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Turboant X7 Electric Scooter Review

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Note: The Turboant X7 is no longer available. Check out our review of the new X7 Max with a range of performance improvements, or explore our other reviews.


Today we take a hands-on look at the Turboant X7 electric scooter for adults. With a 20 MPH top speed, a 16-mile range, 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, and a lightweight build, the Turboant X7 is an excellent choice that provides great value for city commuters. Tag along as we put this scooter to the test to discover just how good it is.

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Speed & Range

The Turboant X7 boasts some decent specs as far as motor and battery are concerned. A 36V 350W motor located in the front wheel and a detachable 36V 6.4 Ah, 230.4 Wh lithium-ion battery powers the whole thing.

The 350W motor ensures a top speed of 20 miles per hour and the battery enables you to travel up to 16 miles on a single charge. The extremely attractive thing about the battery (which is located in the stem) is that you can take it out at any time. This allows you to do several things. You can purchase a back-up battery and bring it with you on the go to get double the range with ease. Also, you can charge the detachable battery alone so you don’t have to take your dirty electric scooter into your living room.

Charging takes somewhere between two and four hours which is pretty good considering the range you’re getting.

Turboant X7 Steer

A Look At The LED Instrument Panel

The first thing I want to highlight is the extremely user-friendly LED display located at the very top of the stem. When the Turboant X7 is turned on, the panel displays your current speed, the battery level and the speed setting you’re currently using (there are 3 of those).

On the left of the display, you have the handbrake which activates the disc brake located at the back wheel.

On the right side, you have the throttle (the red part) which has two buttons. The first is the power button. Hold it for a few seconds to power on/off the scooter. The second is the ‘Settings’ button. Click it once to change through the three speed modes (7.5 mph, 17.5 mph, 20 mph). Click it twice to turn on/off the LED headlight which lights up the night surprisingly well.

Holding the throttle steadily at the same speed for around five seconds activates Cruise Control. This is really nice to have when you’re commuting.

There’s a button just below the LED display that allows you to open the stem and easily remove the detachable battery in seconds.

Lightweight & Foldable

One of the things that make the Turboant X7 an excellent commuter scooter is its portability and feathery weight. We can thank the aviation aluminum alloy frame for that.

Weighing only 29.7 lbs, the scooter is not too hard to carry should you run out of battery. Furthermore, as the entire scooter folds together nicely it makes it even easier to bring on the go.

Turboant X7 Throttle

Safety Features

The Turboant X7 meets all the important safety requirements that you’d expect from a proper electric scooter. I’ll walk you over a handful of noteworthy ones.

For starters, the throttle won’t activate unless you push the scooter a little. This ensures you don’t mistakenly end up taking off. Also, the scooter won’t turn off unless you’re standing still so you don’t have to worry about accidentally holding the Power-button when on the move.

The scooter is geared with an impressive front LED headlight. This helps you in low-light settings, increasing visibility. It is even required by law in some areas. Also, on the rear footbrake, there is a red LED backlight.

Turboant X7 rear disc brake

Construction & Tires

One of the most important aspects of an electric scooter is the construction quality. Once again, the Turboant X7 proves itself an excellent product.

The frame is made from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which provides excellent strength while maintaining a low weight. This allows for a comfortable max weight of 275 lbs which is plenty for most riders.

Some foldable electric scooters suffer from having a wobbly handlebar due to poor construction, but the Turboant X7 feels rock-solid. A double-lock mechanism ensures the stem always stays in place.

The X7 boasts two 8.5-inch pneumatic tubeless wheels with decent width. Vacuum tires are always superior to non-pneumatic ones since the air provides a bit of suspension. Riding on uneven ground and going over bumps will feel a lot smoother than with rubber tires.

Above the wheels are two wheel guards that ensure dirt and water won’t directly splash up onto you. Your sneaks and pants will thank you later.


Honestly, there isn’t much to complain about with this one. The Turboant X7 is a balanced electric scooter with solid value and some impressive specs.

The only downside we could think of is quite situational. If you do leave the scooter unattended, there’s not really any easy way to lock it. The fact that the battery is so easily accessible is both nice and problematic. It makes things easy for you, but it also makes it vulnerable to theft. To be honest, though, very few electric scooters in this price range come with locks or any type of theft protection at all. It is simply not expected at this price range.

Our First Test


Straight out of the box, the scooter was extremely easy to assemble. All we had to do was to screw on the handlebars and lock the stem in the unfolded position. After that, we plugged in the scooter and waited a few hours until the charger lid green (meaning the battery is fully charged).

Right off the bat, the scooter was a pleasant experience. It was smooth to ride in urban areas and we could even take it over the occasional gravel path with no issues at all.

We were able to max out at 20 miles per hour (as Turboant states is the top speed) and the first charge got us around 10 miles. This is a little lower than the specified max range, but you have to remember that the max range is always based on ideal conditions. In reality, ideal conditions aren’t that realistic. We turned it on and off multiple times, went uphill and downhill and generally maxed out on speed in the third speed setting as much as possible. If you wanna push out a little more range, you should remain in the 2nd speed setting.

We rode it in the dark as well to test out the lights and they greatly impressed us. Honestly, we didn’t expect them to be that bright and illuminate such a big area. This is a huge pro if you will be commuting in low-light settings.

The Turboant X7 is now my main choice for city commutes. Thanks for sending me the unit to test guys!

Final Thoughts on Turboant X7

The Turboant X7 is a great electric scooter for its price. It has a higher top speed and a better range than most equally priced scooters and on top of that, it has pneumatic 8.5-inch tires.

The list of features and the attention to detail that went into this scooter are great. A detachable battery is a great idea and the three speed settings allow you to get comfortable with the scooter before unleashing its full 350W of power.

The Turboant X7 seems to be one of the most competitively priced scooters available at the moment. This one sets the standard.


Top Speed20 MPH
Range16 miles
Motor Power350W (nominal) / 700W (peak)
Folded Dimensions41.6 in × 16.5 in × 17.7 in
Upright Dimensions41.6 in × 16.5 in × 45.9 in
Battery36-volt, 6.4Ah lithium-ion
Tires8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires
Charging Time2-4 hours

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