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Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter Review

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Macwheel MX1
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Top Speed
15.6 MPH
18.6 miles
250 W
270 Wh
28 lbs
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Designed with commuters in mind, the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter has a powerful motor and battery system that provides a max speed of 15.6 mph and a long 18.6-mile range.

Combined with the non-pneumatic tires with features like water-resistance and built-in steel wire, as well as a double braking system, this scooter’s construction is perfect for city riding. While a fairly pricey choice, the Macwheel MX1 does boast some impressive specs.

Macwheel MX1 photo
It looks like an absolute beauty.

Range & Speed

The Macwheel MX1 scooter is powered by a 350-watt hub motor. That power gets you speeds as high as 15.6 miles per hour, and it has a decent hill grade of 14-degrees.

As for the lithium-ion battery, the company focused on the battery management system and motor efficiency, so you get a long range of 18.6 miles per charge. The battery is high capacity and takes about 5 hours to charge.

These specs make the Macwheel a really solid electric commuter scooter. Actual range and speed will vary depending on conditions like terrain and rider weight, but you’re still looking at an impressive battery and motor.


Macwheel MX1 tires

As a commuter scooter, the Macwheel MX1 has a solid build and fast folding system. It takes about 3 seconds to fold or unfold it, so you can store the scooter with you for the rest of your commute by train or bus.

At close to 30 pounds, the scooter isn’t the lightest carry, but considering the motor power, it is to be expected. To avoid the need to carry the scooter for long, keep an eye on the battery power and always charge the scooter after a ride.

The Macwheel MX1 is able to hold a rider weight of 265 pounds, which is on the higher end for foldable electric scooters.

The other construction major feature on this e-scooter is the tires. They are 8.5 inches, which is on the larger side, which means a smoother ride even over rougher terrain.

They are also non-pneumatic, which means they don’t have air. Airless tires require significantly less maintenance and you don’t have to worry about punctures. Both the front and rear tires are made with shock absorption and anti-slip. They’re also water-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and built with steel wire for extra protection.

Handlebar Controls

You operate the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter with power button controls on the handlebar. Hit the button twice to turn the headlights on or off. Pressing once quickly will switch the scooter between three different speed modes.

On the handlebar, you can also see 5 LED lights that let you know what the battery level is. Find out your speed by looking at the speedometer.


Macwheel MX1 Unboxing

We couldn’t find an exact answer about UL certification, but the battery management system does have protections on over-charge, under-voltage, overheating, automatic shutoff, and balance.

The main safety feature is the double braking system, which consists of both disc braking (at the rear) and E-ABS braking. There’s also an anti-lock system in place. This allows for better and more responsive braking, which is very important on an electric scooter that goes as fast as the Macwheel MX1.

When you’re zipping around an urban environment, responsive braking can prevent an accident. When riding, always practice proper safety habits, like wearing a good helmet and keeping the scooter headlights on in low light.

Customer Service

Macwheel MX1 Test

Macwheel has a limited warranty that covers any defects in workmanship or material under normal use for up to one year past the invoice date.

If you register an account on the Macwheel Direct website, there’s also a 90-day extended warranty. Macwheel will repair your electric scooter or replace the product at no charge. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser.

To redeem the warranty, contact customer support with your order number. For other questions, you can also contact customer support and they will get back within 24 hours. 


There really isn’t much to complain about, except for the high price tag. At almost $400 before shipping, the Macwheel mx1 is probably beyond the budget of a lot of people.

There’s also some concerns about the shorter deck size, and that getting to the top speed of 15.6 miles is only possible when you’re going downhill.

Who Should Buy The Macwheel MX1?

This is a commuter scooter. Its biggest selling point is its long range of over 18 miles on a single charge. That means this electric scooter can be used to supplement long city commutes by bus or train, or even replace them, depending on the area you’re from and how far you need to go.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a scooter, the high price tag might be worth it.

Final Verdict

Macwheel MX1

Expensive price aside, the Macwheel MX1 is a very impressive electric scooter. It’s perfect for commuters because of its long range.

Its 350-watt motor and battery also allow for a fast top speed of over 15 mph. There are three speed modes, as well, which you control using the power buttons on the handlebar.

As for the riding experience, the Macwheel’s construction includes airless 8.5-inch front and rear tires for smooth, safe riding, while the double braking system is also designed for ease of use and safety.

When you’ve reached your destination or second half of your commute, the scooter folds up quickly in 3 seconds. If you have the budget for the Macwheel MX1, it has a lot of features that make it a good choice. It’s without a doubt an excellent choice for both kids and adults.


Top Speed15.6 MPH
Warranty12 months
Range18.6 miles
Weight28 lbs
Motor Power250W
Wheel Size8.5 inches
Hill Grade14 degrees
Charging Time4-5 hours
Weight Limit256 lbs

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