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Haoqi Eagle Electric Bike Review

Comfortable fat-tire e-bike that won't break your wallet. Powerful and test-winning range.

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Motor Power
750W, 90Nm
48V, 960Wh
Drive Type
Rear Hub
74.5 lbs
26" x 4"
2 years
Quick Take
The Haoqi Eagle is our favorite fat-tire e-bike. It's comfortable, powerful and offers exceptional range at an affordable price. It's big and heavy, and have a few areas for improvement, but the Eagle is ultra-capble and affordable.
What we like
  • checkmarkHigh speed and good on hills
  • checkmarkVery long range
  • checkmarkHighly affordable
  • checkmarkExcellent spec-for-spec value
  • checkmarkGreat ride quality
  • checkmark400 lbs payload
What we don't like
  • crossVery heavy
  • crossAssistance a little slow to kick in
  • crossBattery tricky to remove
  • crossNot much difference between PAS1-4, then big jump to PAS5

I put the Haoqi Eagle electric bike through a series of demanding tests to see how good it is in the real world.

In this data-driven hands-on review, I'll explore its design, features, ride quality, and performance. Read on to find out if the Haoqi Eagle is a good match for your e-biking needs.

Tested Speed
27.7 MPH
Tested Range
66.9 miles
Acceleration 0-15 MPH
4.36 s
Acceleration 0-20 MPH
7.44 s
Hill Climb (8% incline)
15.6 MPH (A+)
Brake from 15 MPH
12.2 ft

A quick overview—Haoqi has been around since 2014 and mainly carries fat-tire and folding e-bikes for all types of adventures. Price-wise, you get a lot of hardware at a competitive price, and the Eagle stays true to that mission.

The Haoqi calls the Eagle a “long-range” electric bike. Thanks to a large 48V 20Ah battery, they promise 60-80 miles on a charge, which is insanely good for such an affordable e-bike.

It doesn’t skimp on motor performance, either. A 750W rear hub motor with 90Nm of torque powers the Eagle to a maximum speed of 28 MPH.

Spec-for-spec, the Haoqi Eagle electric bike sounds like a world-beater, but does it live up to the hype when I push its limits? Let’s find out!

Design & Construction

The Haoqi Eagle boasts a sturdy design that prioritizes comfort over portability.

Frame Material & Design

Haoqi Eagle in nature

The Haoqi Eagle's frame is constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, an industry-standard material with excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. The frame features a thick, sturdy design with high-quality welds and no obvious weak points.

Most other frame components, including the brake levers, seat post, kickstand, front fork, and crank, are also made from high-quality aluminum, matching the e-bike's overall solid construction.

The Haoqi Eagle comes in two versions: a step-through and a step-over model. The Step-Thru version suits riders between 5'3" and 6'8", while the Step-Over version accommodates riders from 5'5" to 6'8".

During our testing of the step-over model, our 5'11" test rider found the bike perfectly comfortable. Our secondary tester, a 5'5" female, had some trouble mounting the bike. However, with the seat adjusted to its lowest position, she was able to reach the handlebars by leaning forward slightly, creating a reasonably comfortable riding experience.

Weight & Size

The Haoqi Eagle is bulky by design. Its fat tires, sizable dimensions, and thick, sturdy components contribute to its substantial weight of 74.5 lbs (33.8 kg).

The Eagle measures 77.6" in length, 44.9" in height, and 29.1" in width (at the handlebars), so it's not an e-bike you can easily take on the bus or tram—but it's not meant to be. The Haoqi Eagle is designed to offer a powerful, comfortable and capable ride to take you from A to Z, no matter how steep the hills are or how long the roads go - and I think it achieves that really well.

The Eagle's substantial weight and overall size make it awkward and physically demanding to maneuver when you're not riding it. This is an electric bike you'll want to be on rather than beside.

If you don't mind a heavy build (which brings a lot of advantages to the table), you should definitely consider the Eagle.

