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Levy Electric Scooter Review

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Levy electric scooter
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Top Speed
18 MPH
10 miles
350 W
230 Wh
27 lbs


Built with a unique battery-swapping feature, the Levy electric scooter gives riders great range, fast top speeds, and convenience. The riding modes help you make the most out of the motor and battery, while safety features like LED lights and a waterproof rating can set your mind at ease. For scooters in this price range, the Levy is definitely worth considering.

Motor & Battery

Levy scooter in NYC

The Levy electric scooter has a front-wheel-drive motor with 350 watts of nominal power. At peak capacity, it’s 700 watts, but the nominal power is really what riders should care about. It offers enough torque for 5-10% hill inclines, depending on factors like rider weight and weather.

The lithium-ion Panasonic e-scooter battery, which is found in the scooter’s handlebar stem, is 36 volts and designed for high capacity. The highlight of this battery is that it can be swapped out very easily to give you more range on one ride.

Battery packs can also be charged outside of the scooter in 2-3 hours using the separate charging port in the battery’s casing. The batteries weigh just over 3 pounds, so they’re easy to carry in a backpack.

Range & Speed

What kind of range and speed can you get from the Levy electric scooter’s motor and battery system? Per battery, the range is around 9 miles, especially if you’re riding in the city and riding closer to the top speeds.

With two batteries, you can get a range of up to 15-18 miles. The range will always vary depending on rider weight, speed, terrain, and weather. There are three riding modes: beginner, eco, and sport.

The Levy also includes cruise control. Monitor your speed and battery range with the LCD display.

levy scooter removable battery pack


The Levy electric scooter is constructed from aviation aluminum alloy, so it’s sturdy but still fairly lightweight at 27 pounds. For scooters at this level, that’s about as light as you’ll find.

The scooter uses 8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires. They are more resistant to flats and are easier to repair if any punctures do occur. Many scooter-owners also find that tubeless tires provide smoother rides.

The Levy can hold riders up to 220 pounds and caps a rider’s height at 6-feet, 5 inches. For transportation, the Levy is equipped with a folding stem. To use, pull the black safety collar to the side, then pull the metal lever down. It folds to a size of 42’’x 17’’ x 17’’.

Braking System

A good scooter needs a good braking system. The Levy electric scooter utilizes a double braking system with rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake.

You use one lever for both the disc brake and regenerative brake. What’s regenerative braking? It converts kinetic energy back into the brakes, so you’re preserving your battery more effectively. Why two kinds of brakes?

The mechanical rear disc brake is more durable and reliable, so having that in combination with e-brakes is good for riders.


The Levy e-scooter has a rear braking light, so any vehicles or riders behind you can see, while the LED headlight shines the way forward. When riding at night, you want to be extra careful and always wear safety gear like a helmet.

Other safety features on the Levy include an anti-fire battery case and an IP54 waterproof rating. You do charge the battery with a port in the case, but do not try to mess with the case itself.

Customer Service

Levy Scooter various colors

The Levy electric scooter has a 14-day guarantee and a six-month warranty on it. The warranty offers full protection against any manufacturing defects, while spare parts will be sent to riders for free up to a year after purchase. Customer support is available 7 days a week by phone or email.

Levy also offers their scooters for rental in NYC. To get started with this process, you’ll want to download the Levy app. The app lets you find and reserve scooters nearby, pay and unlock/lock your scooter. According to Levy’s website, rental prices are $0.15/minute, $9/hour and $35/day. 


There really aren’t any glaring downsides to this scooter. The main one is that when you buy the scooter, you just get one battery. You need to buy a spare separately, which is another $130 or so if you wanna get extra range. With just one battery on its own, you don’t get the great range the scooter promises.

Some reviews also point out that because the battery is in the handlebar stem, it affects how the scooter balances. That might take some getting used to.

Who Should Buy The Levy Electric Scooter?

If you want to get a really good range but don’t want to pay a really high price for a scooter, the Levy electric scooter is a great choice. The removable battery is really convenient for a variety of reasons, including traveling by plane and charging your battery outside of the scooter.

Also, having a removable battery means that when it (one day) dies completely, you don’t have to get rid of the whole scooter. Just replace the battery.

levy scooter battery removal
Replacing the battery is easy as 1-2-3.

Final Verdict

The biggest selling point on the Levy electric scooter is the removable battery, but the other features shouldn’t be overlooked either.

It’s a portable, lightweight scooter with good range and speed, good safety features, good brakes, and a comparable price to other brands in its range. If you are torn between a few scooter models, remember Levy’s removable battery, including the price of a spare battery, and then do your compare/contrast.

Finally, the Levy is built upon the same base as the Turboant X7 and the Elka Model-T, so which you end up going with depending on your location and the support you need. Levy will be superior on support and e-scooter repairs whereas the Turboant will offer a slightly better price.

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Top Speed18 MPH
Range9-15 miles per charge
Motor Power350W nominal / 700W peak
Folded Dimensions17" x 41.57"
Upright Dimensions45.9" x 41.57"
Battery36V, 6.4Ah (230 Wh)
Tires8.5" pneumatic tires
Charging Time2-3 hours
Max Load220 lbs

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