Editorial & Affiliate Policy

A look at how we create trustworthy, reader-focused, and data-driven content.

At Eridehero, we aim to equip you with reliable, objective, and comprehensive insights into electric rides. We have strict editorial guidelines to ensure our published content's integrity, accuracy, and usefulness.

1. Affiliate Disclosure

We aim to create thorough and unbiased content to help you make informed decisions in the electric rides industry. We participate in various affiliate programs to sustain our efforts and continue providing valuable content free of charge.

When you click on links to products on our site and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help support our work, allowing us to continue producing high-quality, independent content.

Our affiliate agreements do not influence our reviews or any recommendations we make. We have a strict data-driven test methodology in place to quantify our points that we can compare across models. Your trust is our top priority, and we believe in full transparency regarding our affiliate relationships.

We have no incentive to promote subpar products or to base our recommendations on commission rates. In fact, if you choose to return a product you don't like, we do not earn a commission. This keeps us committed to putting our readers' needs first.

Affiliate Programs

ERideHero is a participant in various industry-relevant affiliate programs. Our partners include but are not limited to:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (Amazon.com or other geographic Amazon locations)
  • FluidFreeRide
  • Apollo Scooters
  • Turboant
  • Unagi
  • Segway
  • NIU
  • MiniMotors USA
  • Voro Motors
  • REV Rides

If you need clarification on a specific partner connection, feel free to contact us.

Review Units

While most products featured on ERideHero are purchased with our own money, we occasionally receive review units from manufacturers. With a limited budget, this allows us to serve more content and better understand every model on the market, ultimately resulting in better, more comprehensive content.

We take specific measures to ensure ethics are met when receiving review units:

  • The manufacturer/retailer gets no input in the content we produce.
  • The manufacturer/retailer does not get to review the content we produce before it is published.
  • We do not sell review units. Instead, we keep them for future testing and comparisons.

2. Editorial Standards

We adhere to a strict editorial policy to bring the best content possible.

A Data-driven Test Methodology

We've developed the most comprehensive 30-point testing methodology to evaluate electric rides' performance, durability, and reliability. We use pro-grade hardware and a comparable testing environment to ensure accuracy and consistency in our data.

Every product undergoes a series of performance tests covering various metrics, including speed, range, hill climbing ability, and braking efficiency, among others.

Learn more about how we test products.

Focus on Objectivity

We are committed to objectivity and unbiased evaluation. We clearly distinguish between editorial content and affiliate partnerships, ensuring that our reviews and recommendations are solely based on merit and performance.

Built on Expertise

Over the last half decade, we have conducted rigorous tests on more than 100 electric rides.

We have built an extensive database with thousands of data points that allow us to evaluate products on a deeper basis. Through this endeavor, we've gained deep insights into the inner workings of the products we test and how the industry evolves as a whole.

Collaborations with Professionals

In cases where we realize our knowledge is limited, we work together with credentialed, vetted industry experts to elevate the content experience. This includes but is not limited to professional riders, instructors, mechanics, and engineers.

Transparency and Disclosure

Transparency is fundamental for us. We provide a clear disclosure of our testing methodologies, editorial practices, and affiliate relationships. No hidden agendas. Full transparency.

Continual Updating & Improvement

In a rapidly evolving market, it is crucial we evolve with it.

We are committed to keeping our content up-to-date, reflecting the latest developments in the industry.

Inviting Feedback

We invite and appreciate feedback on our content. Your observations and suggestions drive us to refine our editorial process and content quality continually.