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Atomi E20 Electric Scooter Review

The Atomi E20 is a hidden gem in the world of entry-level electric scooters. It isn't perfect, but it is a surprisingly comfortable ride.

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Key Specs

Values marked with '*' are based on our independent testing and may differ from those specified by the manufacturer.

Top Speed
15.6 MPH*
10.8 miles*
250 W
270 Wh
30.2 lbs
The Atomi E20 electric scooter is one of the most comfortable entry-level models we've tested. Despite its underwhelming motor performance and some design flaws, it offers superior ride quality for its price.
What we like
  • checkmarkHighly affordable
  • checkmarkSurprisingly comfortable
  • checkmarkWide handlebars
  • checkmarkPneumatic tires
  • checkmarkEasy folding
  • checkmarkLightweight
What we don't like
  • crossPoor speed
  • crossSlow acceleration
  • crossStruggles on hills
  • crossNot ideal for riders over 200 lbs
  • crossHandlebar grips can twist

Searching for an affordable electric scooter with a comfortable ride? The Atomi E20 may just be what you're looking for.

I thoroughly tested the E20 to see exactly where the cost compromise lies and to find out under which circumstances it offers riders a good deal.

Read on to see how the Atomi E20 compares to its peers and whether it's the perfect budget scooter for you.

Atomi E20 Overview

The E20 went through our comprehensive performance tests. This is how it measures up.

Performance Test Overview

Top speed15.6 MPH (25.1 KMH)
0-15 MPH
Avg: 12.5 seconds
Best: 11.9 seconds
0-17.9 MPH
Avg: 12.9 seconds
Best: 12.3 seconds
Hill climb
250ft @8%
43.2 s (Avg Speed: 3.9 MPH)
Range (speed priority)8.8 miles (14.2 km)
Range (regular)10.8 miles (17.4 km)
Range (range priority)12.3 miles (19.8 km)
Braking distance
15 MPH - 0 MPH
15.9 ft (4.84 m)

Key Manufacturer Specs

Motor Power36V, 250W front motor (500W peak)
Battery36V, 7.5 Ah = 280 Wh
Weight30.2 lbs (13.7 kg)
Max Load265 lbs (120.2 kg)
Tires8.5" pneumatic
BrakesDual (Disc + E-ABS)
Weather ResistanceIP54

Speed & Motor Performance

Atomi E20 front hub motor

The Atomi E20 has a 250W front motor operating at 36V. Peak output is 500W, which isn't much but in line with its price.

It doesn’t promise a lot of performance - and that's exactly what I saw when testing the scooter. You get limited motor performance with the scooter, but it's sufficient power for many everyday commuting scenarios.

The scooter has both kick-start and zero-start that can be toggled by pressing the power button five times quickly. Having the option to use either makes it suitable for both safety and performance-oriented riders.

The scooter also has three speed modes. These can be toggled by pressing the power button once.

  • Eco mode - 10 KM/H
  • Standard mode - 20 KM/H
  • Sport mode - 25 KM/H

Top Speed Test

My tested top speed of 15.6 MPH (25.1 KMH) holds up to the manufacturer's claim, but it is not on par with the similarly priced Hiboy S2, which reaches a top speed of 18.9 MPH. Still, it's a fair top speed given the E20's price.

Tested top speed comparison between Atomi E20, NIU KQi2 Pro, Hiboy S2, Turboant X7 Max and fluid CityRider
ModelTop Speed$/Speed
Atomi E20
$259 USD
15.6 MPH
(25.1 KMH)
NIU KQi2 Pro
$539.98 USD
17.3 MPH
(27.8 KMH)
Hiboy S2
$299.99 USD
18.9 MPH
(30.4 KMH)
TurboAnt X7 Max
$449.98 USD
19.55 MPH
(31.5 KMH)
fluid CityRider
$399 USD
17.9 MPH
(28.8 KMH)

While not the fastest model on the block, the Atomi E20 offers a lot of speed relative to its price.

Acceleration Test

Limited motor power means limited acceleration, and that's what my tests revealed. The scooter averaged 15 MPH in 12.5 seconds (with the best time being 11.9 s).

