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Gotway MSX Pro Electric Unicycle Review

Gotway MSX Pro electric unicycle
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The Gotway MSX Pro (which is also called the MSuper Pro) offers two motor choices and an array of features perfect for a rider who wants it all. Whether you like to tackle hills or zoom along the flat ground at a high speed, you’ll like what the MSX Pro provides. It also has a great range and features like bright lighting and high-quality speakers. Let’s take a closer look:

Motor and battery

There are two motor options with the Gotway MSX Pro: a 2000-watt motor or a 2500-watt motor. The 2000-watt motor gets you a slightly faster 45 mph speed, while the 2500 gets around 37 mph. The benefit of the 2500-watt motor is its torque, which is important for hills. If you’re at or close to the 325-pound max rider weight, the 2500-watt motor is the better choice.

The battery is the same in both units. It has a 1800Wh capacity, which gets you around 60 miles per charge. To keep your battery in good shape, always top off the charge after each ride and don’t let it drain below 30%. When the charge is low, it’ll take around 3 hours to get back up to 80% with a 4A fast-charger. 


There’s a lot we liked about the construction on the Gotway MSX Pro. It has an impressive 19-inch tire that’s 3-inches wide. That makes it great for rougher terrains like grass and gravel. It’s also skid-resistant, which is a new feature. The pedals are upgraded from other unicycles in this series.

They’re XL Nikola pedals with improved grip-tape, so you’ll feel steady at high speeds. If you end up riding through mud, the self-standing clip-on fender keeps the muck from splashing up. The fender also helps keep the wheel balancing upright. When you aren’t riding the wheel, you can move it around with the retractable trolley handle. The unicycle weighs around 52 pounds and can hold up to 325 pounds.

Concerned about water? The wheel housing is enclosed, so if water does get in through the handle chamber, it drains right through. The motherboard is also coated with epoxy film, which keeps it protected. You should still avoid riding your unicycle in the rain, but if you do, it should only be light rain. Avoid riding through puddles and always store the Gotway MSX Pro indoors.

man riding gotway msx pro

Lighting, speakers, app

The lighting on a unicycle is important. You want high-quality lighting that’s bright and keeps you safe in low light conditions. The Gotway MSX Pro has a Double T6 headlight and intelligent brightness. There’s also lighting in the back and RBG accent LEDs. You can be confident in your visibility.

For the speakers, they are there for both streaming music and sounding alarms. There are two 35-watt Bluetooth speakers. Along with the safety warning system, you can make adjustments in the Gotway app. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Get a close look at your battery charge, internal temp, and voltage. You can also adjust your ride mode and pedal calibration and upgrade the firmware with the app.

Safety features

Most people find that electric unicycles have a steep learning curve, so the best way to stay safe is to take it slow. There are also automatic protection functions that keep you out of harm’s way, like the intelligent speed limiting protection.

There’s also power supply short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and battery under-voltage protection. When they were first released, electric unicycles had a reputation for being a fire hazard, but safety features across the board have gotten much better. Crashing and falling represent the most dangerous aspect of a EUC.

Customer service

Gotway MSX Pro sideview

The Gotway MSX Pro has a 1-year parts warranty. For the battery, it’s 6 months, while it’s 3 months for the tire/tube and accessories. The labor warranty is a 1-year limited warranty. Damage as a result of misuse or neglect, water damage, salt damage, or an accident isn’t covered. The warranty will also not be valid if you’re missing a warranty sheet or the original invoice, so hang on to those.


The high price tag is the biggest downside to the Gotway MSX Pro, but if you want to invest in a quality ride, the price makes sense. Gotway asks for a deposit first, and then you pay the rest when the unicycle arrives. In total, you’ll pay around $2000. The faster motor does cost a bit more, so keep that in mind.

The unicycle’s weight might also be an issue. It’s pretty heavy, which can be inconvenient if you need to drag it around places. We’ve also seen some complaints about the user manual, the app, and customer service.

Who should buy Gotway MSX Pro?

The Gotway MSX Pro is an impressive electric unicycle any rider will love. The fact that it has different motor options makes it appealing to two types of people: those who want torque and those who want speed. The torque-heavy 2500-watt motor also supports heavier riders and has a better safety margin. Because of its price, the Gotway MSX Pro is probably a better choice for more experienced riders who know they love unicycles. If you aren’t sure, you can find a quality wheel for a less intimidating cost.

Final thoughts

Expensive but with the quality to match, the Gotway MSX Pro gives you both high speed and a long range, whether you choose the torque-forward motor or the fast motor.

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, the fast motor gets you up to 45 mph. Both motor choices offer solid safety features, a big tire, great lighting and speakers, and an app to track all your stats. You’re ready for the open road when you take off on this EUC.

You don't get much better than the Gotway MSX Pro. It is - without question - one of the best premium e-unicycles on the market today. It carries a big price tag but the product you're getting justifies that.

Full Specifications

Top speed37-45 mph
Range60 miles
Battery Capacity1800Wh
Weight52 pounds
Max load325 pounds
Wheel size19 inches
Charging time4 hours (with 4A fast-charger)
Warranty1 year limited

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