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Acer launches Extreme Predator Electric Scooter at €1,299

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Acer's entry into the e-scooter market with the Predator Extreme PES017 at €1,299 is a surprising pivot from its gaming roots.

Acer Predator Extreme

Their bold move sparks skepticism in me and the e-scooter community as a whole. We're used to seeing major brands venture into e-mobility, like Red Bull's RBS #01, which carries a monstrous $6,500 price tag despite offering specs similar to $1,000 alternatives.

Whether it's a genuine attempt at diversifying their brand by branching into new territory or a convincing marketing ploy, we'll find out if the Acer Predator lives up to its hype in the coming months.

A Look at the Specs

The Predator Extreme PES017 boasts specs geared towards off-road use, featuring a 350W rear hub motor with a peak of 960W, allowing for a top speed of up to 32km/h and handling inclines up to 18%. Its 48V/10.5Ah battery (504Wh) promises up to 32km of range.

It comes equipped with 10" wide "crocodile" knobby tires, dual disc brakes, three speed modes, turn signals, and front and rear suspension, all underpinned by an IPX5 weather resistance rating.

Given the specs, the Predator Extreme PES017 feels underwhelming rather than extreme. The top speed and range are comparable to much cheaper models, and the 504Wh battery capacity is modest.

Based on my hands-on tests across dozens of e-scooters, I wouldn't expect more than 20-25 km per charge from this thing. It looks like the "Extreme" aspect is more about branding and less about performance, challenging the scooter's value against its premium price.

A Unique but Possibly Flawed Design

Acer Predator Extreme mockup

(Image credit: Acer)

The Acer Predator Extreme PES017's design definitely breaks the mold. It strays far from the conventional scooter blueprint, and I'm all for that, but within reason. Standing on side-by-side pads feels more novel than practical to me. The traditional "deck stance" is better for balance and shifting weight when accelerating and braking.

The dual front fork suspension looks nice, though. There's plenty of travel, and the rear spring isn't small, either. Combined with the beefy knobby tires, I'm sure this thing can take on an all-terrain challenge, but it seems more like a pocket dirt bike to me than a dependable commuting scooter.

Until we get to try the Predator firsthand, we'll give Acer the benefit of the doubt. It's an interesting design, but I'm full of skepticism. Still, I welcome new innovation that challenges the industry standard. This is how things evolve and improve.

The Acer Predator Extreme PES017 will be sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, starting at €1,299 (EUR) in Q2 of 2024. For more information, view the official page on Acer.

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