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Do you dream of exploring the woods on an electric skateboard, unhindered by bumps in your path? Or maybe you want to speed down the beach on a beautiful day, knowing that your board is safe from the sand? If you want to take your riding beyond city roads, you want an off-road electric skateboard.

These boards go by a few names. Some brands call their product an “all-terrain electric skateboard” or an “electric mountain skateboard." Unlike your normal electric skateboard, these beasts can tackle any surface. Many of them are hybrids and are great on both smooth and rough ground.

In this buying guide, we’ll run down the best off-road electric skateboards and educate you on everything you need to know before making your buying decision.

Top 9 Best Off-Road Electric Skateboards

1. Backfire Ranger X2 All-Terrain

Best Overall
Backfire Ranger X2 review thumbnail
Top Speed: 22 MPH
Range: 18.5 miles
Weight: 28 lbs
Motor: 2400W
Wheel Size: 165 mm
Warranty: 6 months

Packed with power, the Backfire Ranger X2 can handle just about any type of terrain you could throw at it. Let’s look at the wheels right off the bat. Wheels are important for any electric dirt skateboard. On the Ranger X2, they’re 6.5-inches, airless, and made with a honeycomb structure and special rubber. This rubber helps with friction, which gives you better shock absorption.

The dual-motor system gives you a total of 2400 watts. The battery is a 50.4V 454Wh battery. Together, they provide a top speed of almost 22 mph and range between 16-22 miles. Best of all, the system is sealed, so you don’t need to worry about sand, dirt, and other debris getting inside. The board is also water and dust-resistant.

If you’re new to riding, you’ll love the special curved, flexible deck on the Ranger X2. It reduces vibrations, which is essential on rough ground. This off-road electric skateboard isn’t cheap, but you’re getting features and quality that justify the price.

2. Halo Board Beast (With All-Terrain Tires)

Best Premium
Halo Board Beast Thumbnail
Top Speed: 26 MPH
Range: 25 miles
Weight: 23 lbs
Motor: 3200W
Wheel Size: 120 mm
Warranty: 6 months

To turn this all-terrain electric longboard into an all-terrain ride, you do have to buy the all-terrain wheelset separately. The set includes four 120mm-wheels, 8 bearings, and 4 spacers. Once you have those wheels, you’ve got a great premium off-road electric skateboard. It has a Dual Direct-Drive brushless motor system with 3200 watts of power. The 10.4Ah battery gets you a long range of 25 miles per charge, which is perfect for rides in the forest, beach, and wherever else you want to go.

Durability-wise, the Halo Board Beast is made from maple with a carbon fiber blend battery case. That case keeps your battery safe on rough terrain, while the longer deck helps with stability and smoothness. Halo recommends this board for kids (10 and older) and adults.

3. Maxfind FF Plus

Best Value
Maxfind FF Plus Series
Top Speed: 24 MPH
Range: 10-30 miles
Weight: 24.7 lbs
Motor: 2400W
Wheel Size: 165 mm
Warranty: 9 months

The Maxfind FF Plus is one of the most unique offerings in the off-road electric skateboard space. Apart from its extremely impressive specs at a low price, it boasts itself on having a unique quick-swap battery setup. Fill up your backpack with as many or as few batteries as you want and change them on the go to unlock as much range as you need.

With double kingpin trucks, 98A elastic PU bushings and an extremely flexy fiber-glass composite deck you are in for an awesome riding experience that'll keep you stable at high speeds while maintaining the ability to carve and turn easily.

With its replaceable tire design, you can swap the wheels for 96mm ones or 105mm Cloudwheels (also from Maxfind) if you want to further maximize speed and range on smooth pavements. It's really an all-in-one package that answered to my deepest desires in a versatile board.

