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Backfire G2T Electric Skateboard Review

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Backfire G2T galaxy electric skateboard
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Top Speed
23.5 MPH
14.9 miles
700 W
Drive Type
83 mm
16.3 lbs

There’s a lot of great features to love about the Backfire G2T, such as the independently replaceable motors and tire, riding modes with new Turbo key, and the brand-new wireless remote. Like other Backfire boards, it also has a solid yet flexible board and great trucks. For the price, it’s a very impressive electric skateboard.

Motor & Battery

Backfire upgraded the motor controller and drive system on the Backfire G2T, which equals smoother and better acceleration and braking. There are two customized in-hub motors each at 350 watts. What’s great about the motors is that they’re compatible with 83 and 96mm wheels. The G2T comes with both wheel sizes included.

As for the battery, this model uses Samsung 30Q battery cells with a 20% larger capacity than the Backfire G2T. The batteries are equipped with a built-in battery management system, so you’re able to do high-speed “hard braking.” Each cell is also designed and installed to prevent damage while riding very fast. Charging takes about 2.5 hours, depending on how low the battery is.

Together, the motor and battery get you a top speed around 23.5 mph and 14.9-mile range. There are three riding modes: Eco (top speed capped at 12.4 mph), Standard, and Turbo. The Turbo key is new and gives you 20% more power during acceleration for 30 seconds with a 30-second cooldown.

backfire g2t side view


Backfire Galaxy G2T colorway

The Backfire G2T’s construction is quite impressive. The deck consists of 8 layers of hard rock maple, so it’s flexible and solid. It has a slight curve and concaves in it, which helps with shock absorption and rider support. The front truck is a Caliber II truck, which provides great stability for high-speed riding, while the rear truck is also solid. In total, the electric skateboard weighs around 14.5 pounds and can hold 245 pounds. The max load is technically 260, but Backfire recommends 245. 

The wheels are the other great construction feature. With the 96mm wheels, the board has a low center of gravity, which means great stability, especially at high speeds. Worried about vibrations? They’re significantly reduced thanks to the internal metal ring in the rear tires. For faster acceleration and more torque, go with the 83mm size, while the 96mm is good for a rockier terrain.

Lighting, braking, and remote

The Backfire G2T comes with a Cannon LED light for safer riding. Like all Backfire boards, it also features regenerative braking. This helps with battery efficiency. When you’re riding downhill, remember to brake so that the energy gets converted back into the battery.

All electric skateboards come with remotes, and the Backfire G2T now comes with the R2 wireless remote. This is brand-new and exclusive to Backfire. It has features like an OLED display, settings for wheel diameters, cruise control, and more. With the remote, you’ll choose your riding mode, as well.

backfire g2t test

Customer service

The Backfire G2T has a 180-day warranty. The US office is located in Richmond, while for Europe, the office is in Hamburg, Germany. For anywhere else, you’ll be contacting support in China. If you live in the USA and need warranty repairs, you should first contact the Support team and provide your order number and describe what’s going on.

For refunds, the board must be in brand-new condition and sent back within 7 days of the original purchase. The customer pays for return shipping costs.


There really aren’t any obvious downsides to the Backfire G2T electric skateboard. When Backfire was first starting out, they did run into some issues with customer service and how they handled a malfunctioning incident, but it looks like they’re changed for the better.

It doesn’t do as well off-road e-skateboard as its brother skateboard Backfire Ranger X2, though.

Who should buy the Backfire G2T?

Backfire Galaxy G2T 6

The Backfire G2T was built for high speeds. The new Turbo key gets you up to a lightning-fast 23.5mph, while design features really help with stability. Backfire does recommend that riders be at least 14-years old. Whatever age you are, you should wear protective gear like a helmet. Stay at lower speeds if you are an experienced rider.

It combines budget-friendly electric skateboards with solid power and durability. A very balanced and fairly priced product all in all.

Final Verdict

Backfire Galaxy G2T 5

Backfire has upgraded its electric skateboard and not skimped on the features. Pretty much everything is better than the older model. The motor and battery system is improved, so you get great range and speed. It’s also great that you get two sets of wheels with the board, so you can ride on a variety of terrain.

A lot of the features are designed for greater stability when you’re riding at high speeds, so if you love riding fast, definitely consider the Backfire G2T!

It is definitely one of the best electric skateboards in its price range.


Top Speed23.5 mph
Range14.9 miles
Motor Power700W
Battery Capacity216Wh
Weight15.8 lbs
RemoteR2 wireless OLED remote
Weight Limit260 lbs
Charging Time3-4 hours
Warranty180 days
Dimensions37 x 8.85 inches

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