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For those eager to enjoy the outdoors in a unique way, it’s hard to dismiss an off-road hoverboard. Unlike traditional hoverboards that require a smooth, obstacle-free pavement, an off-road balancing board is designed to take on any kind of terrain. Rain or shine, mud or grass, these boards provide speed, stability, and range while navigating corners easily, climbing hills, and enduring rocks and bumps.

The rideables have come a long way in a short time, as you’ll see in this list of the best options for board types such as budget buy, heavy-duty, and of course, best overall off-road. We’ll take a close look at the specs of each all-terrain hoverboard, including its motor and battery; range and speed; construction; and any cool features like Bluetooth speakers and riding modes.

Whether you are getting your first hoverboard or looking to upgrade, there’s a board out there with the features you want. Read on below as we match you with your ideal pick.

Top 8 Best Off-Road Hoverboards Reviewed

1. Halo Rover X

Best Overall
Halo Rover X Hoverboard
Top Speed: 10 MPH
Range: 10 miles
Weight: 32 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months

Equipped with a powerful motor and battery, protective features, and training modes, the Official Halo Rover X is the best off-road hoverboard money can buy. Whether you are new to hoverboarding and want something you can grow into, or an experienced rider ready to tackle any terrain, this hoverboard sets the standard.

Let’s go over the motor first. It’s a Dual Independent motor with 800 watts, which gives you a max speed of 10mph. Charging takes about 2.5 hours and you can go up to 10 miles (or 2 hours of ride time) before it needs to charge again. The battery itself is a certified LG Lithium Firesafe battery, so overheating isn’t an issue. Not sure how much battery you’ve got left? Get the Halo companion smartphone app to track it. The app also lets you track your speed and distance, and map your course.

This off-road hoverboard is easy to ride, thanks to features like Ride-Assist Technology, which keeps the hoverboard upright. The hill grade is up to 20 degrees. Wondering if you can ride a hoverboard on gravel? The Halo Rover X’s rugged 8.5-inch tires, IPX4 water resistance, and LED headlights are built for all kinds of environments, whether it’s mud, bumps, wet ground, or a dark road. If you do fall, aluminum Protective wings keep the board body safe.

Not confident in your hoverboard skills yet? Try out the Beginner training mode, and then move to Normal and Advanced. This 32-pound all-terrain hoverboard supports between 44-260 pounds, so it’s got both kids and adults in mind. Another cool feature: the Halo Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to music while you ride.

4. Swagtron T6 Outlaw

Best Heavy-duty option
swagtron t6 outlaw off-road hoverboard
Top Speed: 10 MPH
Range: 7-12 miles
Weight: 31 lbs
Motor: 700W
Wheel Size: 10 inches
Warranty: 12 months

The Swagtron T6 Outlaw isn’t fooling around. With its powerful dual motors, high-thread 10-inch tires, and tough construction, this is the best all-terrain hoverboard if you’re looking for a really heavy-duty model. It’s also got Bluetooth speakers controlled by the Swagtron app, so you can explore the wild with your own soundtrack accompaniment.

Let’s talk about the tire setup, which is this board’s most impressive feature. They are air-filled tubeless tires with a high-tread pattern and staggered shoulder blocks. This translates into really great traction and no-slip control on even the bumpiest roads.

Can you ride a hoverboard on gravel? You can with this one, very easily, as well as mud, grass, and wet pavement. The huge tires are able to propel the all-terrain board up 30-degree angle hills. The other big construction note: this board can hold up to 420 pounds. That’s the most weight of any board of its kind.

Made from ABS plastic and aluminum, the T6 Outlaw is one of the sturdiest all-terrain self-balancing scooters available. It weighs about 30.5 pounds, which is reasonably light considering how tough it is, although that’s still a lot of weight to carry around when you’re not riding.

The motor and battery on the T6 Outlaw are also worth learning about. The self-balancing scooter is equipped with a dual-motor setup for a total of 600 watts, thanks to a SentryShield lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, which takes about 2-3 hours, the board lasts for a long 12-mile ride with a max speed of 10mph.

If you’re going at top speed the whole time, the board will last for around 7 miles or so. You can check the battery using the Swagtron app, which also lets you check the board’s speed, switch riding modes, and connect to the board’s Bluetooth speaker. For extra safety, there are embedded LED turning signals, too.