0-15 MPH (24 KMH)12.5 s11.9 s
0-15.6 MPH (25.1 KMH)12.9 s12.3 s

That might not be a problem for some riders, but it does compare poorly to its peers. Similar money (or a bit more) will get you moving notably faster, as you can see below:

Acceleration comparison between Atomi E20, NIU KQi2 Pro, Hiboy S2, Turboant X7 Max and fluid CityRider
Model0-15 MPH
Atomi E2012.5 s
NIU KQi2 Pro8.83 s
Hiboy S26.89 s
TurboAnt X7 Max8.29 s
fluid CityRider8.24 s

Will the slow acceleration frustrate you during your commute? It depends largely on whether you want to use the E20 in hilly places.

Hill Climb Test

We tested the Atomi E20 on our usual 250 ft (76 m) incline, which averaged an 8% gradient, and compared it to similar models.

The limited top speed shouldn't necessarily stop you from buying the E20, but the limited acceleration may be a reason to think twice - and for people living in a hilly place, a poor hill climb test result of 43.2 seconds will be a concern.

Again, compared to its peers, it doesn't fare well:

Atomi E2043.2 s3.9 MPH (6.3 KMH)
NIU KQi2 Pro30.48 s5.6 MPH (9 KMH)
Hiboy S226.7 s6.4 MPH (10.3 KMH)
TurboAnt X7 Max26.3 s6.5 MPH (10.4 KMH)
fluid CityRider30.1 s5.7 MPH (9.1 KMH)

This scooter is not ideal for hills, even for light riders. It's fine for flat commuting at an absolute max incline of 10%.

Based on the test results, I wouldn’t recommend anyone above 200 lbs go for this electric scooter as performance will struggle. The manufacturer's specified max load of 265 lbs is too optimistic.

Range & Battery Performance

Atomi E20 electric scooter

With 10.8 miles of tested real-world range, the Atomi E20 offers decent range for last-mile commuting or short rides.

Battery Capacity Comparison

The Atomi E20 has a 36V 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 270 Wh.

Battery capacity comparison between Atomi E20, NIU KQi2 Pro, Hiboy S2, Turboant X7 Max and fluid CityRider
ModelBattery Capacity$/Wh
Atomi E20
($259.00 USD)
270 Wh
(36V, 7.5Ah)
NIU KQi2 Pro
($539.98 USD)
365 Wh
(48V, 7.6Ah)
Hiboy S2
($299.99 USD)
270 Wh
(36V, 7.5Ah)
TurboAnt X7 Max
($449.98 USD)
360 Wh
(36V, 10Ah)
fluid CityRider
($399.00 USD)
360 Wh
(36V, 10Ah)
Based on current best prices (updated every 24 hours)

With its relatively small battery, it is clear that the Atomi E20 is intended as an affordable short-commute solution and not for a full day of adventures.

The battery setup is the same as on the Hiboy S2, and both are relatively competitive in $/Wh, meaning you get solid battery capacity for the price.

Alternatives like the CityRider, Turboant X7 Max, and NIU KQi2 Pro have notably more capacity but at an equally higher price.

The specified max range of 19 miles is unrealistic, but in our experience, every brand pads this number (by up to 50% on average).

Range Tests

We tested the real-world mileage of the Atomi E20 at varying speeds.

Test (#)RangeAvg. Speed
#1: Speed Priority8.8 miles
14.2 km
14.4 MPH
23.2 KMH
#2: Regular10.8 miles
17.4 km
12.9 MPH
20.8 KMH
#3: Range Priority12.3 miles
19.8 km
10.8 MPH
17.4 KMH

The specified max range of 19 miles is unrealistic, but in our experience, every brand pads this number (by up to 50% on average).

Range Comparison

If you're concerned about range, the Atomi E20 isn't exactly a standout option; some of its peers will go almost twice as far on a charge at a slightly higher price. Both the Turboant X7 Max and the fluid CityRider deliver far more range.

