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Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter Review

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For many individuals, electric scooters are an up-and-coming, eco-friendly way of getting around. 

However, due to their somewhat hefty price tags, as well as their varying features, selecting the right model for your needs is crucial to ensure total satisfaction!

Because, despite the initial investment, electric scooters prove to be considerably more affordable than cars and a great way to avoid heavy traffic. 

The benefits of electric scooters are clear, but there are several important factors to consider before deciding which scooter is right for you.

Below, we review the Xiaomi M365 Pro, to help you get a better idea of what this two-wheeled machine is capable of doing! 

Xiaomi M365 Pro - Overview

The Xiaomi M365 Pro has recently hit the market throughout North America and has already become a rather popular model. In fact, many are eager to see what this e-scooter can do since it’s effectively an enhanced version of the older Xiaomi M365. 

While it looks very similar in appearance to the M365, its features bring it to the next level. 

It’s also slightly larger in size and offers a few more ergonomic features that are designed for a more comfortable ride. But let’s dive into our review, which will closely examine a few key components of the M365 Pro.

Xiaomi M365 Pro

Speed, Acceleration, And Motor Power

In terms of speed, acceleration, and motor power, the M365 Pro knows how to deliver. It has a 300W motor, which gives it an edge over the regular M365’s 250W motor. 

This powerful motor allows for easier hill climbing, as well as an increase in speed, which tops out at about 16.0 mph. The M365 Pro can accelerate from 0 to 15 mph in just over 5 seconds, which is an improvement over the M365. 

However, it’s still a bit slower than some other top competitors on the market. 

Battery And Range

The Xiaomi M365 Pro knows how to hold its own in terms of range and battery. 

In terms of range, the Xiaomi M365 Pro offers about 25.1 miles of unimpeded riding. Additionally, this is a 70% increase over the original M365. The increased battery capacity is largely responsible for making such a range feasible, which provides this scooter with about 474-watt hours of power.

Suspension And Ride Quality 

All-in-all, the tires and suspension on the Xiaomi M365 Pro make it a reliable city ride. The wide pneumatic tires keep things smooth overall, with balance and just the right amount of firmness. 

The deck is just a bit bigger than the original Xiaomi M365 and offers more rider stability throughout each ride. The handlebars on the M365 Pro have been upgraded for a better, more comfortable grip, providing riders with even more control over their scooter. 

Portability And Weight 

Perhaps the largest drawback of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is its bulked up size and weight as these pose a bit of a problem when it comes to portability. 

The scooter weighs in at 31 lbs. which is a bit heavier than the original. In fact, it is a whole five pounds heavier, which for some riders, might make this scooter a bit undesirable. 

Still, it is designed to be portable, and folds down to only 44” x 17” x 19”. 

With all of the new and improved features packed into the Xiaomi M365 Pro, it's not surprising that it needs to be slightly larger. However, for some riders, this extra bulk and size might not be a viable option. 

Build Quality And Safety 

Built from high-quality materials, the M365 Pro is designed to offer a smooth, solid ride, while also being durable, and keeping the rider safe at all times. 

The handlebars have LED headlights and the scooter’s safety is completed with a rear braking taillight. Overall, these features make the Xiaomi M365 Pro a safe scooter for riding in an urban environment both during the day and late at night during reduced visibility. 


Warranty And Customer Support

The Xiaomi M365 Pro warranty is sufficient and comparable to the warranty offers on most other models on the market. For this, users get a 12-month warranty of manufacturer parts. However, additional warranties may be purchased from some Xiaomi dealers for an extra cost.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Vs. Xiaomi M365 

Xiaomi Mi M365 vs Xiaomi M365 Pro

When all is said and done, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is more solid and offers considerably more value than the original Xiaomi M365

Additionally, the M365 Pro takes the speed and acceleration capabilities of the Xiaomi M365 and improves on them immensely. In other words, the M365 Pro boasts overall higher statistics than the original M365 in terms of speed, acceleration, and suspension. 

And, as previously mentioned, the M365 Pro offers about 70% more range than the original!

With 25.1-mile range capability, this scooter truly allows riders to commute to and from work, with plenty of range left over to ride around town in the evenings.

Though this model weighs 5 pounds more than the original and is slightly longer and wider when folded, these drawbacks pale in comparison to the areas where the M365 Pro is better than the original. 

Final Verdict

In the end, the Xiaomi M365 Pro delivers in many areas where the original Xiaomi M365 could not. 

Its overall composition and build are far superior, however, it does weigh quite a bit more and comes with a higher price tag than the standard M365. 

Still, this scooter is more than worth purchasing if you are looking to use it for longer commutes at higher speeds. The range and battery life on this scooter complement its acceleration perfectly and in terms of quality, you can be sure that the Xiaomi M365 Pro is going to deliver. 

In the end, this scooter is not only a step up from the original M365, but it’s also a step up from most similar scooters in its weight range on the market.

The only few drawbacks are pricing inconsistencies and its limited availability worldwide though we hope and believe that’ll change soon as the product goes more mainstream. Still curious about electric scooters? View our guide to the best electric scooters on the market.

Full Specifications

Top speed16mph
Motor power300W
Range25.1 miles
Charge time8 - 9 hours
Weight capacity220 lbs (100 kgs)
Tire size8.5 inch front and rear (air filled) tires
Rider height120-200cm
IP RatingIP54

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