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INOKIM Mini 2 Electric Scooter Review

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INOKIM Mini 2 electric scooter by the sea
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250 W
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23 lbs
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This lightweight and portable electric scooter is great for everyone - kids, teens, and certain adults. It’s a “last mile” scooter, which means it doesn’t have the range for long commutes. It’s meant to supplement a car or bus commute. Choosing to ride that last stretch on a scooter can save you money.

The Mini 2 is not the fastest scooter around, but that makes it safer for kids, and it’s not sluggish by any means. Let’s dive into the details:

Range and speed

The INOKIM Mini 2 e-scooter is fitted with a 250W motor, which offers up to 450W at its peak. The battery, which is lithium-ion, is 36V and 7.8Ah. This is a front-wheel-drive scooter. Those specs translate into a range of up to 10 miles and speed up to 15 mph. If you’re at the higher end of the scooter’s speed capabilities, you lose range. There are definitely faster scooters out there (including the other scooters in the INOKIM lineup), but 15 mph feels very fast especially if you haven’t ridden an e-scooter before. In many places, you aren't even legally allowed to go faster than 15 mph, so a faster speed might not be desirable to you.

Compared to INOKIM’s other scooters, the Mini 2 has the least speed and range, which is reflected in the price. Because the battery is on the small side, it only takes 3-4 hours to charge it.

Range and speed are two of the most important buying considerations for e-scooters. For more scooter options, check out our guide to the best electric scooters of 2024 or check our exclusive reviews.


Aircraft aluminum is the main material in the INOKIM Mini 2, which makes the scooter sturdy, but lightweight. It weighs around 23 pounds, so most people can carry it comfortably. There are also integrated trolley wheels, so if you don’t want to carry your scooter, you can drag it like a rolling suitcase. It becomes even more compact thanks to the folding mechanism. You can easily take the folded scooter on a bus, put in the trunk of a car, or store it inside, even if you have limited space. The phone-charging USB port on the front handle is another cool feature. The scooter can hold riders up to 165 pounds.

What about the tires? They’re 6-inches, which fits with the scooter’s small size. The front tire is air-filled while the rear is solid. This is the only INOKIM scooter that doesn’t have two air tires. For color options, choose between black or white.


INOKIM Mini 2 rear tire and hub motor closeup

Electric scooters can be risky, so safety is very important. The air-filled tire actually helps in this regard because it facilitates a more comfortable ride. The benefit of the solid tire at the back is that you can ride on rougher roads with it getting punctured. The rear suspension damper also helps with smoothness.

To stay safe, you want to be able to easily control the scooter at all times. The Mini 2 uses a thumb throttle and brake controls, which is a very familiar design. The front brake is an EABS electric brake. There’s also a rear fender brake. Using the controls is easy, so you’ll get comfortable and confident quickly even if you’re new to e-scooters. The scooter is also designed with good traction, so it handles potholes, bumps, and slippery surfaces pretty well.

Customer service

On FluidFreeRide - the official USA retailer for INOKIM - you can get a full refund on your Mini 2 if it isn’t as described. If you don’t use the scooter, you can return it (you do have to pay for returning shipping) within 15 days. This scooter is under a 12-month limited warranty for manufacturer defects, which includes the battery. The website will either give you the parts or you can have it repaired at their facility. If an issue not covered by the warranty comes up, contact customer service anyway and they’ll help you as best as they can. Within the continental US, shipping is free.

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There are two downsides to this electric scooter. The first is that there aren’t any LED lights, only reflective stickers. There’s also no display beyond a battery indicator. All the other INOKIM scooters have lighting and a thumb throttle display. The lack of lighting could easily become a safety issue, so you definitely only want to ride this scooter during daylight hours. The Mini 2, as we mentioned before, is also the least powerful of the INOKIM scooters. We couldn’t find a specific hill incline, but based on the motor power, it can probably only handle slight inclines.

INOKIM Mini 2 front wheel and folding mechanism closeup

Who should buy the INOKIM Mini 2?

This is a great e-scooter for kids. It’s the right size and offers a zippy speed with enough battery power for good-length rides. It is not a commuter’s scooter, but if you’re within the weight perimeters, it works well as a last-mile transport. Remember that if you’re going faster, you probably won’t get 10 miles per battery charge. Keep your eye on the battery indicator while you ride. Scooters designed for kids aren’t always great quality, but the Mini 2 is built to last, so you can be confident it will last many miles.

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Final thoughts 

This is a high-quality, basic scooter that does what it’s designed to do very well. It lacks LED lighting and a display but has some nice extras like a USB charging port, folding mechanism, and rear suspension. The motor and battery provide up to 10 miles of range and 15 mph. It’s ideal for last-mile commuters or kids who want to ride around their neighborhoods. We will really like this scooter for kids because of its size and ease of use. Comfortable and smooth, the Mini 2 from INOKIM is the most affordable scooter from this series (it’s under $1000) and will last for many rides to come.

If you do feel like the Mini 2 is not quite sufficient for your requirements, check out our review of the INOKIM Light 2.

Full Specifications

Top Speed15 mph
Range10 miles
Motor Power250W nominal / 450W peak
Weight Limit165 lbs (75 kg)
Product Weight23 pounds
Tires6 inches front air, rear solid
Charging Time3-4 hours
Warranty12 months

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