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Where can you get an Electric Scooter Repair?

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Nothing mechanical can run forever without maintenance and scooters are no different. Eventually, something will go wrong, and it will need to be fixed. Luckily, there are many options for these repairs.

A quick overview of your main options:

Do It Yourself

Most premium scooters are not do-it-yourself friendly, but basic steps can be taken to find and address problems quickly. The longer a problem exists, the worse it will become, and it could affect parts around it, causing even more problems.

Esurance has a list of things to check before every ride including checking the tires for wear and damage, keeping the scooter clean, checking the horn and controls, making sure the brakes work properly and looking for obvious damage. While this guide is for gas scooters, almost all the daily tips are true for electric scooters too.

Once you are more familiar with your specific scooter and have read the service manual, basic repairs may be able to be done. These repairs should follow the service manual and probably not start by searching “how to fix an electric scooter.” There is a real potential of damaging the scooter worse than it was before the repair began, and the warranty will definitely be voided by a major at-home repair.

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Return to Distributor

Many scooters bought from reputable distributors in your country will have policies that cover returning the scooter to be repaired or replaced. These distributors are often licensed by the manufacturer to perform official electric scooter repairs while keeping the warranty intact. Manufacturers can also have very helpful warranties that cover repairs after purchase.

The Qiewa Q-Power, for example, has a 6-month warranty on the e-scooter battery and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. This warranty can be extremely helpful because of the complexity and cost of quality parts used to power the scooter. If it is an unfixable problem, they will replace the entire scooter.

Out-of-country or overseas distributors may not offer this service due to the cost and complexity of shipping. If they do offer the service, shipping may take weeks in each direction.

Scooter-Sharing Mechanics

With the rise in popularity of scooter-sharing companies like Bird and Lime, independent scooter mechanics were needed to keep the fleets on the road.

Since the companies switched to hiring in-house mechanics instead of contractors, there are many people with the skills and knowledge to perform repairs who are interested in this kind of work. These people can be found by posting online, although these repairs are not manufacturer-licensed and will likely void the warranty.

PEV/ Moped Repair Shop

Personal Electrical Vehicle (PEV) and moped repair shops are becoming more popular as electric scooter commuting is beginning to gain traction. These shops can be found in many major cities and are only one Google search away. Major cities like Los Angeles and New York City have plenty of options for these shops, so scooter owners don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all shop.

There will likely be a repair shop near you with professional mechanics ready to fix any problem you could possibly have. They often have parts bought directly from the manufacturer and offer high-quality work. These shops are more expensive than independent scooter mechanics but well worth it.

The repairs may also keep the warranty intact, depending on the agreements the shop has in place. Many shops also specialize in certain brands and styles of scooters and can provide outstanding service on these scooters.

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Bicycle Repair Shops

Some standard bicycle repair shops offer electric scooter repair, but not all do. The services they offer will likely be very basic compared to a PEV or electric scooter repair shop. These shops will be familiar with things like steering and brake issues but may be unfamiliar or unwilling to fix the electrical system or battery problems. This might work in a pinch, but it is not recommended.

Wrapping Up

Scooter maintenance is extremely important for both convenience and safety while you are riding. While dedicated electric scooters or moped mechanic shops are recommended, almost any repair option is better than letting a problem go unfixed.

Practicing preventative maintenance, such as keeping the scooter clean, will make fewer repairs needed in the future and will make your e-scooter commuting a more enjoyable experience.

Also, make sure you’re riding your electric scooter properly so you don’t put unnecessary strain on the hardware.

Not sure which scooter to get yet? We’ve got all the info you need here. If it’s for a kid, check here instead.

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