The torque and initial acceleration are incredibly good, making it an all-terrain monster capable of climbing steep hills of up to 35%. Apart from that, the Maxfind FF Plus uses a Hobbywing (HW9005) ESC which prides itself on offering super smooth acceleration and braking whereas other cheap boards using YingLi and Wahndt ESCs may suffer from jerky speed adjustments.

I would've liked to see a slightly larger battery option so I don't have to swap batteries so often on the go but at this price point, the FF Plus is almost impossible to beat.

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4. Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain

Best For Hills
evolve bamboo gtr all-terrain
Top Speed: 24 MPH
Range: 18-20 miles
Weight: 25 lbs
Motor: 3000W
Wheel Size: 178 mm
Warranty: 6 months

The Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain model is a powerhouse dirt skateboard made for experienced riders looking for an upgrade. It has a dual 1500-watt motor, ceramic precision bearings, and big 7-inch all-terrain wheels. Those wheels are pneumatic, which means they do need to be maintained, but they offer a smoother ride. The battery is also large at 14Ah with a custom battery management system.

In terms of construction, the board is beautiful and durable. It’s made from 3-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass. The forged trucks are made for carving. What’s special about this board is its hill grade. In GTR mode, it can handle hills with a 30% gradient. That’s incredibly steep. Thanks to the redesigned battery system, going up steep hills is also improved because the board won’t drop into ECO mode when it’s working hard.

5. Outstorm Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Fastest option
outstorm off-road electric skateboard
Top Speed: 31 MPH
Range: 19 miles
Weight: 32 lbs
Motor: 3300W
Wheel Size: 198 mm
Warranty: 12 months

A great choice for speed demons, this electric mountain board also has a terrific range.

Thanks to that powerful motor and battery system, so you can tackle just about any type of terrain the road throws at you. The wide trucks are also well-designed, so the board feels stable. The pneumatic wheels, which are huge, are made from real rubber. This allows them to absorb bumps and provide traction, which is crucial when you’re going off-road.

The deck is made of 11 layers of Canadian maple, so there’s nice flexibility. The motor and battery are protected by stainless steel plates. Considering all these features, the off-road electric skateboard comes at a good price. It does appear to be meant for experienced riders, though, so bear that in mind.

6. Atom B18-DX

Best Of Both Worlds
Top Speed: 21 MPH
Range: 12 miles
Weight: 18 lbs
Motor: 3600W
Wheel Size: 100 mm
Warranty: 6 months

Looking for a board that doubles as a street e-skateboard and electric dirt board? The Atom Electric B18-DX wants to be that board. You have the choice of 90mm or 100mm wheels. There are four gear options. If you’re going for all-terrain with the wheels, the product page recommends gear ratio 2. For great acceleration and braking, the board uses FOC software.

For comfortable riding, the deck is made from a hybrid maple and bamboo deck. The maple provides the stiffness you need for precision carving, while the bamboo gets you flexibility for bumps. If you want to be able to transform your board back and forth between street and all-terrain, take a closer look at the B18-DX. It was designed with you in mind.

7. Atom B10X Electric Longboard

atom b10x e-longboard
Top Speed: 15 MPH
Range: 7 miles
Weight: 14 lbs
Motor: 1000W
Wheel Size: 100 mm
Warranty: 6 months

For under $500, this electric longboard is cheap compared to some of the other motorized skateboards out there. Its 1000-watt motor and Samsung 25R batteries get you up to 15mph and 7 miles of range. To tackle hills, the custom FOC sine-wave speed controllers and battery provide good torque.

A fairly light board at only 14 pounds, the deck is made from a bamboo/maple blend, which is strong and flexible. The electronics are cased in die-cast aluminum, so you can be confident the battery is protected when you’re on rougher terrain.

Because of its affordability and less powerful motor, the Atom B10X is a great choice for kids. It's also good for adult beginners who aren’t sure if they’ll love off-roading riding.