Comfort & Ergonomics

One of the main benefits of a big, fat-tire e-bike is its exceptional comfort. The Haoqi Eagle effortlessly tackles rough roads thanks to its plush front suspension with 86mm of travel and the ultra-wide 26" by 4" INNOVA tires.

Velo Plush seat on Haoqi Ebike

The saddle is generously sized and well-cushioned, providing a comfortable seating experience. It also handles rain well, drying off quickly without absorbing too much water.

The handlebars measure " (0 cm) offers a wide, balanced riding posture that is less straining than a narrow grip and is easy to maintain.


As someone who has assembled a wide range electric bikes, I know the process too well to test the ease of assembly. To test if the Haoqi Eagle is truly easy to assemble, I did an experiment. I had my wife give it a shot. She thought the manual's instructions were a bit sparse, but she figured it out pretty quickly.

She needed my help to get the front tire on, but with the right tools and setup, she probably could've managed on her own. Haoqi's assembly video on their website was a big help, too.

All in all, putting the bike together was easy and didn't take too long. I would've liked the manual to be more detailed, but overall, it was still better than average.

Battery & Range

Haoqi Eagle battery pack closeup

The Haoqi Eagle impresses with 66.9 miles on a charge in our standardized range test—the best I've tested at this price point.

Battery Pack & Charing

frame. The 48V 20Ah pack, which uses high-quality 21700 cells from either LG or Samsung, boasts an impressive 960Wh capacity and can take you up to 80 miles on a single charge.

One of the things I really appreciate is the ability to remove the battery pack from the frame. Given the bike's considerable weight, it's a game-changer to be able to bring the battery inside for charging. And thanks to the included 3A smart charger, I was able to charge the battery from zero in just 7 hours.

There isn't much room between the battery pack and the front tire, so you have to position the front wheel at an angle to remove the pack. It's more of an annoyance than a real problem, but if they had inverted the design so that the battery ejects away from the front tire, it would have been easier to remove.

Range Tests

At ERideHero, I always base our reviews on independent performance tests and data. No claim goes without testing. I tested the Haoqi Eagle's range at various assistance levels to better understand its capabilities.

These are the results:

Assist LevelRange
PAS166.9 miles (107.7 km)
PAS358.6 miles (94.3 km)
PAS549.5 miles (79.7 km)
Throttle only34.5 miles (55.5 km)
Test rider stats: 175 lbs (80 kg), 5'11" (180 cm). Test environment: Asphalt, minimal inclines, 10ºC = 50ºF

In all honesty, I'm quite impressed. 960Wh is a lot of capacity, and the Haoqi Eagle really delivers. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a bigger bike. It scores the highest in range relative to price of any e-bike I've tested.

Drivetrain & Motor

Haoqi Eagle motor

The Haoqi Eagle reached an impressive top speed of 27.7 MPH (44.6 KMH) in our tests. Powered by a strong 750W rear hub motor with 90Nm of torque, this electric bike accelerates quickly and conquers steep inclines effortlessly.

Hub motors are generally not as well-integrated with your pedaling as mid-drive motors, but they are cheaper to service and typically offer more power for your money—and that holds true for the Eagle.

The Eagle also benefits from the 48V battery setup, as opposed to 36V alternatives, which allows the motor to draw more power. This results in faster acceleration, higher top speeds, and better hill-climbing performance.

Top Speed Test

Haoqi claims a 28 MPH (45.1 KMH) from the Eagle and I put that to the test.

Using the throttle only, I clocked a GPS-verified top speed of 27.7 MPH (44.6 KMH). I'd say it lives up to expectations of what a Class 3 e-bike should be capable of.

Acceleration Test

0-15 MPH (24 KMH)4.36 s4.22 s
0-20 MPH (32.2 KMH)7.44 s7.09 s
0-25 MPH (40.2 KMH)11.85 s11.46 s
0-27.7 MPH (44.6 KMH)13.81 s13.56 s

With its 90Nm of motor torque, the Haoqi Eagle delivers impressive acceleration, as confirmed by our multiple throttle-only tests from a standstill. I managed

If you're after a zippy e-bike with a powerful punch, the Eagle is a top choice. The acceleration curve is strong but smooth and responsive enough to get you up to speed quickly.

