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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Electric Scooter Deals 2020

Paul Strobel
Paul Strobel
November 19, 2020
Electric Scooter Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on electric scooters this year? We've got you covered.

To make life easy for you, we curated a list with the top electric scooter deals from all the major industry retailers for this year's Black Friday.

Let's start out with what we think is the best electric scooter deal for Black Friday 2020.

Our Pick: The Best Black Friday Deal 2020

Turboant X7 Pro

Now: $449.98

Was: $699.98

Save $250

Turboant X7 Pro

The new Turboant X7 Pro is one of the most impressive budget electric scooters. Priced under $500 with the current deal, you're getting incredible value for your money. With upgraded 10-inch pneumatic tires and a bigger 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery, the value you're getting is absolutely incredible.

Other features worth highlighting are: LED lights and reflectors for safety, an intuitive LED display, three speed modes and optional cruise control.

Top Speed: 20 MPH
Range: 20-30 miles
Weight: 33 lbs
Max Load: 275 lbs
Motor: 350W
Battery: 360Wh

Below is a table of contents that'll let you quickly click through specific retailers to their best electric scooter deals are:

Turboant Black Friday Deals

Valid from Nov 7 to Nov 30.

Turboant X7 Pro + Extra Battery

Now: $579.96

Was: $899.96

Save $320

Turboant x7 pro with replacement battery

For those of you who need extra range, the Turboant X7 Pro + an extra battery will allow you to travel up to 60 miles.

The detachable battery design makes it easy to switch once the first battery pack runs out, giving you double the range at only $130 more.

Max Speed: 20 MPH
Range: 40-60 miles
Weight: 33 lbs
Max Load: 275 lbs
Motor: 350W
Battery: 360Wh

Turboant X7

Now: $419.99

Was: $599.99

Save $180

Turboant X7 review

A predecessor to the Pro, the Turboant X7 is still amongst the most viable affordable electric scooter options out there.

The Turboant X7 has a slightly smaller battery capacity than the Pro, but it's both cheaper and more lightweight - only 29.7 pounds! Therefore, it's an excellent choice for commuters looking for something portable and compact.

Max Speed: 20 MPH
Range: 9-16 miles
Weight: 29.7 lbs
Max Load: 275 lbs
Motor: 350W
Battery: 230.4Wh

Apollo Scooters Black Friday Electric Scooter Deals

Deals valid from 2nd Nov - 30th Nov.

One of our favorite brands - Apollo Scooters - is running big sales on all of their models throughout the month.

These are our favorites:

Apollo City

Now: $899.00

Was: $999.00

Save $100

Apollo City electric scooter

The Apollo City is one of the best picks for city commuters. It balances ride quality with both power and range in a fairly lightweight double-braking solution.

At just $899, this is arguably some of the best value you'll find in the price range.

Max Speed: 25 MPH
Range: 28 miles
Weight: 39 lbs
Max Load: 260 lbs
Motor: 350W
Battery: 489.6Wh

Apollo Ghost

Now: $1,499.00

Was: $1,599.00

Save $100

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost just reached the market and it looks like an absolutely incredible electric scooter.

It is one of the most affordable dual-motor electric scooters on the market and with a 34 MPH maximum speed and up to 39 miles per charge, you're in for a beastly treat.

The value is incredible and the extra $100 off on a completely new release is too good to miss out on.

Max Speed: 34 MPH
Range: 39 miles
Weight: 64 lbs
Max Load: 300 lbs
Motor: 2x800W
Battery: 946.4Wh

Apollo Ultra

Now: $3,299.00

Was: $3,599.00

Save $300

Apollo Ultra electric scooter

As the name suggests, the Apollo Ultra electric scooter isn't for everyone. It's an elite-performance model for thrill-seekers and speed lovers who want more than just a commuting vehicle.

The Apollo Ultra is capable of conquering hills and off-road terrain thanks to its behemoth motor power and incredible long range of up to 90 miles per charge.

If there was ever a good time to get this one, now is the time.

Top Speed: 60 MPH
Range: 90 miles
Weight: 127 lbs
Max Load: 440 lbs
Motor: 2x1600W
Battery: 2304Wh

FluidFreeRide Black Friday Electric Scooter Deals

FluidFreeRide has some awesome weekly deals in store for us throughout November. They update their black Friday deals every Wednesday with new deals that'll expire after that week is over.

Week 1 Deals

Valid from Nov 11 to Nov 18.

