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King Song 16X Electric Unicycle Review

King Song 16X
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Today we review the King Song 16X which is among the best electric unicycles on the market today. Find out if it caters to your needs below.

If the range of an electric unicycle is your top priority, you’ll be very happy with the King Song 16X. The large 1554Wh battery provides 65 miles on a single charge. The speed is also impressive, while the construction and upgrades from previous King Song products make the 16X a great choice for anyone looking for a fun ride. Let’s dig into what this unicycle has to offer!

Motor and battery

How powerful is this unicycle? How far can it go? The King Song 16X is fitted with a 2000-watt motor. That’s pretty powerful, so you can expect speeds around 31 mph. For the first 10 miles of riding, that speed is limited. It’s safer this way; you can get to know the unicycle and feel comfortable before unlocking its full potential. Are there hills in your area? You’ll be fine to take on hills with a 35-degree grade.

As for the battery, it’s an impressive 1554Wh capacity. This is what allows the unicycle to travel 65 miles (in certain conditions) on one charge. Because the battery is bigger, it can take a while to charge to the recommended 80%, if it’s pretty drained. If you choose one of the less efficient chargers, it can take as long as 14 hours. With a 5A fast charger, it takes about 4 hours, which isn’t bad. The battery is also equipped with a smart battery management system.

King Song 16X rider


There are a handful of upgrades in the King Song 16X. The firmware and controller are a bit different than in previous models. This matters because while all electric unicycles are controlled by a gyroscopic sensor and programming, the specific firmware of a product affects how the actual ride feels.

You can control the balancing in this unicycle by choosing from soft, medium, or hard. You’ll also feel secure thanks to the extra-wide tire. It measures 16x3-inches, so you’re able to ride on a variety of terrain. It naturally wants to remain upright. As you ride and take turns, the unicycle stays flexible. While you’re riding at high speeds, you do need to shift your weight side to side a little.

Weight-wise, the 16X is not exactly light. It’s almost 52 pounds, but there is an integrated retractable push handle for more convenient carrying. Based on the power and range the unicycle offers, 52 pounds is not bad at all. The product page says the unicycle can hold up to 330 pounds, but the user manual recommends 265 pounds.

Other construction features include a seat option, which is very useful if you plan on taking the wheel out for long rides, and good water protection. No unicycle should be taken out in a thunderstorm, but a light rain should be fine. Always store your unicycle indoors and avoid riding through puddles.

Lighting, speakers, and app

We’re big fans of the lighting, speakers, and app on the King Song 16X. The high-density RGB (red, green, blue) LED lighting is great for riding in low light. You’ll feel much safer when you’re confident that you can see and that others can see you. Riding in the dark is much riskier than during the day, so avoid it if possible. We also like the quad-5W speakers and 10W subwoofer. Not sure what the difference is? It’s frequency. Sub-woofers give you the lowest part of the audio, so if you like heavy bass, you’ll be happy.

The other feature we want to talk about is the King Song app. It measures all kinds of stats, like your speed, range, and how much charge you have left on the battery. You can also customize your lights and change your ride mode within the app. Firmware updates are also accessed through the app, so King Song recommends you check in with the app regularly to keep your unicycle at its best.

King Song 16X Review

Safety features

Electric unicycles are one of the riskier rides out there, so you want one that offers as many safety features as possible. The King Song 16X has a handful. The lift stop rotation keeps the motor from engaging when you lift the unicycle and it’s still on. The tilt stop rotation will disengage the motor if the product leans 45-degrees to the left or right. If you’re experiencing an accident, this feature helps the motor turn off as quickly as possible.

There’s also speed limit protection, low battery protection (which activates when the battery is 30%), and over-temperature protection. A safe ride is ultimately your responsibility, but it’s great to have built-in features that address possible issues with the unicycle itself.

Customer service

If you need help, contact your local dealer or distributor. If you’re in the US, you can also contact King Song directly for general service or repair. For warranty support, you will need to contact whoever sold you the unicycle originally. From the time of the items’ departure from the factory, the motor and motherboard have a warranty of 365 days.

The battery package warranty is 183 days. The limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects. This means if something happens to the unicycle in your care (that includes normal wear and tear), the warranty won’t cover it.


For most people, the main downside with the King Song 16X will probably be the price. It’s pretty pricey, but for a EUC of its quality, it’s comparable to other brands. The weight might also be an issue. Even with the handle, it’s not easy to lug it around.

Who should get the King Song 16X?

Will you like the King Song 16X unicycle? If you’re most interested in getting a long range, you probably will! The large battery is the biggest selling point on this unit, so if you want to use your unicycle for commuting or long joy rides, this is a great choice. The 31-mph speed is also zippy, so if you like going fast, that feature will also make you happy.

Kingsong 16X high-end electric unicycle one wheel

Final thoughts

The King Song 16X is a fine addition to this series of electric unicycles. It offers some key upgrades, as well as a powerful motor and battery that offers both speed and range. We appreciate the safety features, strong lighting, and speakers. We recommend this unicycle for beginners wanting to invest in a great ride and for more experienced riders eager for an upgrade.

Full Specifications

Top Speed31 mph
Range65 miles
Weight51.8 pounds
Max Load330 pounds
Battery Capacity1554Wh
Charging TimeAround 5 hours
Dimensions23.2 x 15.7 x 7 inches
Speakers4x 5W stereo speakers
1x 10W subwoofer
Pedal Length9.5 inches
Ground Clearance6.7 inches

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