8. WesternPacific 3300W All-Terrain Board

Best for kids
WesternPacific 3300W mountain board
Top Speed: 15-18 MPH
Range: 8-10 miles
Weight: 50 lbs
Motor: 3300W
Wheel Size: 203 mm
Warranty: Unknown

For an electric mountain board made for kids under 13-years old, the WesternPacific has some serious power. It uses a dual-motor system for a total of 3300 watts, which offers fast speeds and a decent range. The wheels are huge - they’re 8 inches. This makes the board great for gravel, dirt, and grass.

Since this board is meant for kids, it has some great features for beginners. These include four brake modes and four riding modes. There are also bindings, which can help the rider feel more secure. Considering the power on the board, it comes at a pretty good price.

9. AZBO Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Honorable mention
Top Speed: 25 MPH
Range: 19 miles
Weight: 35 lbs
Motor: 3000W
Wheel Size: 198 mm
Warranty: 12 months

There may not be anything especially unique about this board, but it’s impressive enough to talk about. It has large off-road pneumatic tires. These can get you over all kinds of rough terrain smoothly. With the hub motors, you can get up to 25mph. Thanks to the large 11Ah battery, the range is 19 miles.

Built to last, the deck consists of 11-ply maple and high-density emery non-slip, waterproof surface. You’ll feel grounded and secure even at high speeds. This all-terrain electric skateboard can even tackle the same hill incline as our pick for the “Best For Hills” board. The AZBO isn’t cheap, but after even a glance at the specs, you’ll see why. It offers quality and performance.

All-Terrain Buying Considerations

When you’re shopping for an off-road electric skateboard, here are the things you should consider:

Motor power

E-skateboards that are traveling over rough terrain need powerful motors. Dual motors are the best choice. Most of the time, an all-terrain electric skateboard will use that style.

For the power, look at the wattage. The higher, the better. Motor power will also impact the torque and acceleration of the skateboard. Going up hills and riding over uneven terrain will be much easier and smoother with high-wattage and high-torque motors.


Besides the motor power, the wheels/tires on an electric dirt board are the most important thing to look at. We include the trucks in this part of the board because the trucks combine with the tires to get you the ride you want. Wide trucks and big wheels get you over bumps and uneven ground.

You'll often see air-filled (pneumatic) tires on off-road electric skateboards and generally, that’s what most people prefer. These provide smoother rides with better absorption. Electric skateboards that use solid tires have benefits, too, so don’t discount an off-road option only because it doesn’t have pneumatic tires.


Riding over uneven terrain can be uncomfortable and awkward. It’s easy to lose your balance. That’s why the skateboard’s suspension matters so much. This feature keeps your weight distributed evenly and absorbs shocks.

Basically, the suspension helps keep you and the board balanced. The suspension needs to be better on off-road boards than street boards. For beginners, the suspension is especially important because you’ll want all the help you can get. Take a close look at what the brand says about the suspension before choosing a board.

Water and dust resistance

When you’re going off-road, you’re dealing with the elements in a more intense way than if you’re sticking to the streets. No electric skateboards should be submerged in water. There are no “waterproof” boards. However, you want a board with good water (and dust) resistance. This is measured by the IP rating.

As an example, you’ll see a board with an IP54 rating. The first number refers to the dust protection. 6 is better than 5. 5 gives you partial protection. The second number is the water protection. The higher the number, the more protection you get. A 4 means the board is protected from water splashes, while a 5 gets you protection from “low-pressure jets.”


How sturdy is the board? Will it be able to handle hours of riding over gravel and rocky forest trails, or will it fall apart? Look at what the board is made of.

You’ll see materials like aluminum, bamboo, and maple. Often, board decks will use a hybrid blend of bamboo and maple, so you get the strength of one wood and the flexibility of the other. You can also get an idea of the board’s durability by looking at how much weight it holds and how much it weighs.

Speed and range

How fast do you want to go? How far? These are often the first things a person might think about when buying an electric skateboard. Remember that when boards give these numbers, they represent a rider with a specific weight riding in certain conditions.

