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A hoverboard is only worth so much if you don’t have a charger. Like any other electrical device, these two-wheeled powerhouses of fun need electricity to function.

Practically every hoverboard will come bundled with a compatible charger. But what happens when your charger fails to work? Maybe you forgot it somewhere or maybe it took an unfortunate hit somehow.

You need a replacement charger for your hoverboard at this point. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best hoverboard chargers around as well as some common pitfalls you should steer way clear of.

How To Choose The Right Hoverboard Charger

There are a few rules you need to keep in mind when deciding upon a charger to buy.

Getting a replacement charger from the manufacturer of your hoverboard is often the best choice considering that those two products are made with one another in mind. Compatibility is ensured this way.

However, the following rules apply in scenarios where you get a hoverboard charger that differ from the brand of the hoverboard:

  1. Correct Voltage is a MUST!
    It is crucial that you get a charger that matches the voltage of the battery in your hoverboard. If the specifications don’t align, you may end up with a damaged hoverboard or charger quickly.
  2. Get a charger with a warranty.
    More often than not, you’ll come across cheap hoverboard chargers. However, the majority of the cheap models are of bad quality, so it’s always best to go for a reliable brand that provides a warranty on their products.
  3. Don’t go cheap.
    As with most things, you get what you pay for. The cheap models usually aren’t UL listed or certified, their built quality is questionable and they offer no guarantees or warranties. Do yourself a favor and get a decent charger for your hoverboard. Otherwise, you may end up toasting it.

Top 3 Best Hoverboard Chargers Reviewed

1. StreetSaw UL-Certified Charger

Safest option
StreetSaw Hoverboard Replacement Charger

Topping our list is a UL-2272 safety certified hoverboard replacement charger from StreetSaw. If you’ve read some of our other guides (best hoverkarts, for instance), you’ll know we’re huge fans of StreetSaw and their high-quality hoverboard products.

Their UL-certified charger is probably the best-built hoverboard replacement charger that also universally fits with practically any hoverboard you can get.

If safety is of importance to you, the StreetSaw charger is what you need. Here are just a few of the following protection measures this charger offers.

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Reverse polarity connect protection
  • Moister proof housing

The StreetSaw UL charger does not feature a fan which is a good thing. Having a fan in the charger allows for moisture to enter, potentially corrupting the unit and/or causing a safety hazard.

StreetSaw stands by the quality of all their products. Therefore, if this charger magically turns out to not fit your hoverboard, they’ll give you your money back. They also include a 1-year warranty with every charger purchased, which is something a lot of the competition doesn’t do.

This charger is almost double the weight of most competitors (a little under a pound) due to its sturdy and durable exterior. It’s compact and small as opposed to the often bulky and plastic-like competitors.

2. EVAPLUS 42V 4A Battery Charger

Best value
EVAPLUS 42V 4A Battery Charger

Next up is the EVAPLUS 42 volts 2A power adapter used for charging lithium batteries (as found in hoverboards).

The company EVAPLUS is well-known for its innovative charging solutions used throughout the world.

Much like our top pick, this charger comes with some protection standards. For instance, the charger won’t operate when it is more than 40° C in temperature. 

There is an LED indicator that shows the current charge status. If the LED light is green, the hoverboard is fully charged and you should remove the charger from the power outlet. If it is red, the recharge is in progress.

With 2A output, the EVAPLUS charger does provide fast recharging. It connects into most hoverboards, but make sure your hoverboard is able to handle 42V beforehand.

As for the price, this is a lot cheaper than the StreetSaw charger. However, it isn’t as impressive in terms of built quality. The exterior and cords themselves do feel cheap so whether they’ll last for a long time is uncertain. Take good care of it and you should be fine, though.

If you’re looking for a budget solution, the EVAPLUS 42V 4A lithium-ion battery charger may be ideal.

3. LotFancy 36V 1.5A Charger

Worthy Mention
LotFancy 36V 1.5A hoverboard Charger

Next up we have the LotFancy 36V 1.5A lithium-ion hoverboard battery charger. This UL-listed and CE TUV GS certified replacement charger is compatible with the vast majority of hoverboards that support 36V. 