Range comparison between Atomi E20, NIU KQi2 Pro, Hiboy S2, Turboant X7 Max and fluid CityRider

#1: Speed Priority

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Atomi E208.8 miles
(14.2 km)
14.4 MPH
(23.2 KMH)
NIU KQi2 Pro17.2 miles
(27.7 km)
16.4 MPH
(26.4 KMH)
Hiboy S29.4 miles
(15.1 km)
17.1 MPH
(27.5 KMH)
TurboAnt X7 Max13.4 miles
(21.6 km)
17.9 MPH
(28.8 KMH)
fluid CityRider15.4 miles
(24.8 km)
15.8 MPH
(25.4 KMH)
Test #1 (Speed Priority)

#2: Regular

The limited range gets a bit better when you're not maxing out the scooter:

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Atomi E2010.8 miles
(17.4 km)
12.9 MPH
(20.8 KMH)
NIU KQi2 Pro19.8 miles
(31.9 km)
14.9 MPH
(24 KMH)
Hiboy S211.4 miles
(18.3 km)
14.3 MPH
(23 KMH)
TurboAnt X7 Max15.4 miles
(24.8 km)
14.8 MPH
(23.8 KMH)
fluid CityRider16.9 miles
(27.2 km)
14.3 MPH
(23 KMH)
Test #2 (Regular Speed)

#3: Range Priority

And, even if you're moving on at limited speeds, you'll find that it's not exactly a range monster:

ModelRangeAvg. Speed
Atomi E2012.3 miles
(19.8 km)
10.8 MPH
(17.4 KMH)
NIU KQi2 Pro22.3 miles
(35.9 km)
12.7 MPH
(20.4 KMH)
Hiboy S213.2 miles
(21.2 km)
12.1 MPH
(19.5 KMH)
TurboAnt X7 Max18.2 miles
(29.3 km)
12.5 MPH
(20.1 KMH)
fluid CityRider18.8 miles
(30.3 km)
11.8 MPH
(19 KMH)
Test #3 (Range Priority)

I think this scooter offers good value for range under all conditions. It lives up to my expectations given its battery size, a little behind the Hiboy S2, but the difference is negligible. However, you don't need to spend much more to get a scooter with a drastic bump in range.

Range-Weight Ratio

Atomi E2010.8 miles30.2 lbs0.36 miles/lb
NIU KQi2 Pro19.8 miles40.6 lbs0.49 miles/lb
Hiboy S211.4 miles31.9 lbs0.36 miles/lb
TurboAnt X7 Max15.4 miles34.2 lbs0.45 miles/lb
fluid CityRider16.9 miles31 lbs0.55 miles/lb

One point of criticism is the battery-to-weight ratio. At 0.36 miles/lb, it is the lowest of the models in this comparison. For example, the CityRider packs much more battery capacity for its weight, at 0.55 miles/lb.


The E20 comes with a 42V 1.5A charger (63W). In my tests, the battery charged fully in around 5 hours, which is better than the 6 hours advertised - a pleasant surprise.

Battery Performance Summary

I recommend the Atomi E20 for short inner-city commutes. The scooter would work well as a last-mile solution or be used in conjunction with public transport - permitted it's not a hilly city center. Used on its own, it’s best for sub-8-mile commutes.

Atomi E20
Atomi E20

Ride Quality

Atomi E20 rear closeup

The Atomi E20 surprised me with some of the best ride quality I've tested at this price point - largely thanks to the pneumatic tires and wide handlebars.

Tires & Suspension

Atomi E20 rear tire

Shock absorption and vibration reduction are solid thanks to the 8.5” x 2” pneumatic tires. I always emphasize how much pneumatic tires aid the ride quality, and the E20's tires are a night and day difference compared to the solid tires in the Hiboy S2.

The scooter doesn’t have spring suspension, but it's understandable at the price point, and I think the pneumatic tires get you most of the comfort you need.


Atomi E20 e-scooter disc brake

The Atomi E20 has a rear disc brake and electronic regenerative braking. I tested the stopping distance, and the performance isn't bad.

ModelBraking Distance
Atomi E2015.9 ft (4.8 m)
NIU KQi2 Pro14.6 ft (4.5 m)
Hiboy S214.6 ft (4.5 m)
TurboAnt X7 Max15.2 ft (4.6 m)
fluid CityRider16.3 ft (5 m)
Braking from 15 MPH (24.2 KMH).

The regen brake isn’t the smoothest, but in my experience, only the NIU and Segway nail regen braking in sub-$500 scooters.

Given the limited motor power, a stopping distance of 15.9 ft is respectable and more than good enough. That said, the Atomi E20 isn't the last word in braking safety. Both the Hiboy S2 and the NIU KQi2 Pro will get you to a full stop more quickly.


