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Gotrax Xr & Xr Ultra Electric Scooters Review

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Gotrax Xr Ultra Electric Scooter
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Today, we take a look at the new-in-2020 flagship electric scooters from Gotrax - the Xr line! In this review, we'll be covering the standard and Ultra models.


The Gotrax XR and XR Ultra both improve on the Gotrax GXL V2 in a few key areas, so if you liked the older Gotrax, you’ll love both of these new products. The two e-scooters are similar, but there are some differences worth talking about.

Overall, both offer good speed and range, a great braking system, and great tires. If you’re looking for a way to supplement a commute, these scooters fit the bill.

Motor and battery

The differences with the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra start with the motor and battery. The Gotrax XR has a 250-watt motor, like the GXL V2. The XR Ultra has a 300-watt motor, which mainly affects the acceleration. All three of these scooters have a 15.5 mph top speed, which feels very fast.

The range is where things vary a bit, which comes down to the differences in the battery. The XR uses a lithium 36 volt, 5.2aH battery. This improves on the range of the GXL, so now, you’ll get about 12 miles of range. The XR Ultra uses a bigger LG battery - it’s 7.0aH - so your range goes up to 16 miles.

Charging time for both the XR and XR Ultra takes about 3-4 hours. If you’re looking for a scooter that can take you further, the XR Ultra is your best choice between the two new Gotrax options.

Man riding the Gotrax Xr electric scooter


Both Gotrax Xr e-scooters are designed with commuters in mind. They’re foldable, so they’re easy to take with you on trains and buses. When folded, the dimension of both e-scooters is around 44 by 15 inches by 6-inches. Gotrax also improved the folding mechanism. Now you have a safety pin that helps keep the scooter from folding up when you don’t want it to.

Before folding, always make sure the scooter is powered off. Both the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra can hold a rider up to 220 pounds. At just over 26 pounds, these are very lightweight electric scooters as well.

What about the tires? At 8.5 inches, the tires have a nice size. While not an off-road e-scooter by any means, the bigger tires are designed for city streets that may not be as smooth as they could be. The tires are also air-filled, which helps significantly with shock absorption. Your ride will be comfortable and smooth.

For this price, it’s fairly unusual to have air-filled tires. It is normal for e-scooters in this price range to have a suspension system, but neither XR has this in place. The tires help offset this omission, but they do require more maintenance than solid tires.

Black and White version of Gotrax Xr Ultra out in the sun

Braking, Smart Display, and Safety

Every electric scooter needs a good braking system. Both the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra use a dual braking system. There’s a rear disc brake and front electronic brake system. A rear disc is great because it’s mechanical and gives you a sense of security.

You’ll always be able to brake with that system, even on wet roads. The electronic brake at the front is regenerative and takes some of the pressure off the rear brake. Regenerative braking helps you get the best range possible.

Two gotrax Xr ultra scooters near the beach

On the smart display, you’ll be able to see your battery level and adjust your speed settings. The first setting limits the speed significantly while the second lets you open up the scooter’s full potential. If you’re new to riding, sticking to that first gear until you’re comfortable is a smart idea. The scooters also have cruise control, so you can maintain your ideal speed and relax.

Riding an electric scooter in the dark comes with risks no matter what, but when it happens, you want to feel safe. The ultra-bright headlight and reflective tail light on both scooters make you visible and help you see.

What about riding when it’s wet out? The Gotrax XR and XR have an IP54 waterproof rating. No scooters should ever be submerged in water, but if you’re riding and it starts to rain, you don’t need to worry about the scooter breaking down.

Customer Service

Gotrax is proud of its customer service. The Gotrax XR and XR Ultra proved that they listened to their customers about the features they want in a scooter.

Customer support is based in the US and they offer free shipping on their products. If you want to return the scooter, you get a 30-day return window. The limited warranty is 90 days.

For answers to questions about your scooter, you can find owner’s manuals on the Gotrax website, as well as a FAQ page and contact information.


Considering the affordability of both Gotrax scooters, there’s really not much to complain about. Compared to other scooters in this price range, both the XR and XR Ultra are very impressive. That being said, there's always some room for improvement.

Some commuters might find the range a bit limiting, especially since the range claimed by Gotrax reflects ideal conditions like a smooth road and certain rider weight. Factors like speed can also diminish the range.

The other downside is the fact that pneumatic (air-filled) tires need more maintenance. They’re also vulnerable to punctures, unlike solid tires. We personally like the air-filled tires; without a suspension system, they’re necessary for a smooth ride. If you're used to solid tires, though, you should know pneumatic ones require more monitoring and care.

Gotrax xr riding on road with sunset in the background

Who should buy this the Gotrax XR e-scooters?

Both the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra are excellent choices for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot but wants something high-quality. You would be hard-pressed to find a scooter as good as either of these in a similar price range.

These scooters are meant for “last-mile” commuters. They are small and light enough to be folded up and taken on a train or bus. Gotrax does say that these e-scooters were designed with adults in mind, but they are safe e-scooters for kids. These are city e-scooters, so if you’re looking for something more rugged, you’ll need to look at another option.

Final Thoughts

What else can we say about the Gotrax XR and XR Ultra? Gotrax listened and improved on the GXL V2. It was already one of the most impressive e-scooters out there in its price range. The only thing we would improve on is the range, but the XR Ultra does offer a decent 16 miles per charge. Both give a buzzing 15.5 mph top speed, which - on a smooth road - will make you feel like you’re flying.

The air-filled 8.5-inch tires are a great feature, as well, especially since the scooters don’t have a suspension system. While they do require a bit more maintenance than solid tires, pneumatic tires offer great shock absorption and comfort.

The construction is sturdy but still light and compact enough to take with you on a subway, bus, etc. If you want an environmentally-friendly way to get around the city and cut down on your car and/or public transit usage, the XR and XR Ultra are both great choices. For a longer range, go with the XR Ultra, which has more motor power and a bigger battery.


Mutual Specifications

Top Speed15.5 MPH
Weight26.4 pounds
Battery36V Lithium-ion
Tires8.5-inch pneumatic tires
Max Load220 pounds
Dimensions43.3 x 17.1 x 14.6 inches

Unique to the Gotrax Xr Standard

Battery Capacity5.2Ah
Motor Power250W
Range12.5 miles

Unique to the Gotrax Xr Ultra

Battery Capacity7.0Ah
Motor Power300W
Range16 miles

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