How Much Do Hoverboards Weigh?

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Answer: The average hoverboard weighs around 25 pounds. The lightest models weigh around 20 pounds while the heavier boards can reach 30+ pounds.

You won’t always be riding your hoverboard; there will be times when you need to carry it, whether it’s because the battery is too low, or because you’re carrying it to a location where you plan on riding.

If it’s too heavy, carrying it around is a pain. If it’s too light, it probably won’t be able to handle heavier riders or rugged terrain. Let’s take a look at your options and what you should consider.

Hoverboard Weight Range

No brand has made a truly light hoverboard. 20 pounds seems to be the lightest option, which for adults is fairly reasonable, but as a hoverboard for kids, it could be quite heavy.

You can buy bags that make carrying hoverboards easier, but that’s still extra weight on your body. The heavier boards can reach 30+ pounds, and that’s usually because they are built with more rugged features like thicker tires designed for off-roading.

A heavier board will also need a more powerful motor system, which means it will cost more. If you want to go really fast, but don’t want to spend the money on an off-road hoverboard, look for lighter hoverboard designed for smooth pavements.

Features That Affect Weight

We mentioned that tires affect a hoverboard’s weight, but there are other features that play a part, as well, like the materials the board is made from.

You’ll see boards with ABS plastic, aluminum frames, magnesium alloy, and so on. Plastic and aluminum are generally pretty lightweight. Even features like GPS and Bluetooth speakers can affect how heavy the hoverboard is, so if you want something as light as possible, you might have to sacrifice some of the cooler optional technology.

Tire size is definitely what affects the weight the most, however. You’ll see 6.5-10 inch tires, with the larger size reserved for more rugged hoverboards. The taller tire means the hoverboard body stands higher above the ground, so it can handle obstacles better.

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Why Weight Matters

Why does a hoverboard’s weight matter? It affects how you ride the board. If the board is heavier, you need more force for it to respond to you. That means a lighter person may have more trouble controlling a heavier board on turns, as well as getting it to reach its top speed.

Heavier hoverboards are also able to handle heavier riders. All hoverboards have a minimum weight of around 45 pounds because the technology requires weight to function. The hoverboard won’t turn on if you’re under the weight minimum. You should also look at the weight max for a hoverboard. If you are too heavy, it isn’t safe to ride.

Most hoverboards can handle around 220 pounds, though you should always check because the lightest boards might have lower max limits. A heavier board also requires a more powerful motor and battery with a long life, which can increase the price, though that’s not always the case.

If the board is heavy and doesn’t have a great motor and battery, the distance and speed range on the board won’t be very good. Check all the specs before deciding on a hoverboard.

Hoverboard Bags

hoverboard bag

If you do decide you want a bag to make carrying your hoverboard easier, you have some choices. Many hoverboard companies also sell bags, but you don’t need to get one from your hoverboard’s brand if you don’t want to.

Whatever you get, though, you want good quality, because your hoverboard probably wasn’t cheap. Look for features like adjustable straps that let you carry the bag like a backpack or like a duffle, as well as material that’s waterproof and washable.

Many bags are designed for any type and size of hoverboard, but this isn’t always the case, so double check before purchasing one. Remember that hoverboards are not allowed on airplanes, so your bag will not be used to transport a hoverboard by plane. Price-wise, there’s a wide range for hoverboard bags, with some selling for as cheap as $10 or so, with others over $60.

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