3. Gyroor Warrior

Best Value
gyroor warrior off-road hoverboard
Top Speed: 9.95 MPH
Range: 7.5-9.5 miles
Weight: 30.8 lbs
Motor: 700W
Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months

Thanks to its speedy motor and features like self-balancing technology, this is the best off road hoverboard under $350, whether you’re a kid or an adult.

Once you feel comfortable on the hoverboard, you’re ready to hit all kinds of environments, whether it’s a bumpy road, grass, mud, gravel, or sand. Add to the fun with music from the Bluetooth speaker, and powerful LED lights when it starts to get dark.

New to hoverboarding? The Gyroor Warrior has several features designed to make you feel safe and secure. It’s made from sturdy UL 2722-approved metal and aluminum includes a self-balancing mode and has shock-absorber tires. Those rubber-solid tires are 8.5 inches, which gives you good ground clearance to avoid obstacles on the road. When you reach a hill, the board can glide up to a 30-degree max climbing angle.

If you’re worried about running into stuff once it gets dark, turn on the LED lights, which gives you color choices for some really cool ambiance. If you like to listen to music, connect a device to the Bluetooth Pro Music speaker.

What about the hoverboard’s power? This budget off road hoverboard has a 700-watt motor and a lithium-ion battery, so you can go between 7.5-9.5 miles on a full charge.

As for speed, the board maxes at almost 10 miles an hour. That’s fairly fast for a board of this price, so if speed is what you’re after, this is a great choice. When the board needs to be juiced again, charge time takes between 1.5-2 hours.

This board is ideal for kids just learning to ride a hoverboard properly. There’s even a “child mode” you can set using a mobile app. That app also gives you the ability to control the board’s speed, lights, and track the battery. If you’re an adult or a bit more experienced, switch the board to “adult mode.” The board holds up to 265 pounds and weighs 33 pounds.

4. FutureSaw Pro Edition

FutureSaw Pro Edition Hoverboard
Top Speed: 7 MPH
Range: 12 miles
Weight: 28 lbs
Motor: 700W
Wheel Size: 8 inches
Warranty: 12 months

The FutureSaw Pro Edition hoverboard from StreetSaw was built for long off-roading rides. Its battery gives you hours of fast, smooth ride time, while its construction allows the hoverboard to travel over all kinds of rough terrain without destructive wear-and-tear. If you want the flexibility to go anywhere at any time, this is a great option for you.

One of the most notable features of this off-road hoverboard is the battery. It is an extra premium lithium-ion. A large battery takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to charge, but you end up with 5-6 hours of battery life. That means longer and faster rides; this board maxes at 12 miles with a top speed of 6.2 mph.

You can ride at night, too, thanks to the LED lighting that extends over 6.5 feet ahead of the board, illuminating the environment around you. The other cool thing about the battery is its torque within the board itself. Its angle allows the board to travel inclines up to 30 degrees, which is steeper than many other off road balance hoverboards you’ll find. As for the motor that the battery powers, it’s a dual motor, each one boasting 350 watts. They use the same German brushless technology as Tesla Motors.

As one of the best all-terrain hoverboards, the FutureSaw Pro Edition possesses an impressive build. It’s actually taller than other StreetSaw boards because of its 8.0-inch tires, which add 1.5 inches from regular StreetSaw models. This means it’s able to travel steeper inclines, go further, and travel faster on very rough ground.

Those rugged tires also allow it to hold more weight at a max of 264 pounds. Other features that make this board a beast: UV coated casing and an aluminum frame. For all that power, the board is actually fairly light with a shipping weight of 28.7 pounds.

5. Tomoloo Eagle V2

tomoloo eagle v2
Top Speed: 9.3 MPH
Range: 9.3 miles
Weight: 22 lbs
Motor: 700W
Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months

If you want a quality off road hoverboard with great stereo sound and safety features, consider Tomoloo’s V2 Eagle hoverboard. While it doesn’t have the best battery around, it still offers some solid specs and a new Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Speaker system. The app is also very thorough and gives you complete control of your all-terrain hoverboard.

The motor on this off-road hoverboard is worth discussing. It’s a dual-motor system, each providing 350 watts of nominal power, with a battery that takes around 3 hours to fully charge. That gives you just over 8.5 miles of ride time at a slower pace.

The max speed is 9.3mph, which would shorten the ride’s length. Wondering about the tires? They measure in at 8.5 inches and allow the board to hold up to 265 pounds. The Tomoloo Eagle V2 itself weighs about 29.5 pounds.