Hill Climbing Test

With 90Nm of torque from the strong rear hub motor, the Eagle easily conquers hills. I tested it out on the steepest hill in my city (Aalborg, Denmark) which peaks at 17% and effortlessly made it to the top, holding an average speed of about 20 MPH.

Although the Haoqi Eagle electric bike is somewhat heavy, it has all the power it needs to tackle challenging terrain and hills.

Controller & Display

Haoqi Eagle display

The Haoqi Eagle uses a GD06 LCD display seated in the middle of the handlebars. It's large, bright and fairly easy to read in direct sunlight. It also shows important information such as battery level, speed, PAS level, W usage and mileage.

I really like that the display has an IP67 weatherproof rating. This means it can handle rain rain without malfunctioning.

The display and mode buttons also give you access to several settings (although I had to refer to Haoqi's Facebook group to find concrete info on it). You can customize the following:

  • PAS levels (choose between having 3, 5 or 9 assist levels)
  • KMH or MPH units
  • Auto shutdown timer
  • Speed limit
  • PAS sensitivity

Error Codes

The LCD controller/screen shows error codes that can help you with troubleshooting. Refer to the codes below for more info:

6Low battery level
30Communication fail
21Current sensor fail
22Throttle fail
23Motor phase fail
24Motor hall fail
25Brake fail

Riding Experience & Comfort

Riding the Haoqi Eagle is a pleasure. Its generous dimensions, front suspension fork, and beefy tires provide a comfortable ride, but the e-bike isn't ideal for narrow spaces.

Motor Assistance & Ride Feel

The motor assistance is delivered smoothly, although I noticed a slightly longer delay in activation compared to some mid-drive motor alternatives. I changed the sensitivity in the display settings, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.

Taking off from a standstill without using the throttle is a bit hard. You'll definitely had to gear down to gear 1 or 2 as you have to get the bike rolling and wait about a second until the assistance kicks in.

Tires & Suspension

Haoqi Eagle INNOVA front tire closeup

The Haoqi Eagle has 26" by 4" tubed pneumatic tires from INNOVA. They're incredibly plush and grip the road well on both wet and loose surfaces.

With such a large tire contact patch, they really give the bike a sense of stability no matter whether you're leaning, riding over obstacles, or riding on hardpacked trails.

Haoqi Eagle suspension fork

The Haoqi Eagle electric bike is a hardtail, meaning it has a front fork but no rear suspension. The coil suspension with 86mm of travel does a great job absorbing bumps and vibrations when the roads get rough.

I tested it on various terrains and found it greatly improved ride comfort on hardpacked trails and dirt roads. I even took it for a ride at the beach, which it aced. I'd give the suspension and tire setup an A—it's clear of most entry-level options and almost as good as several $3,000+ e-bikes I've tested.

Haoqi Eagle suspension fork lock

Shock absorption is important in an all-terrain e-bike, but locking the suspension is arguably even more important when you need maximum stability at high speeds.

86mm of travel is great for battling uneven roads, but when you're riding on smooth asphalt, it comes at the expense of reduced stability. The Haoqi Eagle e-bike has a hydraulic lockout switch to handle that issue. This means you can switch on/off the front fork without stepping off your bike. Keep the coils open for poor roads and lock them on smooth surfaces.

This is a small detail found in many e-bikes, but I've seen far too many affordable models cut corners on it. Being able to toggle the fork on/off makes for a much more versatile ride that handles city streets just as well as off-roading. The suspension can be preloaded to match your preference and weight, which is nice, too.

Braking Performance

Haoqi Eagle front disc brake closeup

With 74.5 lbs (33.8 kg) of raw weight, the Eagle needs a lot of stopping power, and in my tests, the hydraulic 160mm brakes were up to the task.

