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Hoverboards are incredibly fun to use. They function as recreational toys to activate our kids and commuting tools to take us from one place to another. Hoverboards have two wheels, but did you know you can get an attachment seat to turn your hoverboard into a full-on go-kart?

If your kids aren’t using their kids’ hoverboard anymore, now may be the right time to spark new life into this once precious gadget by transforming it into a hoverkart. Today we take a look at the 3 best hoverkarts in 2024.

What is a hoverboard kart attachment?

hoverkart attachment

A hoverkart attachment is a budget-friendly addition to your hoverboard. These carts have one wheel, a seat, an undercarriage connecting the two, and two steering rods.

The undercarriage beneath the seat is attached to the footpad area on the hoverboard. The third wheel then balances out the hoverkart, allowing you to sit on the seat and ride it like a regular go-kart.

You steer the hoverboard go-kart using the two rods present at each side of you. Pushing then forward makes you go forward. Pushing just one forward makes you turn and so on. If you understand the basics of hoverboard riding, it’ll be easy to pick up.

Top 3 Best Hoverkart Attachments Reviewed

1. StreetSaw Hoverseat Attachment

Best of the best
StreetSaw Hoverboard Kart for drifting

Topping our list is the Hoverboard Kart with shock absorbers from StreetSaw. This hoverkart fits hoverboards in all sizes from 6 to 10 inches which covers pretty much every hoverboard on the market.

This hoverkart is by far the most complete option on the market. You’ll find lots of cheap off-brand hoverseats and none of them even closely compares to the KooWheel go-kart seat.

The carbon steel frame is sturdy and strong and features wear-proof bearings so you can be sure it’ll last for a long time. The paddle width is adjustable to suit any hoverboard size which makes it a versatile hoverkart.

The bearing frame can be adjusted in length to ensure you get the ideal posture for you. It’s no secret that some of us are taller than others. Having the option to adjust the length to the wheel will save you from unnecessary pain. Your back will thank you later.

The standard seat on this hoverboard go-kart attachment is by far the most comfortable out of all the models we tried. It’s sturdy, yet it offers decent lateral support ridding you of the annoyance that may occur on cheaper models when going over bumps.

This attachment seat is certified to be in compliance with CE-MD, RoHS, and BCTC. It is clear that the guys behind this made an effort to elevate the general quality of hoverboard attachments – and they succeeded greatly.

If you’re serious about getting a product that works and lasts, not to mention safety, you wanna get this kart. It outright smashes the competition into the ground on flexibility, build quality and comfort.

The fact that it has shock absorbers makes the ride even smoother when going over roughs in the terrain.

2. Hover-1™ Buggy

hover-1 buggy hoverkart

Our runner-up choice is the Hover-1 Buggy. Hover-1 is a decently acknowledged brand with ​a few years on the back. The Hover-1 Buggy was featured live on the Kelly & Ryan Talkshow and their products have been praised by the likes of Casey Neistat and major toy review YouTubers.

We were impressed by the build quality of the Hover-1 Buggy. It seems that the seat was almost identical to the one used by our #1 pick. This obviously meant that comfort was great.

The aluminum Buggy attachment comes with a 1-year warranty and the overall design is well thought out. 

The handling rods are comfortable and the frame length is fully adjustable to suit riders of any size. The straps that go around the hoverboard itself seem sturdy as well. 

One of the most interesting features of the Buggy is its independent rear-wheel drive functionality that allows for sharp turns and easy control. You could literally turn on a coin if that was your thing. This also allows you to go backward in case you have to.

The only notable drawback as compared to the KooWheels pick is the fact that you cannot adjust it to fit all hoverboards. This hoverboard go kart attachment seat is meant to suit 6.5″ hoverboards but leaves out compatibility with larger hoverboards.

3. HoobyKart Conversion Kit

Worthy Mention
hoovykart conversion kit for hoverboards

Next up is the HoovyKart Go Kart conversion kit for hoverboards. This is a safe option for kids of all ages no matter how tall they are.

The HoovyKart comes almost fully assembled which means it is ready to go pretty much right away. You just have to attach the seat to the seat plate and you’re golden. A nice addition is the inclusion of two extra straps should the first ones wear down at some point.

HoovyKart has a patent-pending on its unique design. It provides great control, easy braking, and turning. 

Lumbar rest is important and therefore the guys behind this product have made it possible to adjust the length of the hoverkart. The foot pedals were notably nicer than some of the competitors. However, the seat does not feel as comfortable as the top picks (although this probably comes down to personal taste to some degree).

The HoovyKart hoverboard conversion kit comes with an extended warranty for 1 year upon purchase. If you find that the HoovyKart doesn’t satisfy your needs, they will also give you a 100% full refund.

The company behind is fairly unknown but we were quite impressed by the overall quality of this product. However, we would always recommend choosing a well-established brand with years of experience in the field.

What To Consider When Buying A Hoverboard Go Kart Seat

Like with any other product category, there are certain common pitfalls you want to steer clear of when deciding upon a hoverkart seat to purchase.

Below, we’ll shed some light on the main things you have to consider before making up your mind.

Built Quality

The built quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to hoverboard go karts.

There are cheap off-brand options out there. We even included some of those in our reviews section above. However, when hoverboards were first introduced, everyone and their neighbor started to produce them in China and with no regulations present at that point, lots of dangerous low-quality products made it into the US market. The more than 15 recalls stand as a testament to that.

The same goes for hoverkart attachment seats. The market is flooded with cheap solutions, but we recommend you pay a tad more and opt for some of the actually reliable carts out there. For instance the KooWheels attachment.

Sizes and Lengths

Not all hoverkarts will suit your hoverboard in terms of size. Not to mention your height. It’s important to get an attachment seat that matches the size of your hoverboard.

Some of the leading hoverboard go-karts can flexibly be resized to match any rider height and hoverboard size.


It’s no secret that you may come across a few bumps when roaming the streets on your hoverkart. It’s pretty much inevitable. If your seat is of low quality and you’re unable to adjust lengths to best support your ideal posture, there’s a chance a bump could turn into a back pain issue.

Luckily for you, we’ve tried all the above-reviewed hoverkarts in hand and informed you about the comfort of each seat and its flexibility options in terms of resizing it to your appropriate needs. Lateral support is pretty much a must if you’re looking for a smooth and pain-free ride.

Hoverkart Wheel Quality

An often overlooked aspect is the wheel on the hoverkart. The actual frame itself can be so good, but it won’t matter if the wheel is bad.

The wheel needs to be able to handle wear and tear and preferably it should provide both stability and elasticity. This will ensure a smooth where you always feel in control.

Other keywords to keep in mind on your search are good abrasion resistance, solid adhesion, good buffer performance, and high load capacity.

In conjunction with one another, all these things elevate the overall quality of the hoverboard go kart.

Best Hoverkart Go Cart Attachments guide thumbnail


A hoverboard go-kart attachment kit is a fun addition to the already amusing self-balancing scooter. Practically any kid will love this as it furthers the possibilities that a hoverboard brings.

A fall from a hoverboard while standing is also more dangerous than slipping out of your hoverkart while seated. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a hoverboard go kart being more dangerous or anything.

The best hoverkart is in our opinion the one from StreetSaw with shock absorbers. As a close runner-up comes the Hover-1 Buggy but it doesn’t offer the same versatility that the StreetSaw kart does.

Our best advice is to pick a product with a warranty and an established brand behind them. There are too many cheap off-brand models out there of questionable quality. At the end of the day, there’ll be speed involved and so you want to make sure you or your kids are safe.

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