Atomi E20 deck

Measuring 20.5" x 4.5" (52.1 cm x 11.4 cm), the Atomi E20 has a decently long but somewhat narrow deck. It's okay for small to regular-sized riders, but bigger riders may want more width.

A hard rubber mat surface with extrusions offers a strong grip for your feet and decent safety.

The 2.4" (6.1 cm) of ground clearance is acceptable. You'll get scooters with more ground clearance, but that's always a trade-off. The low ground clearance can be a positive because it gives the scooter a low center of gravity, improving handling.

Don't try to ride this scooter down curbs, though - the ground clearance is just too low.


Cockpit on the Atomi E20

One of the key features that makes the Atomi E20 so comfortable is the ultra-wide handlebars. Measuring 23.2" (58.9 cm) across, they help with overall stability and handling.

Atomi E20 throttle closeup

While the thumb throttle is ergonomic, it does feel a bit jumpy in use; it just doesn't operate that smoothly - almost as if it needs a bit of lubrication. There's also a tiny bit of input lag, but not so much that it would bother most people.

I am a big fan of the low-profile design with hidden cables. With only a single visible cable going to the brake lever, the scooter looks streamlined and minimalistic.

The grips are comfortable, but the rubber sleeves are too loose. They easily twist around, which is a design hiccup, in my opinion. Although it doesn't compromise safety, you don't want your grips twisting around when riding.

Atomi E20 display

E20 riders will like the nice and bright display. It's perfectly visible in direct sunlight. An anti-glare surface would be even better - but that would likely decrease brightness.

The cockpit shows speed, battery level, lights, connectivity, and more, and overall, it's one of the best screens I've seen on an entry-level scooter.

Atomi E20
Atomi E20


Atomi E20 folded

The Atomi E20 is a nimble and compact solution that folds easily and is light to carry.

Weight & Dimensions

ModelWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
Atomi E2030.2 lbs13.7 kg
NIU KQi2 Pro40.6 lbs18.4 kg
Hiboy S231.9 lbs14.5 kg
TurboAnt X7 Max34.2 lbs15.5 kg
fluid CityRider31 lbs14.1 kg
Based on our own high-precision weight measurements.

As a portable, nimble way to travel, I like the Atomi E20. It's lightweight at just 30.2 lbs (13.7 kg), which is less than every other scooter in this comparison - including the fluid Cityrider.

The measured dimensions are as follows:

  • Unfolded: 23.2 x 44.9 x 41.3 in (70.7 x 136.9 x 125.9 cm)
  • Folded: 23.2 x 20 x 41.3 in (70.7 x 61 x 125.9 cm)

Despite the comfy, wide handlebars, the dimensions are pretty compact, and city-center dwellers will appreciate that the Atomi E20 doesn't take up unnecessary space at home.

It's realistic to take the E20 on a train or bus as part of a multi-mode commute without causing a nuisance to fellow passengers.

Folding & Carrying

Folding mechanism on Atomi E20

The folding mechanism is easy enough and quick to operate for day-to-day use. The folding lever is easy to use and has a secondary layer of safety in a pin that has to be engaged before it'll unlock.

Atomi E20 folding hook

The only annoyance I have with the folding setup is that you have to get down low to pull up a deck-integrated latch to hook the stem into for carrying. It can be a little tricky, but it works well apart from that.

Build Quality

Atomi E20 electric scooter review feature image

In line with its price, the build feels a bit cheap and creaky here and there. However, the overall integrity of the E20 feels reliable and durable.

Construction & Materials

Atomi E20 logo closeup

The Atomi E20's frame is designed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy - the most common frame material in the industry.

It's lightweight and robust but also corrosion and heat-resistant. It's a good mix of properties, so it's no surprise that Atomi chose this option.

Like many other portable electric scooters, the E20 creaks a little under my body weight of 175 lbs (79 kg). However, through the 150 miles I've tested it, the build has held up just fine.

The scooter has a max load capacity of 265 lbs (120.2 kg). While its built quality may support that weight, performance will deteriorate rapidly due to limited power when you get over 250 lbs.


Atomi E20 rear fender

I think the front fender is pretty sturdy, but the rear fender is a bit flimsy.

I also found that the rear fender can come in contact with the tire when riding on uneven surfaces, which causes friction and could lead to unnecessary wear and tear.