Our favorite deal of week 1:

Mantis 8 Pro + Free Fast Charger

Now: $1,849.00

Was: $2,328.00

Save $479

Mantis 8 Pro

The Kaabo Mantis 8 is the latest offering from one of the most popular electric scooter brands in the world. The Mantis 8 Pro features two 800W motors, a 48V 24.5Ah LG or Samsung battery.

The dual spring suspension system and the hydraulic disc + regenerative braking makes for an ultra-comfortable riding experience.

Top Speed: 33 MPH
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 60 lbs
Max Load: 265 lbs
Motor: 2x800W
Battery: 1176Wh

Week 2 Deals

Valid from Nov 18 to Nov 25.

Our favorite deal of week 2:

Wolf Warrior 11 + Free Horizon

Now: $3,199.00

Was: $3,948.00

Save $749

kaabo wolf warrior 11 review

The savings on this deal are absolutely incredible. When buying the all-terrain capable Wolf Warrior 11, you get a more city-friendly FFR Horizon fo free - valued at $749 alone!

With hydraulic suspension and brakes and 2x1200W motors, the Warrior is capable of reaching a peak speed of around 50 mph (some say it goes even faster!)

The Horizon can be used in the city for your commutes and it is highly portable due to its foldable design.

Top Speed: 50 MPH
Range: 70 miles
Weight: 101 lbs
Max Load: 330 lbs
Motor: 2x1200W
Battery: 2100Wh

Week 3 Deals

Valid from Nov 25 to Nov 30.

Our favorite deal of week 3:

Mercane WideWheel Pro

Now: $999.00

Was: $1,349.00

Save $300

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter review

The Mercane WideWheel Pro is one of the most enjoyable and unique electric scooters out there.

With extremely wide solid tires and a double disc-brake system and dual motors, you're in for a great ride.

The WideWheel Pro 2020 comes in two models - with and without keylock - and both are discounted!

Top Speed: 26 MPH
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 54 lbs
Max Load: 220 lbs
Motor: 2x500W
Battery: 720Wh

Urban Machina Black Friday Deals

Deals valid 6th Nov - 30th Nov.

The popular Canadian and US retailer of the impressive EVOLV and INOKIM (only CA) electric scooters - Urban Machina - is also in a generous mood for Black Friday 2020.

In the spirit of the season, they're leaving a little mystery and excitement with you because you'll have to discover the deals yourself on their site.

By using the exclusive promo code "KILLERDEALS" you can get your hands on any of their EVOLV and INOKIM electric scooters at a discounted price (EVOLV Pro-R excluded). The actual percentages are for you to discover. Simply add whatever scooter you're excited about to the cart and enter the coupon code to see what awesome deal awaits.

REVRides Black Friday Deals

The official US ZERO-line distributor REVRides is grinding out some incredible bundle deals for the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Rather than just decreasing the prices of their scooters, they're giving also giving you accessories worth more than $200 with your purchase. These accessories include:

  • REV Rides Reflective Pouch
  • Fix It Stick
  • 2 Custom Charging Port Cover
  • Rear Tire Hugger
  • Heavy-Duty Clamp
  • Tire Sealant

On top of that, you also get $50 off the electric scooters themselves. Make sure to check their BF2020 page for specifics on the accessories that come with each purchase.

This deal is available for the Zero 8X, Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 10X scooters only.

Our favorite REVRides deal of 2020 is:

Zero 10X + 5 Accessories

Now: $1,649.00

Was: $1,910.92

Save $261.92

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter review

Arguably one of the most popular electric scooters in 2020, the Zero 10X is a dual-motor beast with high-performance acceleration and a massive range.

The suspension is amongst the best in the industry and the premium-grade pneumatic 10" x 3" tires with plenty of tread ensure your safety and comfort.

This deal currently comes with accessories giving you a total discount of $261.92!

Top Speed: 38 MPH
Range: 38 miles
Weight: 80 lbs
Max Load: 330 lbs
Motor: 2x1000W
Battery: 936Wh

Wrapping It Up

These were all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for electric scooters we were able to scrape up so far. We highly advise you to keep an eye out for all current electric scooter deals on our live pricing table which grabs data from the major retailers every day.

Did we miss an awesome deal? Contact us and we'll add it to the list above.

Paul Strobel
Paul Strobel

Owner and editor of ERideHero. This website is the culmination of my passion for electric rideables, gadgets, and thrill-seeking. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions. may earn commissions when you purchase items through links to external sources such as Amazon. Read our affiliate disclosure here.

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