Electric Scooter Range Calculator

Estimate electric scooter range with our user-friendly calculator, developed from extensive real-world testing of more than 50 models.
Relative to the maximum performance of your scooter
Total nominal power of the scooter's motor(s)
Capacity of the scooter's battery (V * Ah = Wh)
Number of full charge cycles your battery has gone through

How To Use The Calculator

Fill in each of the six required fields with accurate information. Here is a quick rundown of what each field means.

Rider Weight

Input the total rider weight, including clothes, helmet, shoes, bags, etc.

Accepts pounds (lbs) when using imperial units (default) and kilos (kg) when using metric units.


Input the current temperature outside in degrees.

Accepts Fahrenheit (°F) when using imperial units (default) and Celcius (°C) when using metric units.

Riding Speed

Choose what matches your riding style best of "Slow," "Medium," and "Fast."

  • Slow - If you ride at <60% speed
  • Medium - If you ride at 60-80% speed
  • Fast - If you ride at >80% speed or on many steep hills

Motor Power

Input the total nominal power output of the scooter's motor. If the scooter has two motors, add their power together.

Accepts watt (W). Typically found in the product manual or official website.

Battery Capacity

Input the total capacity of the electric scooter's battery. Wh can be found by multiplying voltage (V) by amp-hours (Ah).

Accepts watt-hours (Wh). Typically found in the product manual or official website.

Battery Cycles

Input an estimated amount of full charging cycles your electric scooter battery has gone through.

Accepts any number. If unsure, leave at 1.