I measured the average stopping distance at different speeds—5 runs each:

SpeedStopping Distance
15 MPH14.7 ft
20 MPH19.5 ft
25 MPH26.6 ft
28 MPH32.2 ft
Test rider stats: 175 lbs (80 kg), 5'11" (180 cm). Test environment: Asphalt, dry

These numbers are very respectable and based on my accumulated test data across models, they're slightly above average for an e-bike of this weight and power level. A stopping distance below 30 ft at 25 MPH is great.

It's the first the brake brand Gemma. While they perform very well, I prefer common brands like Shimano and Tektro as they're typically easier to service and source parts for. Still, you can't fault the braking system in terms of stopping power and smoothness of operation.


The Haoqi Eagle's fat tires make it feel quite stable and planted, even on rough terrain, but the tradeoff is that it feels a bit clumsy and sluggish when I try to make sharp turns or navigate through tight spaces. The heavy weight is noticeable and also impacts its handling.

It's not an issue—the unmatchable stability of a fat bike is what make them so popular for long trips, but for cramped inner-city commutes in trafficated areas, I'd definitely something more nimble. It all comes down to your specific use case and style.

Additional Features

The Eagle comes with all the essentials: a rear rack, integrated lights and full fenders.

Haoqi Eagle headlight

The Haoqi Eagle e-bike has an adjustable headlight that seamlessly integrates with the controller. The interface buttons allow you to switch the headlight on/off. It's bright enough to make you visible from a distance, but if you ride in complete darkness, you may want to upgrade to something stronger.

Haoqi Eagle rear light

The taillight also integrates with the bike, increasing in brightness as you engage the brakes. It's wide and visible from a distance and sits firmly on the rear rack. It's hard to fault—it gets the job done as it should.

The rear rack is a nice addition. It feels really sturdy and can be removed to reduce overall weight if you don't need it. It's a bit of a bummer that it doesn't seem compatible with Haoqi's basket if you're carrying bags or whatnot, but with a bit of DIY skill, it should be easy to set up.

Is the Haoqi Eagle Worth Buying?

Haoqi Eagle e bike review

So, is the Haoqi Eagle worth buying? Yes! The Eagle is a great choice if you value performance and comfort over weight and portability.

The Haoqi Eagle is full of value. It's really well-built and has a generous battery with 66.9 miles of range (in my tests) and enough motor power to handle steep inclines (27.7 MPH tested top speed).

Thanks to the fat tires, this electric bike handles all kinds of roads to an A+. Along with the front coil suspension, they absorb most road vibrations and bumps to give you a level of comfort you won't find in most lightweight e-bikes.

It's heavy at 74.5 lbs, but so are all other fat-tire e-bikes. They aren't meant to be portable—they're meant to be grounded, spacious, and cushioned—and the Eagle truly lives up to that.

Apart from a few minor downsides (hard-to-access battery, hub motor instead of center motor, and delayed motor assistance), the Haoqi Eagle is really hard to fault. You can't expect perfection at such an affordable price, but the Haoqi Eagle gets honorably close.

Full Specifications

Motor750W rear hub
Battery48V 20Ah, 960Wh
Cell OriginSamsung / LG 21700
Tested Range66.9 miles (107.7 km)
Tested Top Speed27.7 MPH (44.6 KMH)
Manufacturer Range80 miles (128.7 km)
Manufacturer Top Speed28 MPH (45.1 KMH)
Frame6061 aluminum alloy
Weight74.5 lbs (33.8 kg)
Max Load400 lbs (181.4 kg)
TiresInnova 26" x 4"
ChargerStandard 3.0A
Rear CasetteShimano 7 Speed 14-28T
BrakesGemma GA-1000 hydraulic 160mm disc
SuspensionFront coil fork
HandlebarsPromax 31.8" x 720mm
Dimensions29.1 x 44.9 x 77.6 in (88.7 x 136.9 x 236.5 cm)

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