The Tomoloo V2 Eagle is also equipped with lots of safety features, so if you’ve been concerned about hoverboards in general, you’ll feel safe on this one.

The shell is fire-retardant and the board itself has a UL 2272 Safety Certification, which means it passed tests to ensure over-current, short-circuit, temperature, balance, and overcharge protection. Whether you’re traveling across sand, gravel, grass, or rougher terrain, the board won’t overheat.

The real selling point of this particular all-terrain hoverboard is the speaker and app. It’s an upgraded 4.2 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with stereo surround sound.

The connection extends up to 33 feet, so if you want to wander a bit, your music will still play. The app gives you complete control over the off-road hoverboard, including its riding mode, speed, sensitivity, lights, and more. If you’ve been disappointed by the speaker and controls of other boards, the Tomoloo Eagle V2 might be one to consider.

6. Gotrax SRX Pro

gotrax srx pro
Top Speed: 7.4 MPH
Range: 7.5 miles
Weight: 26.5 lbs
Motor: 500W
Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
Warranty: 3 months

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a hoverboard, but don’t want an inferior, unsafe model either? Check out the SRX Pro All Terrain, the best all-terrain hoverboard for those on a budget.

It boasts some pretty good specs considering its price. It’s got rugged tires, decent power, and a Self-balancing mode great for beginners. It’s also been thoroughly checked for safety, so you don’t have to worry about overheating and other dangers.

Designed for a variety of terrains, this hoverboard with off road wheels has large 8.5-inch hard rubber tires, which is a larger tire size than the regular SRX model. Those tires are capable of holding up to 220 pounds, which does limit how many adults can use the board. A 500-watt motor system and battery provide up to 7.5 miles per charge. A full charge takes about 3 hours. As for speed, you can go almost 7.5mph, which isn’t especially fast, so if you’re a speed demon, you might be disappointed.

If you’re okay exchanging a slower pace for a longer ride (the regular SRX only lasts for 5 miles before it needs a charge), the PRO is just fine. What about hills? There isn’t info on their product page about how steep this board can go, so you might have to experiment.

Hoverboards take a little practice, but thanks to the Self-balancing mode on this model, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The built-in gyroscope keeps the foot pedals level, even if you aren’t standing on the board.

This mode, along with the price, makes the board a great choice for kids. The safety features are also important, and you can rest assured the electrical, battery, and charger systems have been testified and certified. LED lights for nighttime riding also ensure the rider’s safety.

7. Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot S
Top Speed: 10 MPH
Range: 13.7 miles
Weight: 28 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 10.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months

Before hoverboards, there were Segways, and the Ninebot S continues the tradition with a hands-free ride built for both indoor and outdoor environments. It has a powerful motor, fast speeds, and a cool app that gives you total control over the off-road Segway. If you want a time-tested electric scooter capable of traveling over bumps, slopes, and more, consider the Segway miniPro.

If you like to ride fast, you’ll be happy with the Ninebot S' top speed of 10 mph. However, you do have to complete a New Rider Tutorial first, which initially limits your speed to 4.3mph. Once that’s done, you can accelerate. There is also an auto-braking system that kicks in once you reach the top speed, which can be surprising and annoying.

The dual-motor system is a powerful 800 watts, which also allows the off-road self-balancing scooter to go up hills with 15-degree angles. The battery holds enough juice to power 13.7 miles, depending on the rider’s weight and terrain type. The charge time is four hours, which is on the longer side. For any obstacles you face on the road, the 10.5-inch pneumatic air-filled tires are more than capable.

In terms of construction, the Segway Ninebot S is built to last. It has an aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame able to hold up to 220 pounds.

Many reviews say this is a bit on the low side and limits who can use the hoverboard. Segway also doesn’t recommend kids under 16 years old use it, so that limits riders even more. The Segway itself is 28 pounds, so it’s relatively easy to carry around when necessary. The control bar, which is not present on regular hoverboards, is adjustable based on your height and padded, so controlling the Segway is comfortable and easy.

The last notable feature of the miniPro is the free app. It lets you lock the Segway, modify safety features, upgrade firmware, adjust the LED taillights, and more. While you don’t need the app to use the Ninebot S, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of it.

