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Save money on popular electric scooters from reputable retailers across the globe with our extensive list of exclusive coupon codes.

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We've taken the time to create a comprehensive list with exclusive coupon codes and discounts on some of the best electric scooters on the market from leading retailers across the globe so you can save money on your next e-scooter purchase.

Retailer Model(s) Code Discount
FluidFreeRide All models ERIDEHERO 5% off
InMotion All models ERIDEHERO $50 off
Splach All models ERIDEHERO60 $60 off
Arvala All models ERIDEHERO $50 off
VoroMotors All models ERIDEHERO664 $50 off
Inokim All models ERIDEHERO 5% off
VMAX All models ERIDEHERO 10% off

This list is regularly updated, and we constantly try to bring you more and better deals as we work closely together with retailers to help you save money.

If you find a coupon code you'd like us to know about, or if one of the above codes has expired, please get in touch with us.

How To Use The Coupon Codes

Although this varies between retailers, in most cases, you want to apply the specified discount code in your cart or during checkout on the retailer's website. Once the promo code has been applied, you should be able to claim the described benefit, whether it's a cutdown in price or free accessories.

If you still struggle to get it working, reach out to us or the retailer, and we'll get you on the right track.

Unsure which scooter to get? Check our reviews section or start your research with our "how to choose" guide. You can also keep track of current deals with our electric scooter live price tracker.

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