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Elka Model-T Electric Scooter Review

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Elka Model-T scooter
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Notice 2024: Elka doesn't exist anymore. Alternatives can be found in our electric scooter reviews section.

Created by Elka, the Elka Model-T electric scooter is named after the original Ford Model-T car. Like that Model-T, Elka hopes its scooter will win over the hearts of riders in the EU and beyond. The scooter features a powerful motor, a unique removable lithium battery, cutting-edge brakes, and lightweight construction. If you’re looking for a scooter designed for convenience and fun with some standout features, this is a great choice.

Motor & Battery

Elka Model T electric scooter

The Model-T’s motor is 700 watts, but it’s actually capped at 350 watts. This gives you the torque necessary to travel up slopes. There are 3 different speed settings, with a top speed of 25 km per hour (15.5 mph).

A 75kg (165-pound) rider can travel up to 20km (around 12 miles) at 15 km/hour (around 9 mph). That makes this scooter an excellent for city riding, where speed laws matter and you want a good range to get places. After five seconds at one speed, the scooter goes into cruise control.

The battery in this scooter is a 36 volt, 6.4Ah lithium battery. At empty, the battery takes about four hours to charge, but it usually takes more like 2 hours if you charge after each ride. Charging from empty, it can cost as little as 15p, so this scooter is energy-efficient. What’s really special about the Model-T’s battery is that it’s actually removable.

You can’t take the battery out of most e-scooters. With the Model-T, however, you take out the battery and charge it in its own module. It’s much more convenient to charge when you can keep the battery inside and the scooter in your garage. The other benefit is that if you carry a spare charged battery with you, you can get twice the ride on the scooter by swapping batteries when one is empty.

Great Braking System

Scooters can frequently be problematic when it comes to braking. You want a smooth, easy braking system on your scooter, especially when you’re in the city around other vehicles.

The Model-T uses cutting-edge technology on their disc brakes. Disc brakes are great because they are intuitive like bicycle brakes, and they don’t require repair or replacement for years. The braking system also uses regenerative eABS technology, so a lot of the kinetic energy goes back into the battery, lengthening your ride.

Lightweight Foldable Design

A lot of scooters are pretty heavy, especially when they have powerful motors. We don’t know the exact weight of the scooter, but it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to be lightweight. It folds up in less than a second, so it’s easier to carry if necessary. It’s also IP54 water-resistant, but you shouldn’t submerge the scooter in water.

The tires on a scooter are very important when it comes to how comfortable the ride feels. The Model-T uses vacuum-sealed tubeless tires. This means punctures are rare, but unlike normal punctureless tires, the tires on the Model-T allow for smoother, more comfortable rides.

Elka Model-T Steer

Safety Features

The Elka Model-T’s main safety feature appears to be the LED lighting system. It is a 6-meter ultra-beam LED, so you can be seen from the front and the back. Whenever riding, be aware of your surroundings and use the lights if you believe you are not clearly visible. As for UL certification on this scooter, we didn’t see anything. 

In the FAQs on their website, Elka explains that because of the 1835 Highway Act, police have the right to stop and fine e-scooter riders on public land. It is in review and will be changed in the UK’s 2020 future of mobility package. Elka’s note is a good reminder to be aware of your area’s laws on electric scooters, wearing helmets, and so on.

Customer Service

Elka offers next-day delivery, 12-month warranty on the scooter, and a 30-day trial period if you aren’t sure if you’ll love the scooter. They also have an app for repairs on-demand for more convenient assistance.

With the Standard Worldwide plan, you get the scooter, warranty, and access to repairs on-demand.

The unique Riding Plan is available just in the UK right now. For as little as £1.65 per day, you get the scooter, on-demand repairs, free spare parts for repairs, and a 12-month warranty. After a year, the scooter is yours. Price-wise, the scooter is between the Xiaomi m365 scooter and Xiaomi m365 Pro.

Elka Model-T Foldable


There isn’t much to complain about with the Elka Model-T electric scooter.

Some people might want more speed and range, and there are other scooters with higher specs in those areas. For a scooter meant for commuting, however, the Elka Model-T has the right speed and range.

Final Thoughts on Elka Model-T

With a powerful motor, great brakes, and good construction, the Model-T is definitely a scooter worth considering.

While the range, distance, and motor are comparable to other electric scooters of its kind, it has some very unique features like the removable battery and riding plan for UK riders that make it stand out.

We’re especially excited about being able to charge the battery separately from the scooter and swap out a spare while out on a ride.


Top Speed25 km/h
Range15-20 km per charge
Motor Power350W (nominal) / 700W (peak)
Folded Dimensions1056mm * 420mm * 450mm
Upright Dimensions1056mm * 420mm * 1166mm
Battery36-volt, 6.4Ah lithium-ion
Tires8.5-inch tubeless vacuum tires
Charging Time2-4 hours

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