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ZERO 10 Electric Scooter Review

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Zero 10 electric scooter at the harbour
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When searching for the right electric scooter to buy, you have to consider several factors. Speed, power, range, and most importantly, price, should all be taken into account before you spend your hard-earned dollars. You want to get the best value for the money you spend, but comparing all the different scooters in the market is time-consuming. So, we are going to do it for you.

In this review, we are going to be taking a close look at the ZERO 10 electric scooter. Part of the ZERO series, the ZERO 10 is an upgrade from the ZERO 8 and ZERO 9 and costs $300 more. Read on to find out if the higher cost is worth it as we dive into the specs and determine if the price tag accurately reflects the quality of the scooter.

Speed and Acceleration

The ZERO 10 has a 1000W motor that peaks at 1600W. This allows the scooter to reach speeds of 30-35 MPH. This is a pretty quick pace, and it will feel like you’re flying on most roads. The ZERO 10 can reach slightly higher speeds than the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, even though the Speedway has a 1350W motor (and at a cheaper price at that).

The acceleration of the ZERO 10 can be set by parameters through the control input, with the options being 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the fastest). The ZERO 10 is default set at an input of 3 which most riders claim is very zippy and more than sufficient in most environments. If you set it to 5, then you better hold on tight because this scooter takes off quickly.

Zero 10 electric scooter standing on a wooden deck near the sea

Battery and Range

The battery on the ZERO 10 is a 53V 18Ah SINC lithium-ion battery - quite an upgrade from the ZERO 8 and ZERO 9. Their website claims that this provides a range of 33 miles in ideal conditions, but this will drop off if you ride on any inclines. While 33 miles is indeed an impressive range, competitors like the Apollo Explore advertise a range of 37 miles for $100 less than the ZERO 10.

Because the battery is so large, it usually takes upwards of 6 hours to charge it. This is a short enough time to charge it at work so you can fill up on power before you commute back home. RevRides does sell lightning chargers that can cut that time down to just 4 hours, but you won’t want to use the lightning charger too much as it can dampen the battery’s performance over time.

The ZERO 10 does come with a 25A controller which is the same controller on the ZERO 9. This gives it a boost compared to the ZERO 8 which only has a 20A controller installed.

Suspension and Ride Quality

Zero 10 froint wheel with Nutt disc brake

When you’re riding the ZERO 10 you’ll notice that the ride is exceptionally smooth. There is a front spring suspension on the stem of the scooter as well as a dual hydraulic suspension system on the rear wheel. 

This isn’t too different from the ZERO 8 and 9 as they also come with both front and rear suspension. You could upgrade to the ZERO 10X for upgraded front suspension, but that will cost you an extra $300.

Unlike the ZERO 8, which only has a front pneumatic (air-filled) tire and a solid rubber back tire, the ZERO 10 comes with two 10-inch pneumatic tires that help to absorb a lot of the shock that comes from bumps and cracks in the road. The ZERO 9 has two pneumatic tires as well, but they are only 8.5 inches in diameter.

The two pneumatic tires combined with the dual suspension system makes most urban streets easily conquerable, and you could probably do some light off-roading without issues as well.

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The increased speed and range of the ZERO 10 comes with a cost when it comes to weight. While the ZERO 8 and 9 both weigh in at just around 40 lbs, the ZERO 10 weighs a whopping 52 lbs. This is comparable to other scooters with similar speed and range, like the Apollo Explore, but it’s certainly not lightweight. Most riders can probably carry this in short distances, such as from the street to their office, but it would definitely be unwieldy for longer distances.

Like its predecessors, the ZERO 10 folds where the steering column meets the deck (unlike the ZERO 10X which folds a little way up the stem). The handlebars are also able to fold inwards which makes it a little narrower if you need to take it onto a bus or in a car.

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Build Quality and Safety

The ZERO brand has a reputation for durable scooters and the ZERO 10 is no different. Made with sturdy metal components, the ZERO 10’s frame should remain strong for hundreds, or even thousands, of hours of riding. Some riders have noted that the steering column can become a little bit loose, but a few tightening of screws with routine maintenance should solve this issue.

The deck on the ZERO 10 is 21 inches long and 9 inches wide, which is 1.5 inches wider than the ZERO 9. This provides plenty of comfort for long rides and users with large feet. The ZERO 10 also has a load capacity of 265 lbs which is higher than the ZERO 8 and 9.

There are two brakes on the ZERO 10 on both the front and the rear wheel. Both of these brakes are disc brakes too, so making quick stops shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Zero 10 electric scooter at dusk

The ZERO 10 is mounted with front and rear lights, but they are mounted somewhat lower on the scooter than what you may want to provide sufficient brightness while riding in the dark. Most riders may want to purchase a separate headlight and attach it somewhere that provides a comfortable amount of light. 

One neat feature the ZERO 10 has is glow lighting under the deck, which makes the electric scooter more visible from the sides while riding at night (and it adds to the overall esthetics, which is a bonus). The ZERO 9 has this feature as well, but you won’t find it on the ZERO 8.

The LCD display on the scooter allows the rider to view key statistics like speed, mileage, and battery power. You can also use the LCD to choose the acceleration power, turn the lights on or off, and engage cruise control.

Support and Warranty

The warranty on all ZERO series scooters is set at 12 months. Other scooters, like the Apollo City and Explore, come with a 2-year warranty. The ZERO warranty covers issues related to manufacturer errors but won’t cover things like wear and tear.

The ZERO support team has a call system where a technician will walk you through the steps to repair or replace whatever components are faulty. RevRides also notes on their website that their support team will work with you to resolve any issue you have to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Who Should Buy the ZERO 10?

The ZERO 10 is a quality scooter, but with options like the Apollo Explore (which is almost identical), it just isn’t worth the price tag. For this reason, we have to rank the ZERO 10 at 7.8 out of 10 stars. It has good suspension, quality braking, and decent speed and range, but its competitors offer the same features at better prices.

The ZERO 10 is good for commuters who have to travel longer distances, as well as for those who have to travel over bumpy terrain. It does get decently fast and has a punchy acceleration, so it may be preferable for experienced riders.

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Full Specifications

Top speed33 mph
Motor power1000W
Range33 miles
Tire sizes10 inch air filled
Battery52V 18Ah (Sinc)
Product weight52 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs / 120 kgs
Brake discdual disc
Lightsfront & rear led + frame lighting

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