Like the others before it, the LotFancy charger takes safety precautions in that it protects against over-voltage and similar common electrical issues.

The manufacturer specifically states that the charger is compatible with hoverboards such as the Razor Hovertrax 2.0Swagtron T1Swagtron T5, and Swagtron T6. These are just a few, but you get the point – it’ll suit almost any hoverboard.

To make life easier, it has an LED indicator on the adapter that tells you the current charging status.

LotFancy offers you a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

We obviously tested the chargers against one another to see which was faster at charging a particular hoverboard and in that sense the LotFancy didn’t perform too well. The 1 amps charger was on average 20% slower than the StreetSaw self-balancing scooter charger.

The charger itself feels a little bit more sturdy than the one from EVAPLUS but not as much as the StreetSaw one. It seems to be somewhere in between those two products, quality considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hoverboard chargers cost?

Hoverboard chargers come in different price ranges but usually cost anywhere from $15 to $50. There are outlying exceptions of either poor or great quality.

We highly suggest you don’t just opt for the cheapest option as that may not even be compatible with your particular hoverboard, not to mention it may be off in terms of voltage.

Where can I buy a hoverboard charger?

There are loads of different places to buy a hoverboard charger. The widest variety is available online. For instance, our favorite (the StreetSaw charger) can be purchased online at their website here.

If you’re looking to buy a physical hoverboard charger near you, you may want to try Walmart or similar large chains that feature electronics and toys.

Are all hoverboard chargers the same?

No, all hoverboard chargers are not the same. Though most chargers use a standard AC adapter setup, the output power voltage can vary.

Also, there are all kinds of protection and build quality concerns to consider as well. For instance, is the charger moisture-proof? Does it how short circuit protection?

Most cheap units don’t take these security measures hence you wanna skip them for the sake of not ruining your hoverboard in the long term. You get what you pay for.

What does a hoverboard charger look like?

hoverboard charger example

Usually, a hoverboard charger will look somewhat like the image shown on the right/below.

It has a standard AC adapter that you plug into your power outlet. The adapter usually outputs between 29.4V and 42V at 1.2A – 2A (amps).

Most commonly, the output is a 3-Prong Inline (Female) that you insert into the hoverboard to charge it.

How many volts is a hoverboard charger?

Hoverboard chargers are usually 42 or 36 volts. Depending on your hoverboard specifications, you'll have to get a charger that matches that. Apart from the voltage, hoverboard chargers are pretty much universal.

Should the hoverboard be on while charging?

No, your hoverboard should always be turned on when charging. This is for safety reasons. Some hoverboards will have safety features in place so they can't turn on when they're connected to a power outlet.

What happens if you charge your hoverboard too long?

As with any lithium-ion battery, overcharging can be dangerous. The common scare stories of hoverboards catching fire or exploding are almost always due to overcharging.

People plug in their hoverboards and leave the house, totally forgetting about the hoverboard - maybe even for days! That's when the issue occurs.

You should never charge your hoverboard if you aren't home to watch over it. Always make sure to turn off the charger once your hoverboard is full. Not only is this the safest thing to do, but it'll also ensure a better lifespan for the battery itself.


hoverboard charger guide

A replacement charger for your hoverboard may be necessary sooner or later. It’s inevitable that some electronics will fail eventually in such a competitively priced market.

Still, we feel it is of utmost importance to get a quality replacement charger if the time comes. There are lots of cheap options out there, but getting a sturdy charger with a renowned brand behind it puts you in safe hands for years to come.

A good idea is always to check on the official manufacturer website of your hoverboard to see if they offer replacement chargers. That way you’ll be ensured to get something that is compatible with your particular model.

If you wanna get the best of the best, however, the StreetSaw charger is our suggested pick. It does carry a higher price tag than its competitors but for good reason. It takes all the necessary security measures, charges fast, comes with a 1-year warranty and its built quality is second to none.

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