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ACTON Blink S2 Electric Skateboard Review

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ACTON Blink S2 electric skateboard
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Top Speed
18 MPH
14 miles
1000 W
Drive Type
83 mm
15 lbs


Created through crowdfunding, the ACTON Blink S2 comes from a well-established electric skateboard brand. With a dual-motor system (500 watts each), you get a pretty fast top speed of 18mph and range of 14 miles.

The construction of the skateboard is really solid, as well, with materials like maple and aircraft-grade aluminum. While on the pricier side, a lot of riders do appreciate the ACTON Blink S2 app and LED safety lights. It’s a fairly-impressive electric skateboard worth a close look.

Action Blink S2 video thumbnail

Range & Speed

The ACTON Blink S2 has a dual-motor system totaling 1000 watts, which is a significant amount of power. That gives you a 20% incline rate, so if you live in a hilly area, this is a great skateboard.

As for speed and range, it gets up to 18 mph and 14 miles. These results were taken on a 77-degree day on power-saving mode, with a 165-pound rider on a flat road with no strong winds. Depending on the conditions, the speed and range can vary.

On one charge, you’ll still a good amount of speed and range, however, and charging takes 1-1.5 hours. Some reviews say it takes closer to 2.5 hours, so it might depend on how low the power is. For us, it took just over 90 minutes to fully charge so this may suggest that charging gets slower with time.

This skateboard also has regenerative braking, which helps keep the battery’s charge topped off while you’re out and about. 


The Blink S2 is made from Canadian maple wood and aircraft-grade aluminum, which is located on the middle and bottom part of the board. This reinforcement means the deck can hold up to 250 pounds.

The skateboard itself weighs around 15 pounds, so it’s fairly light if you need to carry it around. Maple is a sturdy wood grain, so it provides great stability and a firm grip for your feet.

The wheels measure 83mm (around 3 inches) and have impact strength, so they’re durable and able to handle rougher roads. You should not attempt to ride on any surface other than a road, however, like grass.

Action Blink S2 wheel view


The main safety feature on the ACTON Blink S2 is the integrated LED lights. These are found at the front, tail, and on both sides of the board. This makes it light up quite bright, which is important if you plan on riding when it starts to get dark.

We couldn’t find any definitive information on UL certification, but there doesn’t appear to be any examples of issues with fire or electrical parts. If you want to know for sure if a product is UL-certified, contact ACTON before buying.

Smartphone App

Acton Smartphone App

Like almost all electric skateboards, the ACTON Blink S2 is controlled with a remote that fits in your hand. However, this skateboard also comes with an app, which is a cool feature. Download the app to your phone and connect by putting in your board’s serial number.

The app then shows you info like battery charge, speed, distance, and mode. Keep the riding mode on Beginner or Normal until you are comfortable riding. Then, you can choose the “Pro” mode.

You can turn on the front and rear lights with the app, as well, and choose the inclination angle. The app also provides weekly challenges, and you can connect with other ACTON Blink S2 riders in your area using the Location Services. You can see how you rank on performance, speed, and distance.

Action blink s2 front view

Customer Service

The ACTON Blink S2 has a 6-month limited warranty and 14-day satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t like the board, you can return it for a full refund, though you are responsible for shipping costs.

The warranty is limited, which means it doesn’t cover normal wear-and-tear, or damage that came from an accident or poor care of your electric skateboard. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and you must provide a copy of your receipt from the Acton online store or an Acton authorized reseller.

There are complaints from users and on reviews about the quality of customer service. They’re saying it can be difficult to get a refund or redeem the warranty.


The biggest downside for buyers of this electric skateboard is the price. It’s fairly expensive, but it has all the features most would expect for the price. Some reviewers also mention wanting a range that’s longer than 14 miles.

If you want a cheap electric skateboard, this probably isn’t the right one for you.

In the user manual, ACTON says the Blink S2 should only be ridden by people at least 16-years old. This is not a skateboard for a kid, which makes sense considering how fast it goes. The faster you go, the more risks you’re taking.

Because of the price, the Blink S2 is probably a better board for an experienced rider who knows they love skateboarding. The most unique feature is the app, so if you have had other electric skateboards and wished you could have had an app connected to it, the ACTON Blink S2 is a good upgrade.

Final Verdict

Action Blink S2 front and back view

Most of the complaints about the ACTON Blink S2 are about the customer service, and not the actual e-skateboard itself, so we’re saying this is a really good upgrade for the intermediate or expert rider.

The top speed is fairly fast at 18 mph, and the range is 14 miles. You can get about 90 minutes of riding time before needing to recharge. Construction is solid, so while you should always stick to roads, you shouldn’t need to worry about the skateboard’s durability. 

Because of its price, it may not be the ideal choice for young beginners (you have to be at least 16-years old), but if you want to ride an LED-lit electric skateboard safely during the evening and you really like the idea of an app, the ACTON Blink S2 can make you happy.

There is no doubt that the S2 is amongst the best electric skateboards at the moment all things considered. A very balanced package with very little room for improvement.


Top Speed18 MPH
Range14 miles
Weight15 lbs
Warranty6 months
Motor Power1000 watts
Wheel Size83 mm
Hill Grade20 degrees
Charging Time1 - 1.5 hours
Weight Limit250 lbs
Deck Length31.5 in x 8.5 in
Deck MaterialMaple Wood, Aluminum

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