8. EPIKGO Classic

epikgo classic
Top Speed: 8 MPH
Range: 10 miles
Weight: 26 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 8.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months

Hoverboards are still haunted by safety concerns, as the first models were a fire hazard. Epikgo took that to heart when they created their All-Terrain with off-road wheels, making it arguably the best off-road hoverboard for safety.

It’s gone through a rigorous inspection process and provides excellent stability for riders. Even when you tackle rough terrain, you’ll always feel safe and in control.

First, let’s get into those inspections. This off-road balance board passed a 159-point safety test. It is UL2272 certified with a UL2271 certified smart battery. That means no fire or electrical hazards. Epikgo recommends riders be at least 13-years old, and parents can be assured of their kid’s safety. For nighttime, the LEDs are powerful, and there are even two red lights at the back for increased visibility.

What’s it like actually riding the hoverboard? It has two 400W dual motors for a total of 800 watts and is able to travel up hills at an 18-degree max angle.

The battery, which takes just 2 hours to fully charge, gives you 1 hour of ride time or a range of 10 miles. At top speed, the hoverboard goes 8 mph. The tires are also great, measuring at 8.5-inches with an IP56 rating for solidness and water resistance. That makes it easy for riders to go over grass, sand, mud, and more.

The hoverboard holds a max of 231 pounds (it weighs 30 pounds) and is 30% larger than Epikgo’s leading competitor, so your feet have lots of space. This translates into better control over the board.

Buying Considerations: Hoverboards

When you’re looking at an off-road hoverboard, there are certain specs and features you should be aware of.

Being educated on information like the hoverboard’s top speed, motor power, battery range, and more helps you determine which model is the right fit for you, or for whoever you’re buying the board for.

There are seven buying considerations to keep in mind when shopping for an all-terrain hoverboard:

  • Motor power
  • Battery and range
  • Speed and hill grade
  • Wheel size and type
  • Weight limit
  • Safety

Motor Power

With all-terrain hoverboards, motor power is always important. On regular hoverboards, the motor doesn’t need to be a beast because the board is meant for smooth, easy roads. An off road balance board, however, will be going over rough terrain and a strong motor is needed to propel the more rugged, heavier, and taller tires. Higher-wattage motors are also best for adult riders who weigh more.

In general, you won’t see all terrain boards with motors less than 500 watts. They are usually structured as dual motors, so each motor is at least 250-watts. These boards are always paired with a 36v battery (we’ll get into batteries in the next paragraph).

Should you get a hoverboard with motor wattage higher than 500? They’re definitely out there - there are boards with an impressive 800 watts - and if you want to be sure your board can go over the roughest terrain, it’s probably worth it.

You should look at other relevant features like battery and tires because the motor power alone isn’t a great gauge for a hoverboard’s overall abilities. You should also know that more powerful motors drain the battery faster, so you want to be sure to get a board that’s also equipped with a great battery.

Battery and Range

Speaking of batteries, they are just as important as the motor, maybe even more so. Most hoverboards use lithium-ion batteries, which are known for their instability. If you’re in the know on what electronics airplanes let you take with you, you know that hoverboards aren’t allowed. That’s because of the battery.

A lithium-ion battery’s natural instability makes it imperative that it’s been thoroughly tested and certified against fire and electrical hazards. You do not want to skip on this in exchange for a cheaper price.

While you’re at it, you should also check out the battery’s range. This refers to how many miles the hoverboard can go before it needs to be recharged. Currently, hoverboards range between 7-15 miles before the battery needs a charge. If you want to go on long trips, look for a board with higher ranges. This way, you never find yourself miles from your destination with a dead board.

If you plan on lots of short rides, it may not be necessary to get the furthest range. You will have to charge the board more frequently, however. The better quality batteries (which are usually found in pricier hoverboards) take less time to charge. A few hours (2-4 hours) is normal.

Speed and Hill Grade

Most people want to go fast on hoverboards. It’s a big part of the fun. The speed of the hoverboard often goes hand-in-hand with the motor and battery specs, so you’ll see more affordable all-terrain hoverboards that only go 6 mph while pricier ones can hit 10 mph.

There are some that go even faster, but they may not be all-terrain. Going really fast over rough terrain, even with a great board, is probably too dangerous for most riders. If you’re a new rider, you’ll soon realize that even the lower-speed boards feel like they’re going really fast. If you like to go fast all the time, the battery drains faster, so you’ll need to charge more frequently.