Most of the time, the speed and range will be less than advertised. Also, if you want to prioritize speed, you won’t get as good of a range because the battery drains faster when the board is going fast. Features like regenerative braking can help a bit. On the high end, electric off-road skateboards can go up to 31 mph for speed and 19 miles for range.

Looking at the battery can help you figure out the maximum range, as well. The bigger the battery, the better the range.


Last but not least, how much are you willing to spend? If you want to use the board a lot, it’s worth investing in a more expensive board. These pricier boards are higher-quality and more durable, so you can use them a lot without worrying about them breaking down.

If you are new to electric skateboarding and aren’t sure if you’ll love off-roading, it’s not a bad idea to start with a cheap board to get a feel of it. Prices can vary by brand, so if you do the research, you will find good deals for a great electric mountain skateboard.

If the prices on these models are throwing you off, you should consider checking out our in-depth guide on the best electric skateboards overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an off-road electric skateboard?

An off road electric skateboard is a motorized skateboard designed for riding off paved streets and onto a variety of terrains. A lot of people make the comparison to “monster trucks.” Off road electric skateboards aren’t that different than street e-skateboards, but they’ve been hulked up. Their wheels and trucks are bigger and wider. Because of their high speeds, off-road boards can be dangerous, so most brands recommend their products for people over 13 years old. You should always wear protective gear when riding.

What terrain can I ride my off-road electric skateboard on?

Off-road boards are designed for all kinds of terrain, such as gravel paths, grass, the beach, forest trails, dirt tracks, and so on. Bumpy streets are also easier with an all-terrain skateboard.

Depending on the board, it might actually not be good for riding on paved roads, but it depends. There are boards out there made with a 2-in-1 model, which means the wheels can be changed out depending on the terrain you want to ride on.

Is there any maintenance required with all-terrain e-skateboards?

All electric skateboards require some maintenance, so all-terrain boards aren’t different in that regard. They might require more care because you’re more likely to get the board dirty. Clean the bearings and make sure the wheels roll easily. If the wheels get worn, rotate or replace them.

If the wheels are filled with air, you want a pressure between 35-50 PSI, or whatever the brand recommends. Make sure all the screws on the board are tight. To keep your battery healthy, try to always keep the charge above 75%.

Why do they cost more than regular e-skateboards?

Off-road boards certainly aren't cheap electric skateboards. Off-road skateboards cost more because they need powerful motors and bigger batteries. The battery is the most expensive part of the board. The bigger the battery, the better the board, especially when it comes to range. That quality comes with a higher price tag.

E-skateboards meant for off-roading are also pricier because they can go over many types of terrain. They need to be more durable with more protective features, all of which costs money to provide. It’s a price worth paying if you want safety and quality.

What is the ideal wheel size for off-road e-skateboards?

When it comes to riding off road, the bigger the better, usually. Bigger wheels mean you won’t get caught in dips and roots on a forest path, and you can easily roll over bumps. The truck system is also important. You want wide trucks. Big wheels do make the board heavier. They also don’t ride very well on paved roads, so if you want your board to do both, look for 6-7 inch wheels. If you plan on sticking to forest trails, dirt tracks, and so on, around 8 inches is a good place to start.

backfire ranger x2 on grass

Final Thoughts

In the past, electric skateboards were consigned to urban environments, but not anymore. With an all terrain electric skateboard, you can unleash the adventurer within and ride in the forest, in fields, on the beach, and more.

These boards are built for speed, range, and durability. Some electric mountain skateboards are not meant for beginners or young riders, so make sure any board you’re considering is a good fit for you. Take a close look at features like motor power, the tires and suspension, and price.

With these boards, you usually get what you pay for, so watch out for cheap boards if you’re looking for quality. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune; there are deals to be found. No matter what board you pick, there are risks.

Always remember to be safe and wear protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads. Also, remember to have fun!

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