Folding Mechanism

Atomi E20 folding mechanism

The built-in safety pin of the folding mechanism ticks a crucial safety box. Overall, it feels sturdy, but the fact that you have to fold up a latch on the deck to secure it has never been my favorite solution.

Watch out for dirt and small stones; in my experience, grit can get under the folding latch when riding, which could cause premature wear when you stand on it.

As always, I physically tested the longevity of the folding mechanism by operating it 100 times in quick succession. Its integrity held up nicely - as solid and smooth as to begin with.


Atomi E20 kickstand

The kickstand is alright, but not great. It's firmly mounted on the deck side and positioned sensibly, but it feels a bit flimsy - which is in line with the budget price of the scooter.

I flipped the kickstand 500 times to simulate the wear and tear of continual use, and it held up very well. Its stability remained intact.

Weather Resistance

IP54 Rating chart

You get decent weather resistance with an IP54 rating, but other electric scooters, such as the fluid CityRider, go further with an IP55 rating, a better resistance against water ingress.

Nonetheless, the E20 offers enough resistance for riding in light rain. During the test period, I commuted in the rain with it a handful of times and had no issues whatsoever.

I wouldn't recommend riding it in heavy rain, however, partly because the relatively small tires won't safely handle waterbeds.

Lights & Visibility

Atomi E20 lights

I think for the price, the light setup is decent. The headlight is mounted at a height and angled downward, which is the optimal configuration.

It's relatively bright, too. The tail light is also respectably bright, and it flashes when braking. Atomi added a few reflective stickers on the rear tire, and that's nice, but I would've loved to see them at the front for better 360-degree visibility.


Atomi offers E20 buyers a 12-month warranty on any manufacturing defect. On top of that, you get another 12 months of repairs at cost, which means you pay Atomi to fix the scooter without any markup.

I consider that a 12-month warranty - with a bit of a helping hand for another 12 months if something happens. This is a solid warranty, given the scooter's price compared to the likes of Gotrax and lesser-known brands.


Atomi E20 folded electric scooter

The Atomi E20 is one of my favorite cheap electric scooters under $400. You're going to compromise somewhere at this price, but the ride quality stands tall above its no-frills competitors.

The E20 electric scooter brings a surprising level of everyday comfort thanks to its 8.5" pneumatic tires, low center of gravity, and wide handlebars. The compromise: low power, which means it's not a good option for hilly places or anyone over 200 lbs, and I wouldn't use it over uneven surfaces.

If ride quality is more important to you than top speed and acceleration, I highly recommend the Atomi E20. The scooter doesn't quite beat the best e-scooters overall but finds itself among the best at its price.

The Atomi E20 is ideal for riders on a strict budget who want a simple solution with good ride quality and decent portability.

Atomi E20
Atomi E20

Full Specifications

Our Tests

Top speed15.6 MPH (25.1 KMH)
0-15 MPH
Avg: 12.5 s
Best: 11.9 s
0-17.9 MPH
Avg: 12.9 s
Best: 12.3 s
Hill climb
250ft @8%
43.2 s
Range (speed priority)8.8 miles (14.16 km)
Range (regular)10.8 miles (17.38 km)
Range (range priority)12.3 miles (19.79 km)
Braking distance
15 MPH - 0 MPH
15.9" (4.85 m)
Handlebar Width23.2" (58.92 cm)
Deck-to-handlebar38.2" (97.02 cm)
Unfolded size23.2 x 44.9 x 41.3 in (70.7 x 136.9 x 125.9 cm)
Folded size23.2 x 20 x 41.3 in (70.7 x 61 x 125.9 cm)
Ground clearance2.4" (6.1 cm)
Deck20.5" x 4.5" (52.1 cm x 11.4 cm)

Manufacturer Specifications

Top speed15.6 MPH (25.1 KMH)
Motor power (nominal)250W
Motor power (max)500W
Motor Voltage36V
Range19 miles (30.6 km)
Battery36V, 7.5 Ah, lithium-ion
Battery capacity270 Wh
Charging time6 hours
IP ratingIP54
Weight30.2 lbs (13.7 kg)
Max load265 lbs (120.2 kg)
Tire typePneumatic tires
Tire size8.5" x 2"
BrakesRear disc brake, electronic regen
Throttle typeThumb throttle
LightsHeadlight, brake light
Other featuresTurn signals, reflectors, regen brake

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