The other question you’ll want to answer is how the hoverboard handles hills. The hill grade tells you the steepness the board is capable of. Most are between 18-30 degrees. Go slowly the first time you’re trying hills so you can get an idea of what it feels like. Boards with great hill grades will stay staple.

Wheel Size and Type

The wheels on your board are very important. If they aren’t good, the overall quality of the board suffers. A hoverboard with off-road wheels will have nice rugged tires, complete with great tread and sturdiness. Smaller wheels are best for smoother pavements and roads.

You’ll see all terrain hoverboards with wheels at least 6.5-inches, with the larger ones going up to 10.5-inches. Can you ride a hoverboard on grass? Yes, if the board has the right wheels. The bigger the wheel, the better the board handles rough terrain like gravel, mud, bumpy grass, and even wet sand. You may not get as much flexibility with the bigger wheels (like doing tricks), but you can travel just about any surface smoothly.

As for tire type, you’ll see terms like Never-Flat, pneumatic, tubeless, and so on. In general, if it’s an all-terrain hoverboard, the tires have been selected to endure all kinds of environments. Features like high-tread and shock-absorbance are all good, but the size is what really determines how steady the board feels.

Weight Limit

Checking the weight limit of a hoverboard or off road Segway is very important. You don’t want to get one and find out the rider is too heavy or too light. Trying to use the board would be dangerous. There will always be a minimum and maximum weight. The minimum is typically around 45 pounds or so.

The maximum varies, so you’ll see boards with a 220lb max with some going up to 300+. How much weight the board can hold is tied to the power of the motor, so if for some reason the board doesn’t list the maximum weight (pretty much all do), look at the motor wattage. Boards designed for heavier riders will probably be more expensive, but again, if you really want one, do pay the extra cash. Don’t get one with a lower weight recommendation in an attempt to save money; it will not be safe for you.


The most important consideration when buying a terrain-capable hoverboard is safety. You don’t want to choose a budget off-road hoverboard that skimps on safety, just because the price tag is lower. The best off-road hoverboard for you is the one that makes you feel safe. What should you look for? A UL certification. Any board you consider should be UL2272-compliant. 

Earning this certification means the board passed tests that check for fire and electrical issues. In the past, UL1642 certifications only checked the battery safety, while the new UL2272 standard checks the battery, charger system, and electrical drive train system combinations. It’s more thorough.

You should also take a look at the construction of the board, watching out for brands that use cheaper plastic instead of heavy-duty materials like aluminum. Inferior plastic is prone to cracking and weakening the board. You don’t want a weak board when you’re traveling over rough and rocky terrain. Steer clear of boards with terms like “fire-resistant” or “water-resistant,” but lack the UL Certification. They are not truly safe.

Be sure to read safety instructions once you’ve got the board. These will include steps like only using chargers given with the hoverboard, not leaving the board to charge overnight, and so on. Safety should always be your #1 priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hoverboards go off road?

Yes, some hoverboards can go off-road. Specifically those with 500W or more of motor power, rugged pneumatic tires of 8 inches or above will work well. Smaller hoverboards may not suffice for demanding terrain riding.

How much is an off road hoverboard?

Generally, off road hoverboards cost a little more than regular hoverboards as they are geared with bigger motors and more expensive wheels. The average cost of an off-road hoverboard is around $350 while some may go as high as $600.

Can you ride hoverboards on grass?

Yes, proper off-road hoverboards will easily be able to conquer grass terrain. Make sure the grass you're riding on isn't too wet, though as some hoverboards don't respond well to too much water.

Can you ride hoverboards on snow?

Technically speaking, off-road hoverboards can easily ride on snow. However, it is not considered a good idea as the snow may melt and cause water damage to your hoverboard if it isn't properly shielded against it.

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Final Thoughts

An off-road hoverboard is a great way for both kids and adults to have fun exploring beaches, forests, and more. Which board is the best depends on what you’re looking for. If you want something under $350, check out the Gryoor Warrior. If that’s too expensive, a quality budget off road hoverboard like the SRX Pro All Terrain might be more your speed. For something a little different, try the Segway MiniPro, an off road segway with a long range.

The FutureSaw Pro Edition, the heavy-duty Swagboard T6 Outlaw, and Tomoloo Eagle V2 with fantastic speakers are also all great options, but if you want the very best all terrain hoverboard, it’s the Official Halo Rover X. With its superior battery strength, ultra-sturdy construction, and training modes for both beginners and experienced riders, it represents just how advanced an off road balance board can be.

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