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