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Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review

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Dualtron Thunder electric scooter
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Top Speed
50 MPH
75 miles
2700 W
2070 Wh
96 lbs

The Dualtron Thunder is a behemoth of an electric scooter. With an incredibly powerful motor and battery system, giant wheels, and durable construction, it’s a scooter that’s built to last. It offers an extremely fast top speed of 50 mph and a 75-mile range, so it’s practically a replacement for a motorcycle.

It doesn’t skimp on the extras either and comes with an impressive instrument panel, lighting system, and brakes. If you aren’t satisfied with regular electric scooters and are willing to pay the high price tag, the Dualtron Thunder could be your dream scooter.

Dultron Thunder Folded

Motor & Battery

The motor system on the Dualtron Thunder consists of two brushless DC electric dual hub motors. These have advantages over brushed motors, such as better torque, better reliability, less noise, and longer lifespans. As for power, it has a peak of 5400 watts and a nominal power of 2400 watts. What’s the difference? Nominal power is the continuous power, while peak power is the absolute max of the motor that’s sustainable for just a short period of time.

The electric scooter battery is 60 volts, 35 Ah, with LG 3500 cells. A cool thing about the Dualtron Thunder is that you have several charging options. There are dual charging ports, so if you just use one standard charger, it does take a long time to charge at around 20 hours from empty. If you use both ports, it takes around 10 hours, while there’s also a quick charge option that’s around 5.3 hours.

Times will vary, depending on how drained the battery is when you charge it. Be sure to only use the charger that comes with the electric scooter and charge in an area that’s dry, well-ventilated, and clear of anything that could catch on fire. As a lithium battery, certain safety instructions apply, so read the manual carefully when you first get your Dualtron Thunder.

Dualtron Thunder Folded Measurements

Speed & Range

As a high-end electric scooter, you get really impressive speed and range with the Dualtron Thunder. At max speed, it’s capable of getting up to 50 mph. In the United States, however, it’s limited to 15 mph via a speed limiting wire. MiniMotors USA (the official distributor of the Dualtron brand) does this in order to comply with insurance requirements and DOT regulations. Even if you stay at just 15 mph, that’s still a decent speed and all that’s needed in most areas.

The range is what’s really worth talking about. In ideal conditions, the Dualtron Thunder is able to travel 75 miles. The real world rarely reflects “ideal conditions,” however, and factors like weather, rider weight, and terrain have a significant impact on range. According to reviews, a more realistic range is around between 40-50 miles, but that’s still a really good distance. For going up slopes, the climbing grade is 47% or 25 degrees. It depends on rider weight and how charged the scooter is. In their manual, Dualtron does say to not use the scooter on steep slopes. You should also not speed up when going downhill, even if that sounds fun. 

Construction & Wheels

We weren’t kidding when we said Dualtron Thunder was a behemoth. The deck is a foot wide, which is really good for maintaining stability at high speeds. The frame and handle are made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the shaft is steel.

Because of its sturdiness, this scooter is not lightweight. It weighs 95 pounds, so keep that in mind if you plan on hauling the scooter around anywhere. It can hold up to 265 pounds. The scooter does have a spring-loaded folding mechanism, so it’s easier to store. To use, pull up on two locking levels and push down on both handlebars.

Another cool construction feature is the 3-step variable suspension system. By changing the suspension module, you can get a different ride experience. The cartridges are rubber and depending on their firmness, the scooter rides differently. Lighter riders and riders in cooler climates will most likely like the softer cartridges better. The Dualtron Thunder comes with a medium elasticity by default, and you can choose to add extra cartridges.

What about the wheels? Those affect how a scooter rides, as well. The Thunder’s wheel assembly is removable, so servicing any punctures or flats is easier. The tubeless wheels measure 11 by 4 inches, so they can work off-road, though because they’re smooth, they’re meant for paved surfaces.

Hydraulic Brakes with ABS


A scooter’s braking system is very important for a rider’s feeling of stability and safety. The ventilated brake calipers (the discs) are really large at 160mm.

The Dualtron Thunder also comes with ABS brakes, making it the only stand-up electric scooter with this feature! However, while ABS brakes are intended for more securing braking, these are apparently not “true” ABS – they’re electronic – so they cause vibrations that can be strange. To decelerate, first, use the rear brake, and then use the front and rear brake together to stop after decelerating. Riders have the ability to turn off the ABS if they want and adjust the brake’s strength on the instrument panel.

Instrument Panel and LCD Display

Speaking of, the instrument panel is a really great feature on the Dualtron Thunder, and the EYE LCD display is new for Dualtron electric scooter models. On the instrument panel, you control the scooter with start mode, cruise mode, the electronic brake, the ABS function, and more. Cruise control is recommended if you’re traveling long distances and want to maintain the same speed. The instrument panel even includes an optional fingerprint reader and wireless phone-charging options. For a full description of what every function means, read the Thunder manual.

The lighting on the Dualtron Thunder is impressive. There are front and rear LED lights and blue bottom mood lights. The handlebar can be illuminated as well, with basically any color you could possibly want.

Customer Service

All Dualtron products have a standard 6-month warranty. You can get help from Dualtron by clicking on the Help Center on their website and shooting them an email.

Generally, their support is very swift and useful. They truly care about the customer experience even after purchase.



The main downside to the Dualtron Thunder is its price. It’s almost $4,000, which puts it out of the budget for a lot of people. However, for what you get, the price makes sense. It might not seem worth it to people, though, if they’re limited to the speed cap of 15mph. Some may not want to pay for 50 mph if they aren’t going to actually ride that fast. It should be said that this limit is easily removable.

Who Should Buy The Dualtron Thunder?

Who is this scooter for? Based on its features, it’s for experienced e-scooter riders who will take advantage of customizations like adjustable suspension, ABS brakes, and so on.

It’s also a good choice for riders comfortable with fast speeds, and if you aren’t, you should follow Dualtron’s recommendation to start out slow. 

Final Verdict

The Dualtron Thunder is a powerhouse electric scooter that packs in the features for its high price. We really like the great range, durable construction, and ability to control your ride with adjustable suspension, single/dual motor options, and lighting.

The Thunder has one of the most powerful motors out there, so if you’re looking for something more like a mini motorcycle than a normal electric scooter, this is the model for you. It truly is one of the best electric scooters money can buy.


Top Speed50 mph
Range75 miles
Motor Power2400W nominal / 5400W peak
Dimensions (Folded)9.37 x 12.55 x 21.38 inches
Dimensions (Upright)9.37 x 24 x 48 inches
Battery60 volt, 35 Ah 2,060Wh LG 3500 cells
Tires11x4-inch tubeless tires
Charging Time5.3 - 20 hours
Weight95 lbs
Max Load265 lbs
Hill Grade25 degrees
Braking SystemHydraulic brakes with ABS
standard and 160mm disks

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